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15 Apr

SARFT: medical and health programs, not by the social production company – Sohu news according to the illegal to sell medicines and health products and medical services and play false medical advertising issues such as Xinhua news agency to present some programs, the State Press and Publication Administration issued prior to the date of notice on Further Strengthening the management of medical and health programs and broadcast medical advertising. Notification requirements, health care programs can only be produced by radio and television programming, not by social production. Strict health care program record management, without the record of health care programs are not allowed to broadcast. The notice also requires medical and health programs to hire medical and nutrition experts as guests, the guests must have recognized the corresponding qualification and the corresponding professional high title, and just that in the program. Medical and health programs to obtain host announcer qualification certificates in accordance with the law. Strict medical health management program, the notice proposed the "three prohibitions": it is strictly prohibited to introduce medical, health, health knowledge and other forms of direct or indirect advertising, sales of goods and services; no direct or indirect promotion of medical care, medicines, medical equipment, health care products, food, cosmetics, beauty and other enterprises, products or services the middle of the program; prohibited in any form, including "column hotline and two-dimensional code, publicity or prompt contact telephone number, contact information, address and other information. Notice proposed to prohibit the broadcast of any false medical advertising and strict restrictions on the length and mode of medical advertising broadcast. Medical, pharmaceutical, medical, health care products, food, cosmetics, beauty and other enterprises, product or service advertisement, shall not in any disguised program form release, not to broadcast television shopping video ads. A single advertisement no longer than a minute.相关的主题文章: