Spend 4 thousand to buy! Luo Yonghao praised millet mix Lei Jun moved out douke

17 Nov

Spend 4 thousand to buy! Luo Yonghao praised: millet MIX Lei Jun moved out of order in the domestic mobile phone market competitive environment, to a mobile phone company CEO praised another mobile phone company, is almost impossible, could not Tucao even good. Always outspoken Luo Yonghao, this morning on micro-blog millet MIX A: Luo Yonghao praised "the night got the concept of millet mobile phone MIX, quite a shock, although before SHARP did two similar, but the overall completion completely cannot be mention in the same breath. Although this is a limited by cost and capacity, may not have the concept of product supply in large scale, but in the process of advancing the whole industry, there must be some pursuit, the strength of the company leading out of the "try all parts to eliminate screen outside the front" this step, millet tribute to." Lei Jun screenshot micro-blog subsequently, Lei Jun responded in micro-blog, praised the old broad mind: "thank you! In a highly competitive market environment, the public praise of a peer, no mind can not do!" CEO praised each other, causing a large number of onlookers, netizens ridicule millet and hammer it is to be together? In millet MIX has not yet officially opened on the case (November 1st first sold), Luo Yonghao is how to get the mobile phone? Millet also gave him a test? Millet network business cooperation director @ bell Yufei exposed the truth: "Luo is a real and interesting people. Millet MIX to Luo yesterday, he gave me 4000 yuan to. This makes me very embarrassed, I put the money on the alee (Li Wanqiang), or to use the money to buy a MIX, a draw for everyone?" Micro-blog screenshot we guess, probably before the old "I Rice noodles" photos became popular, Luo said "even if he is Rice noodles is not a shame, millet presented a small MIX to Luo, Luo is reluctant to" take white ", gave 4000 yuan. Luo 4000 yuan to buy millet MIX, how do you see?相关的主题文章: