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16 Apr

The State Council: Beijing as the world’s leading science center – Beijing, Beijing, September 18, the State Council issued the day before the "Beijing overall plan to strengthen the construction of the national science and technology innovation center" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan"), "plan" put forward, increase research efforts in building infrastructure, ahead of the deployment of international cutting-edge technology research foundation and application strengthen basic research, personnel training, building a number of world-class research universities and research institutes, formed to lead the world’s original innovation hotbeds, Beijing as the world’s leading science center. One is to promote the construction of the three science and technology city. Overall planning and construction of Zhongguancun Science City, Huairou Science City and the future of science and Technology City, the establishment of a new mechanism for the management and operation of international standards, to promote the integration of science and technology resources and innovation. Beijing City, the relevant departments of the central government and strengthen cooperation, optimizing the resources of science and technology in Beijing layout, played by universities and scientific research institutes and large enterprises the advantages of the development of Beijing City, formed a good pattern in Beijing and the central unit of effective cooperation and collaborative innovation. Zhongguancun Science City is mainly relying on China academy institutes, colleges and universities and the central enterprises, gathered the global high-end innovative elements to achieve a major breakthrough in the frontier research foundation, the formation of a number of original results have influence in the world. Huairou Science City focus on the construction of high energy synchrotron radiation light source, extreme conditions of the experimental device, the earth system numerical simulation device, such as large scientific equipment group, innovative operating mechanism, build a large science and technology service platform. The future science and Technology City emphatically gather a group of high level R & D center, science and technology resources integration in Beijing, the introduction of international innovative talents, strengthen the key areas of core technology innovation capability, technology innovation to create large enterprise clusters. Two is the deployment of the forefront of cutting-edge research. Beijing science play resource advantages, and strengthen the national science and technology program (special fund) convergence, overall layout of key areas of the implementation of the original innovation, brain science, quantum computation and quantum communication, nano science and other science programs concentrate on leading the research of key scientific problems China frontier. Aiming at the forefront of international science and technology, with the national goals and strategic needs as the guidance, the integration of the advantages of strength, on the basis of clear positioning and optimization of the layout, the construction of a number of major scientific research and innovation base. Around the field of national basic research for application deployment, strengthen the information science, basic materials, biomedical and human health, agriculture, environment and system of biological genetic control, energy and other areas of support, made a number of global influential major achievements, leading the international industrial development direction. Three is to strengthen the construction of basic research personnel. Adhere to a high starting point, high standards, the construction of a reasonable structure of innovative talent team, to create a number of international influence of the master of science and young scientists as the leader of outstanding research groups. Supported by universities and scientific research institutes and qualified enterprises to build a basic research team, accelerate the construction of innovative talents of young scientists studio, support mode, the formation of a number of outstanding young scientists engaged in basic research team. To attract a group to undertake the important task, make art results, made an outstanding contribution to the formation of "top talent spire effect" in the global scope. In the overall consideration of the present.相关的主题文章: