Shaanxi, a secondary school enrollment invalid graduation certificate issued by the president was

16 Apr

Shaanxi middle school graduation certificate issued illegal recruitment invalid principals were dismissed – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Xi’an September 15th news (reporters are just red) of Shaanxi Province, Baoji city Wolong Temple School for failing to give 52 2016 high school graduates graduation certificate issued with the Shaanxi Province ordinary high school diploma designed by Zhang Gangyin, causing students to question the graduation certificate fraud. The Education Department of Shaanxi Province, before publishing reports, President Tang Junning decided to remove duties, and give its administrative warning. The investigation, 2013, Baoji Jintai district public high school admission scores 406 points, because the number of candidates that year Wolong Temple school students rarely, the school enrolled students a part of illegal self line. After the discovery of this situation, the Baoji Municipal Education Bureau and the Bureau of education on the school district illegal behavior seriously, but there are still 52 students in school, not knowing that can not be issued certificate of graduation case on school Jie Du, this part of the students at the school in accordance with the following standards to recruit zejiaosheng fee charged violations 6000 yuan per student of the school fee. In July this year, the students on the social identity of the candidates in the academic level examination and college entrance examination in 2016, but in the school on the occasion, Wolong and the Middle Temple in violation of provincial and municipal high school graduation certificate management regulations, private schools and students only cover principal seal of the diploma, students and parents caused dissatisfaction. Shaanxi Provincial Department of Education recently issued a document to inform the investigation and handling of Wolong Temple secondary school diploma fraud and other related issues. Decided to remove the principal Tang Junning duties, and in accordance with the Provisional Regulations on the punishment of public institutions to give its administrative warning. At the same time, the Shaanxi Provincial Department of education requires municipalities, county education departments to strictly implement the relevant admissions policies, and resolutely stop the super plan, over the scope of the breach of the score and other illegal admissions behavior. Found violations, once verified, immediately dealt with and informed.相关的主题文章: