Shift Hunan provincial Party Secretary Du cents successor Xu Shousheng

19 Nov

Shift: Hunan provincial Party Secretary Du cents successor Xu Shousheng original title: Hunan provincial Party committee secretary: shift after Du cents over Xu Shousheng removed three provincial Party committee team, central, Hunan governor Du Jiahao served as secretary of the Hunan provincial Party committee. According to the Xinhua News Agency news: on August 28th, the CPC Central Committee decided to Du cents was appointed secretary of the Hunan provincial Party committee; Comrade Xu Shousheng no longer serve as the Hunan provincial Party committee, standing committee member. Du Jia du. Net data figure 61 year old Du cents (1955.7) is Zhejiang people in Ningbo, but was born in Shanghai, MBA, senior economist, senior economist. 18 years of work, the same year to join the party. Du cents career started in the birthplace of Shanghai, farm bureau work in Shanghai after many years, March 1992 was promoted to Deputy Secretary of Songjiang county. Just over a year, Du cents will be "righting", served as secretary of Songjiang County, Songjiang county area, Du cents continue to serve as party secretary of Songjiang, until October 1999 transferred with the departmental level Yangpu district Party committee secretary. February 2003, Du Jiahao served as Deputy Secretary General of the Shanghai municipal government and the Shanghai municipal government deputy secretary general two positions. A month later, Du cents took office in Shanghai municipal government and served as director of the office of the Secretary general. It’s only been a year, Du cents among the Shanghai Municipal Committee, also serves as the important position of the Pudong New Area party secretary, and start the main government after 3 years of experience in Pudong. Until the end of 2007, Du cents to the northeast, and served as vice governor of Heilongjiang provincial Party committee. In April 2011, Du cents served as Deputy Secretary of Heilongjiang provincial Party committee, deputy governor of part-time removed after 5 months, in May next year and part-time from provincial politics and Law Committee Secretary post. In Heilongjiang has accumulated nearly 6 years of work experience, Du cents in March 2013 south of Hunan, deputy secretary of provincial Party committee to perform their duties, then served as governor of Hunan province. This is also the eighteen alternate member of the CPC Central Committee on the way to the first ministerial positions. Xu Shousheng. Net data means that the personnel changes, Xu Shousheng was born in January 1953 will be out of work for 6 years in Hunan province. Xu Shousheng is Jiangsu Rudong, career also started in his hometown in Jiangsu, served as Deputy Secretary of Lianyungang Municipal Committee, mayor, Party Secretary of Suqian, at the end of 2000 among the Jiangsu provincial Party committee. September 2001, Xu Shousheng far tune Gansu, the identity of the provincial Party committee has served as Minister of the Organization Department, deputy governor, and finally in October 2006 as Deputy Secretary of Gansu Provincial Committee, acting governor. The following year in January, Xu Shousheng was righting". 3 years after the performance of their duties in the governor of Gansu post, Xu Shousheng came to Hunan in May 2010, served as Deputy Secretary of the provincial Party committee, and served as governor of Hunan in September 2010. April 2013, Xu Shousheng succeed Zhou Qiang, served as secretary of the Hunan provincial Party committee. In addition, Xu Shousheng is the sixteenth alternate members of the Central Committee, the seventeen, the eighteen central committee. Du cents replaced Xu Shousheng, making Hunan become a replacement since June this year, the provincial Secretary of the province. In June this year, Jiangxi, Jiangsu, Shanxi, Qinghai four provincial Party Secretary of Zhejiang, Ningxia two provinces, the government for the new leaders have also been released, the National People’s Congress is to be.相关的主题文章: