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13 Jun

Self-Improvement Most sales training provider fall short of providing sales reps with the training the need to close deals. But where they fall short, ContactPoint succeeds. Its a fact: many B2B sales reps leave a lot of money on the table, or more specifically on the phone, because of a poor personal connection with prospective customers. ContactPoint can help your team take money off the table and close more deals with business to business telephone sales training. ContactPoints best sales training professionals will customize training to elevate your companys sales training programs and customer communication skills in full-day, half-day, split-day, or webinar sessions. Participants of ContactPoints sales training program will learn to: properly prepare for a sales call, ask questions about the customer to create rapport and relationships, master the balancing act between what customers want and what you need, reflect a positive attitude during the call, and identify the ideal time to ask for prospects business and referrals. Some of the most critical B2B sales strategies are available in a free e-book from ContactPoint called The 7 Keys to Highly Effective Selling. ContactPoint offers both Outbound and Inbound B2B Sales Training. With inbound sales training, ContactPoint sales experts say on average, buyers in todays market make 3 shopping calls to competing businesses before making a buy decision. ContactPoint will improve your teams conversions by listening to dozens of your companys sales calls, assessing phone techniques, and then applying ContactPoints proprietary call flow principles to your specific needs. Your agents will learn to: manage the flow of a conversation, gather vital information with strategic questions, quickly demonstrate value, and ask for the sale at the right time. In outbound sales, ContactPoint managers say an outbound salesperson should never have a slow day. However, more than 90% of sales reps, possibly including B2B sales reps in your company, are uncomfortable making outbound calls because they lack the phone sales skills and call flow protocols they can learn from ContactPoints facilitative training. Outbound Sales representatives learn to: create a compelling opening statement, get to the decision maker, identifying selling opportunities by asking potential customers about their business, and make all gathered information work toward asking for the sale at the right moment. In todays competitive B2B markets, your sales representatives in both outbound and inbound sales must do more than just ask and answer questions. They must be trained to listen to customer needs and identify the best products to cross sell. Just some of these strategies are listed in the free e-book. While there are other sales training companies in the marketplace, the ContactPoint difference is the ability to record live customer calls. The company will utilize these recorded conversations as training material, and then follow up with post-training call recording, scoring, and individual coaching to make new B2B sales reps into B2B sales experts. As a result of this training, many B2B companies have doubled and even tripled their results. ContactPoint is a sales and customer service optimitics company. They develop and market patented technology and services to leverage the valuable information found in customer telephone interactions in order to double client sales and wow their customers. Serving the Automotive, Equipment Rental, Financial Services, Hospitality, Home Services and Medical industries, ContactPoint is on a mission to unleash the extraordinary power in every customer contact. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: