S6 semi final 23 Samsung 30 day review in the H2K finals – Sina hero alliance zone-aquaria

15 Apr

S6 23 day review semi-final: Samsung 3:0 in the H2K finals – Sina hero alliance area of today’s game, Samsung players performed perfectly, whether on line or team are playing well. The lineup aspect, Samsung ROX Tigers yesterday resorted to a dazzling female gun as auxiliary. Although H2K is defeated, but before the two hit wild play brisk. The third game was a complete loss of rhythm. In the three game, the performance of Ryu no sense of presence, it is regrettable. [Abstract] the field in the game, the Samsung ROX Tigers yesterday resorted to a dazzling female gun as auxiliary. The game ambition leopard female active move to move the rhythm, as far as possible to clear the wild area resources. H2K Olaf played well, with the pursuit of the onrush of impressive picture. However, Samsung face fire superiority, Samsung 1:0 to take the next game. The first game starts. Samsung preferred in blue side, H2K in red side. BP, Samsung ban, Jess and Shindelar out of the police; H2K ban off Bobbi, ember and ruiz. Finally, Samsung took out on the road, AIKE play wild female leopard, Victor Road, ADC EICH and auxiliary female gun squad H2K took on the road, Olaf Road, Kennan jungler, Sivir ADC snake and auxiliary Jie pull lineup. The game started, the next outbreak of a mission. Leopard female face explored the grass, did not expect the combination of the road under the ground and playing wild ambush in the bushes, the Greek took a female blood, female gun was forced to flash. The two sides have come back, then to middle female leopard in the grass to kill the residual blood snake. Female leopard in the wild brush came to the road again after the gank snake woman, female leopard in send a blood, then even with 2 heads. Olaf has been looking for opportunities in the road, on both sides of the road under the small skirmishes broke out again and again lost in the female gun axe, died under Xihan AI Jie pull arrows, both sides of the 1 change 1. Leopard female aggressive invasion of the wild area, brush wild rhythm smooth, successfully grabbed the blue buff. 8 minutes, Olaf once again came to the grass under the road, Leopard Woman followed by squatting. Olaf walk to the road, with the opportunity to seize the blind field of vision opposite Kennan, the first to open a big halo AIKE, AIKE was killed. Female leopard is selected in the solo dragons, 10 minutes, Samsung won the success of a soil. Leopard female in the wild field active walk, emptying the opposite view. Although Samsung 3-4 behind a head, but every road is playing a proactive. 14 minutes, Samsung took the opposite side of the road next to a blood tower. Leopard female early 2 head advantage, plus brush wild far better than the opposite Olaf, aggressive attack opposite wild area. Kennan Olaf came to Jie pull on the road, AIKE 1v3, to replace Kennan, but the face of the three people killed in the fire, the opposite set the fire. While the female leopard take this opportunity again solo out of a small, this is a too long. Samsung in a tower across the road opened, hit the ice / Jie pull, but Olaf opened a hot pursuit mode, slash, H2K 1 for 3, the battle group advantage. Then the female leopard came away Sivir head, but the way Olaf dart up, austria.相关的主题文章: