Shoulder to shoulder the king of the world Japan launches the comic book of the leading role of

10 Apr

Shoulder to shoulder "the king of the world"? Although the main character comic of Xiang Yu is introduced in Japan, though it has a general sense of existence in the country, the "king world", which tells the Warring States era, has won many readers’ favor in Japan. In this work, the hero is Li Xin and Ying zheng. But recently, one of the works named "BOUNDER’s strongest teenager" appeared on the stage, which was published in "the young Magazine". It can be seen from the title that this work is based on Xiang Yu as the protagonist. At the beginning of the plot, Xiang Yu, a young man, had been killed by the whole village. It seemed that the size of the work was quite astonishing. In this regard, a lot of domestic Internet users say: "the king waving to it, I have not yet unified it!" "It seems not to draw up to Liu Bang Chu hegemony, and then ends meet as equals." "The painting is good, but… Xiang Yu’s ending is doomed! " So what is the development of this work? Interested friends can continue to pay attention! Click to download the Tencent animation APP, to see more popular animation works

比肩《王者天下》?日本推出項羽主角漫畫雖然說在國內的存在感一般,但是《王者天下》這部講述戰國時代的作品還是在日本贏得了很多讀者的青睞。在這部作品裏,主人公是李信和嬴政。不過近日,又有一部名為《BOUNDER 最強少年項羽》的作品登場了,其刊登於《別冊少年Magazine》上。從標題噹中就能看出來,這次的作品是以項羽為主人公的。劇情剛一開始,幼年的項羽就遭遇了全村被屠殺的場面,看來這部作品的呎度也是相噹驚人了。對此,很多國內網友吐槽說:“王者天下向它招手,我這都還沒統一呢!”“貌似畫不到楚漢爭霸,最多畫到和劉邦分庭抗禮,然後結侷。”“畫風還不錯,但是……項羽的結侷已經注定了啊!”那麼究竟本作品會有怎樣的發展呢?感興趣的朋友可以繼續關注!點擊下載騰訊動漫APP,看更多人氣動漫作品相关的主题文章: