Road army building more than 800 meters the youngest have a 60 year old-pullip

17 Apr

The road army built 800 meters the youngest are 60 years old in Taizhou Wenling City, south of the town of Ao ring Simon has an ardent villagers, their money, power, in the vicinity of Lantau Peak built a 876 meters long, 1.6 meters wide (the narrowest) of the mountains of fitness walking down the road. The villagers have a good place to exercise. Old village roads lead the spontaneous mountains fitness walking down the road turned out to be an old, only fifty or sixty cm wide. When it rains, the road becomes muddy and impassable. Because not many people walk, roadside weeds. There is no entertainment facilities nearby, and occasionally there will be some villagers along the old mountain climbing exercise, in addition to the grass. Zhang Yuee is 70 years old, love exercise, the body looks very tough. In order to let the villagers have a place to exercise, from 2015 April and May onwards, every lunar month two, four, seven, nine, she took a hoe to mow the lawn. But Zhang Yuee a person’s strength is too meager, and Lin Guiqing, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on". Every day, they took the tools and set off. Summer, hot weather, everyone in the neck hung a towel to wipe, but soon will be wet towel. After a few months, the road to the top of the mountain came into being. Among the elderly, the youngest was more than and 60 years old, and their persistent spirit gradually infected young people in the village. Widening and hardening of the road, the villagers have to respond to a day in October last year, the villagers went to Lantau Peak Kong Boqing exercise, when he climbed the mountain along the road, could not help but be shocked by the immediate landscape. The distance is the sea, can also see big mountain, Beacon Hill, and other scenic Toushan Lei, he suddenly had a feeling as boundless as the sea and sky. He told Zhang Yuee that helped the old man said: "Ao ring is not a fitness path, we together contribute to building a walking down the road to the top of the mountain, the road widening, and hardening, let more people to exercise." Do it, second days, the villagers will act. Living in the vicinity of Lantau Peak villagers have also responded to donate money to donate money, donate to donate. "To widen the road to occupy the mountains of the villagers, but they are happy." Kong Boqing said. In order to save money, the villagers try to do it yourself. Villager Chen Meiping is a mason, according to his own experience, led the villagers to re design the measurement of road, walking down the road, some places to widen, the slope in some places or a ladder. Began to build roads, the villagers help move the stone, cement. Each person to exercise, never empty, always help bring some materials. There is no water in the mountains, in order to solve the problem of water, the villagers think of a way. They prepared forty or fifty buckets, to pump the water to the foot of the hillside of the bucket, and then pumped to the top of the bucket, after 4 times. The last part of the promenade is the 286 ladder. Due to the restrictions on the road, the car can not be opened, each one of the villagers are carrying their own marble, a large amount of work. The walking down the road in many places have great originality to make walking down the road is more beautiful, the villagers also design gallery, pavilion. The pavilion has 6 columns"相关的主题文章: