Sick Of Harassment Marketing-reshacker

14 Jun

UnCategorized Are you tired of chasing and harassing people all over the place about your multilevel marketing business and products? That was me! I was frustrated and about to quit! Was it me? I did not understand. People were not even taken my phone calls anymore! How about you? Then, I learned I was missing the two most important skills needed in network marketing. I believe, you are going to be surprised when you find out why you are not getting ahead in your business. Did you know that 97% of people fail in their mlm business? And I was about to be part of that group. Like me you were probably taught that to be successful in network marketing business, all you needed to do was to talk to your friends, family and everybody in between, find out their why, read motivational books, listen to CDs, go to every event and share the opportunity and products. And if people asked you, what it was you were to say is about word of mouth advertising. That is it. I did everything I was taught and no results to show for all that effort. It was not working for me. I felt something was missing. After reading and searching, I found out that I was lacking two important skills in multilevel marketing. Ironically, they are sales and marketing. What a discovery!!! First, I learned that successful businesspeople in any field know that talking about their products and/or services is selling; and marketing can bring qualified buyers and the sales process is to close the deal and build relationship with them. Not sharing or word of mouth advertising. That is what customers do. Second, I learned that selling applies to everything we do and marketing is just selling in print or whatever media you like to use to promote your business and products. That is what business owners do! That is when it hit me. I was a business owner not a customer. I found that the quality of customers who find me is .pletely different from the ones that I found that is why I chased or harassed them. This was Breaking News to me. I do not know why our uplines do not teach these concepts. They do not even mention them. Can it be the case of the blind leading the blind in hopes that somebody sticks? The bad news is that this is why 97% of mlmers fail in Network Marketing. We are taught how wonderful our .panies and our products are and to just go out there and present to everybody that breath, whether they want it or not. We need to realized that change is inevitable and doing things like in the 80’s or 90’s do not work in the 21st Century. Sales and Marketing are the most important skills, we, as business owners, need to have or develop these skills in order to be successful in our multilevel marketing businesses. The good news is that you can learn and apply these concepts to your business no matter what .pany you are affiliated with. I know that you will feel different about your .work marketing business and see it soar. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: