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15 Apr

Shaanxi’s first graduate exam cheating case sentencing — the rule of Law — original title: buy cheating to pass the answer is government personnel, legal consciousness is very weak, in order to help friends children buy exam cheating, and help send the answers. In November 23rd, Shaanxi Province, Xi’an Beilin District procuratorate prosecution, the court in the illegal sale of the question and answer, Yang Yanping defendant sentenced imprisonment and fined 15 thousand yuan; in one year and four months, Liu Li was sentenced to imprisonment for one year and fined 10 thousand yuan. Yang Yanping was born in 1984 with a college degree, after the Department of a town government staff in Danfeng County in Shaanxi province. December 2015, Yang Yanping, a friend of the party because her daughter is about to participate in the national postgraduate exam, contact him to help find ways to cheat. Subsequently, the party a friend Zhao also because of his son to participate in the graduate exam, through the party a contact Yang Yanping. Yang Yanping after the Internet search found that some people sell postgraduate exam answers and cheating radio special equipment to use, the price will be $500 in the online purchase of signal emitter, rubber and other cheating equipment. Before the exam, he received 10 thousand yuan Zhao, charge party a cigarette 2. After that, Yang Yanping contacted his friend, Liu Li. Two people on the morning of December 26, 2015, a school in Beilin District boys apartment dormitory, using the online purchase of radio equipment dedicated to cheating, is to participate in the study, candidates answer questions of political transmission test. In the afternoon, Yang Yanping, Liu Li in the delivery of English questions and answers, was arrested by the police on the spot. After identification, the test questions and answers are sent for the 2016 national graduate entrance examination questions and standard answers. In the trial, Yang Yanping confessed to open after the network seller answer came through the mobile phone, he then uses the computer and the emitter transmits the answers to cheat "eraser" on the screen. (reporter   Yue Hongji (Zhao Mingqi): commissioning editor (Intern), Li Nannan)相关的主题文章: