Shanghai free trade zone three years of foreign trade accounted for the total registered enterprises

19 Nov

Shanghai free trade zone three years of foreign trade accounted for 40% of gross Shanghai Customs registered enterprises doubled – Beijing, Beijing, Shanghai, September 29, (Jiang Yuchen) the three anniversary of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone on the occasion, Shanghai customs 29, released a set of Statistics: this year 1 to August Shanghai FTA import and export 754 billion 600 million yuan, an increase of 6.5%. Shanghai city foreign trade accounted for 42% of gross area; existing customs registration enterprise 2.4, of which 1.4 10000 is added after the establishment of the fta. Three years on the road to free trade reform, Shanghai customs launched customs clearance, bonded supervision, functional development and other aspects of the innovation system, of which 21 have been replicated in the national promotion. The WTO "benchmarking study of trade facilitation agreement" 12 40 specific trade facilitation measures, the relevant measures have been fully landed. Third party evaluation shows that the advanced area, after the declaration, tax, customs clearance, independent self automatically put trial key audit "and a number of system has reached the international advanced level, Shanghai FTA received clearance efficiency. Three years ago, Shanghai FTA first ticket advanced area, after the declaration of business success in the Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone pilot. In three years, from the initial "advanced area, after the declaration to batch access, centralized reporting, centralized summary taxation, independent tax, self clearance, automatically put trial key audit, enterprise self-discipline management…… , a number of international advanced level has reached the level of innovation system. System innovation with intelligent bayonet information system upgrade transformation, technical means, Shanghai customs to create a trade facilitation as the core of the customs supervision mode in Shanghai Free Trade Zone, which can ensure the safety of trade, but also can realize the efficient operation of logistics. With the integration of the reform of the national customs clearance, customs clearance faster and faster. This year, Shanghai port import and export customs clearance time than last year to reduce 3.68 hours and 2.17 hours. In Shanghai customs clearance efficiency continues to be refreshed at the same time, the Shanghai free trade area of the customs clearance efficiency remains way ahead advantage: Shanghai FTA first entry or exit the average clearance time were shortened by 78.5% and 31.7% than the outer zone. Support for the development of new formats is a major focus of the Shanghai customs trade reform three years. In the free trade area of the test field, the customs actively explore attempts to promote the formation of cross-border e-commerce bonded imports, bio pharmaceutical research and development and other advantages of industrial functional areas. Cross border electricity supplier is a free trade bonded imports since the establishment of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, one of the highest degree of social concern. Since the end of 2013 in the free trade area launched since the pilot, Shanghai customs to business enterprise and consumer demand, continuously upgrade the level of cross-border business supervision. At present, the customs clearance of cross-border electricity supplier customs clearance has been accelerated from the previous 24 hours to". In the multi driven, Shanghai Free Trade Zone cross-border electricity supplier bonded business development pace robust. 1 to August this year, the Shanghai customs cross-border bonded imports nearly 400 million yuan, of which 8 became the cosmetic skin care products, dairy products and consumer products such as diapers. Since March this year, the Shanghai customs bonded import value is by cross-border electricity supplier)相关的主题文章: