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13 Jun

Home-Improvement With winter setting in, trying to remember back to the increasingly hot summers we have had in recent years seems like a job for the imagination rather than memory. But its important to plan ahead, and acting on the implications of this increasing warmth can actually help you keep warm in future winters. The fact is that Ipswich benefits from higher than usual sunlight hours in the UK, and you can take advantage of this with solar panels. No longer will you have to worry about fuel bills racking up during the winter with solar panels in Ipswich you can have energy all year round and get rid of the hassle of dealing with energy companies. Then youll never have to make the decision on whether to turn the heating on ever again. You may hear people calling solar panels a gimmick, a flash-in-the-pan technology, but this simply is not the case. Their price is dropping steadily, they are more efficient than ever, and with the new Feed-in Tariffs you can gain back all your investment over a number of years. High sunshine hours in Ipswich come alongside Suffolk Countys significant efforts to incentivise and encourage you to invest in renewable energy, so there really is no reason not to get solar panels for your home now. There is a feeling that the technology of solar panels is not as popular as when it first came to prominence in the 1970s, but a lot has changed since then. Rather than write off solar panels, you should consider carefully how far they have come and the satisfaction of those who have invested in them. The price of solar cells has dropped by 90% since the 1970s, and this is continuing steadily. The fact is that there is a flourishing industry based around personal solar panels for your home now, so your installation can be taken care of by any number of companies. This has largely been due to the good work of the FITs, which enable you to earn back your investment in a number of years. So, in the long-run an investment in solar panels will take away the hassle of dealing with energy companies and paying rising bills while you gain your investment back! We can take Germany as an example of how far the industry can come in a few years; its FITs have been running for a good few years, and they are now proud owners of nearly half the worlds solar cell capacity the popularity of solar panels for people like you speaks for itself. But will this work in Ipswich? Not only is Ipswich campaigning to be the greenest county in the country, supporting the industry and people like you who want to invest in solar panels, but Ipswich is blessed by higher than average sunshine hours in the UK. The warming climate of the UK is actually making our solar panels more efficient, and Ipswich is at the centre of this increase. Benefiting from the greatest lack of cloud cover in the country, you can have energy all year round from your solar panels (even during the cold winter months). With great improvement in solar panel technology, and the particular environmental benefits of your local area, you can be sure that solar panels are the right investment for you. Furthermore, you can earn back your investment through the FITs, so there really is no reason not to get solar panels now. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: