Sino Russian cooperation in nuclear energy to promote Russia’s design for China’s most secure techno-tianbi

15 Apr

The Sino Russian cooperation with Russia to promote nuclear power Chinese design of the "safest" technical data figure: Sino Russian cooperation in the development of the nuclear power plant original title: Sino Russian cooperation with Russia to promote nuclear power China design "the one and only has continued for many years in the field of peaceful uses of nuclear energy cooperation. During this period, the Russian atomic energy experts for the construction of a total of four Chinese partners using Russian technology gas centrifuge plant, the last phase has been put into use in 2012. 2011, China Institute of Atomic Energy, the use of Russian technology to build China’s first sodium cooled fast neutron reactor (CEFR) successfully implemented grid connected power generation. Russia’s successful cooperation paradigm. However, the most prominent Russian nuclear experts in the successful cooperation, is the construction of Tianwan nuclear power plant, the first batch of two units have been put into commercial operation in 2007. China through the implementation of the project to obtain the most advanced, the most powerful, highest technical content, excellent operating indicators of nuclear power plants, as well as a number of senior experts responsible for the operation and maintenance of nuclear power plants. Has the world’s most advanced nuclear safety and radiation safety system and safety system of Tianwan nuclear power plant generating units of the most advanced in the world. The reactor building has double bunker, inner closed bunkers can absolute radiation resistance of the external environment, to protect the external adverse effects of outer cover on the medium produced in the reactor. A trap is arranged below the reactor casing to prevent and cool the molten active zone". Non business organizations "atomic information center" and independent director Alexander · Vuwa Rolf (Aleksandr Uvarov) to accept the "perspective of Russia" interview with reporters, said: "this trap designed by Russian engineers, with unique technology, unique in the practice of the construction of nuclear power plants in the world. China is the first country with similar devices." Russia will continue to build three or four units of the Russian State Atomic Energy Corporation will be based on the agreement between the two governments in Russia, to continue the construction of Tianwan nuclear power station unit three or four. Sergei, general manager of the company · (Sergey Kirienko) told reporters that China has provided a very harsh construction period, two units to start generating in 2017, in 2018 into commercial operation. Semyon, President of the Russian Energy Efficiency Association, · (Semen), said: "in the past 10 years, the Russian atomic energy group has demonstrated the ability to build a new unit of nuclear power plant in. Infrastructure of Tianwan nuclear power plant unit three or four has been built is completed, which has been reserved in the construction of a nuclear power plant." He believes that the two sides have accumulated a wealth of experience in cooperation, there is no doubt that the Russian atomic energy experts will complete the task of the project on time. "[" "perspective of Russia correspondent Andre · column Luttinger]相关的主题文章: