Shandong announced telecommunications fraud cases have been tampered with e-mail fraud 1 million 890-yo te amo

16 Apr

Shandong announced the telecommunications fraud cases have been tampered with 1 million 890 thousand euro mail fraud mail fraud on 12 September, Xinhua news agency, Ji’nan (reporter Wu Shuguang) September 9th, Shandong Jining a company manager has been tampered with mail fraud 1 million 896 thousand euros. Shandong anti fraud telecommunications network center of rapid response, at 11 am in a foreign bank successfully stopped all the money. This reporter learned from the 12 Shandong Provincial Public Security Bureau held a news conference on the fight against telecommunications fraud. The case was announced in the conference, both "QQ posing as a leading fraud", "the manufacture of false arrest warrant fraud", but also the sale of identity cards, bank cards and personal information and other crimes. At present, Shandong province anti fraud telecommunications network center, Ji’nan, Qingdao two sub center and Weifang, Jining and other 11 city anti fraud center comprehensive operation, public security, telecommunications, finance and other departments in accordance with the "comprehensive personnel stationed, on-site consultation rapid response, telephone fraud involving rapid interception, rapid capital payment" work requirements, build a joint the working platform to form a joint force. Since September, Shandong, Qingdao, Zibo, Dongying, Yantai, Jining, Liaocheng, Heze and other cities have succeeded in preventing people from being cheated, dozens of victims to avoid the loss of more than two thousand yuan. Deputy director of the Shandong Provincial Public Security Bureau, said Wang Jincheng, although some cases cracked, but the telecommunications network fraud has not been effectively curbed. At present, outside the dens "overflow" phenomenon is obvious, telecommunications network fraudsters will start gradually from the southeast to the dens of crime in Europe and America countries transfer, increase the difficulty of action against overseas. It is reported that the Shandong Provincial Public Security Department of telecommunications network fraud "upstream" production of Trojan virus, the infringement of citizens’ personal information and the "downstream" illegal trading of bank cards, the use of POS machines cash profit and other crimes, the implementation of full coverage of tracking, the whole chain of combat, destroying the crime of "grey" and "black production system. (end)相关的主题文章: