SAIC chase D90 declaration enough publicity at the end of the listing 66814

18 Nov

SAIC chase D90 declaration of enough publicity listed at the end of Phoenix Automotive News the day before, we received a set of new SUV, SAIC chase D90 models of the application diagram. The car is located in a large 7 SUV, is expected to be listed in the fourth quarter of this year. Datong D90 production model is basically a continuation of the design language concept car design bold, round arch impact of large size polygon grille, full of strong sense of hierarchy and narrow headlamps, exaggerated, with tall body, higher ground clearance, LED taillights, creating a powerful and not to lose the sense of science and technology the image of. From the declaration chart, the car is also equipped with luggage racks, as well as two front and rear panoramic sunroof. According to the previous message, chase D90 will be equipped with large size suspended central control screen is a major bright spot. In addition, equipped with three multi-function steering wheel, left and right type of central handrails are very practical, configuration is also worth looking forward to. In terms of power, D90 or will be used in the form of 2.0T gasoline engine and 2.0T diesel engine, and will be equipped with manual or automatic transmission. The car collocation a four-wheel drive system, the driver can switch between two drive, four-wheel drive, automatic and low-speed four-wheel drive mode through the button. According to reports, chase D90 may also be launched in the future with pure electric, plug-in hybrid, fuel cell power system models. Spy photos and news clues for e-mail: diezhao#ifeng (#=@), welcome to contact us, once adopted, will be rewarded.相关的主题文章: