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21 Nov

Since children like busy, adults like lazy, why not try? Sohu maternal Title: love sailing painter: material used: SONNY HUANG oil painting stick, cosmetics have a what adults do not adults called Tom · Hodgkinson (Tom Hodgkinson), is a British writer. Born in 1968, pinch refers to a count, is a 48 year old middle-aged man! The man who founded the "people at the age of 25" (Idler) magazine, dedicated to teach you how to make an idler, so he became the idlers behoove spokesperson, we brought him, will Staveley say twice, and envy and disdain said: This is not what you do…… In fact, they did not do less: editing magazines, writing articles, do Party and a variety of fun things. We may feel painful to do is a serious thing! For example, work, such as entrepreneurship, such as the roar of children. He wrote many articles, but the basic contents are not in tune: for example, don’t think of the morning, just want to sneak a number, sleep in a nap, drink tea and suck smoke daydream and so on — you see here is not that this man why so lazy but also so cool? Did I see the nature of things? Because I silently breaking a finger figured, a book even 15 words a day to write 1000 words, he also writes 150 days! Yes, 1000 words a day is my turtle speed, even if it is turtle speed, but also very tired, OK? Then said the man. This man had children, or to continue his whole philosophy is whether the children who, regardless of children, can lazy lazy, even even travel are cancelled, because not only have to spend money to go out to play tired, let the children play at home is good? Anyway, they always have a way to fill the time! To this end, he also wrote a Book: "The Idle Parent". (here special thanks to years of women living in the United States Curve Wrecker and cutting-edge designer and idlers mother CoCo recommend this book) in which his view is: children are busy adults love love, why not lazy, each one takes what he needs? Well, kids like to be busy. I can’t say the first half, but the second half is true. The rest of the adults were busy as if the other big men were busy, except for the old man mentioned above. Especially mothers. The morning after the molar bite up, the heart is like sleep like cheating on his face was filled with righteous indignation has a warm smile, also like Morpheus split away children, relax livid face a road traffic jam to the company, the company is more involuntarily. A few days ago to visit a business CEO, when I went to the 1:30 in the afternoon, his last will of course is not the end, did not eat, just began to talk for 15 minutes, the next wave of guests is behind you look at fiercely as a tiger does to wait. I don’t have to pinch a finger, I know he will work overtime that day, because the company has spent 2000相关的主题文章: