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15 Sep

Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Different drill bits have different purposes. There are drill bits made for certain tasks like making holes, expanding holes, or finishing holes. So if you are planning to use drill bits, you should know which drill bits match your needs. Drill bits have different types and kinds. Some drill bits are used for making starting hole. Some of them are used for soft materials and others are built for hard ones. There are also drill bits used to enlarge holes or for finishing purposes. These drill bits types are the center drill bits, the twist drill bits, and the core drill bits. The Twist Drill Bits The twist drill bits are applied to drill holes on various materials such as plastics, woods, or metals. These twist drill bits are available in many sizes. The common sizes of the twist drill bits are from 0.05 mm in length up to 100 mm in length. These sizes are used to describe the diameter of the hole covered by the twist drill bits. For example the twist drill bits size 0.05 mm covers the two over one thousand millimeter (0.002 mm) diameter of hole and the twist drill bits size 100 mm covers the hole with diameter measures four millimeter (4 mm). The twist drill bits also have a size of 1000 millimeter (1000 mm) in length which covers the hole with diameter of 39 millimeter (39 mm). This size is used for powered hand tools. The point angle of the twist drill bits is also considered. Different point angle of the twist drill bits has diverse applications. The one hundred eighteen (118) degree point angle of twist drill bits is the most flexible point angle. These twist drill bits can be used in many purposes. However, there are point angle of the twist drill bits made for specialized and specific task. Twist drill bits without point angle are for the making holes with flat-bottoms. These are so sensitive in terms of positioning as any slight movement while drilling may cause in undesirable outcome. The twist drill bits with ninety (90) degree point angle are used to create holes on very soft plastics. These types are very sharp and could produce starting hole for itself. The one hundred fifty (150) degree point angle of twist drill bits are made for creating holes on hard materials like metals. These twist drill bits require a starting hole which can be obtained by means of center drill bits for easy operation and fine results. The Center Drill Bits The center drill bits are available in sizes one to six These are commonly used in working with hard materials like metal. The center drill bits have two (2) main purposes. First is for crafting a starting hole for the twist drill bits with 150 degree point angle, for reamer drill bits, for core drill bits, or for any larger drill bits. Meaning, the center drill bits applied for outlining a center hole for making bigger hole or use as preparation for making hole in hard materials. Second is for creating conical indentation to build up a lathe center for a piece of work. The Core Drill Bits The core drill bits are solid. Like reamer drill bits, core drill bits can not create starting hole because they do not have a cutting point. However, core drill bits have three or four flutes. The flutes improve the finish of the hole and ensure fine bit cuts. The core drill bits have two main functions. It can be used for enlarging the hole or starting hole, and could double the size of the hole unlike the reamer drill bits. It can also be used for finishing purposes. It is possible to achieve perfect rounded shape holes due to the flutes of the core drill bits. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: