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17 Apr

Spend 150 thousand Wu? A group of children cheated four white University [Abstract] "graduation" back to Jiaxing for more than two years, is now home with "Wuhan" should not mention. The 26 year old Hu often think abandoned 4 years, still can not help but secretly cry… "Graduation" back to Jiaxing for more than two years, is now home with "Wuhan" should not mention. 26 year old Hu often think of the waste of the past 4 years, still can not help secretly crying. Compared to being cheated about 200000 yuan, ruined the future even more painful. Jiaxing train tickets to Wuhan are a big stack of money can no longer earn, but the child’s youth and future are destroyed." Father old nonsense. In Jiaxing, a total of more than and 30 children suffered 150 thousand read Wuda "scam. Many of them really even at Wuhan University campus to read the book for 4 years, until graduation, but found that this is a terrible scam. Recently, the case in the South Lake District Court trial. The 33 year old Jiaxing man Lingmou sued for fraud about 4600000 yuan; in the case of another defendant Lee, arrange for students to work and stay at the Wuhan University, cheated about 3400000 yuan. 150 thousand yuan can take the "Wuhan University undergraduate diploma" Jiaxing more than and 30 students paid the money in 2010, Hu participated in the college entrance examination (course), unsatisfactory results, three of the line was not on. The teacher found Xiao Hu, said there is a friend of the way is very wide, can send him to the Wuhan University to study, four years after graduation can get the same diploma and the same admissions. However, in addition to the regular tuition fees, but also 88 thousand yuan sponsorship fee. Hu and his family to discuss it, more than 80 thousand yuan will be able to buy a place to read the name of the famous university, how to look at cost-effective, the name of the newspaper. At that time, there are several small Juban family is better but the result is not ideal of the students, but also paid the money. Ling was only more than and 20 years old, his undergraduate education, in Jiaxing opened a home education advisory body, claiming to be a university teacher. Lingmou promised, "Wuhan children go to school for a year, second years to get the school, regardless of whether the test can pass, can get the diploma." From 2010 to 2015, there were more than and 30 candidates in Jiaxing to pay Wuda "education". More and more people want to read, "sponsorship fee" have gone all the way up to 150 thousand yuan. Say, parents are not stupid, this kind of thing in the sky to let them have doubts. Many people also go to a Wuhan University study. "We received, Wu ‘independent recruitment office" in Wuhan University campus dormitory in the school, everything looks very formal." Old nonsense, pay the sponsorship fee, received the Wuhan University admission notice". Ling also opened a receipt, indicating that the Wuhan University full-time undergraduate degree two". Old nonsense, about $15 thousand per semester tuition, but also directly into the account of ling. For four years the students learn what Wuda in September 2010, Hu said to accompany his son to school, then with 4 people, one in Jiaxing, two in Jiashan, one in Zhuji. Arrange accommodation after children, parents return. It was a little bit of a trick. According to the students Xiao Yang recalled, when the school military training is not in school, but in a far away from the development center相关的主题文章: