Residential areas around the road will be open at night parking areas and other areas of wrong parki pork face

20 Nov

Washington park road surrounding residential areas will be open at night parking area when the wrong school (reporter Zhang Xiaoming) a parking space, often let a lot of people fell dejected". The reporter learned yesterday, the Municipal Transportation Commission, the Municipal Construction Committee, City Planning Commission, City Commission, the Municipal Public Security Bureau, the city of AA, the SASAC recently jointly issued "on promoting the city parking resources sharing by using the guidance" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), in order to alleviate the parking difficult contradictions. "Opinions" pointed out that the key to residential areas, hospitals, schools and other types of parking demand, priority use of parking resources around the walking distance of 300-500 meters within the scope of the public, and special roads, to guide residents, patients, parents and other vehicles will be wrong or temporary parking. In residential areas, hospitals, schools and other areas of prominent contradictions in the parking, public parking around the operating principle should be open all day. Relevant government agencies, hospitals and universities and other institutions, state-owned enterprises in the protection of internal security and order of the premise, the internal parking facilities should be open to the outside world, the first to implement the shared responsibility for parking. Encourage the construction of commercial, office and other supporting facilities for the construction of the operating procedures for the record, the provision of foreign wrong or temporary parking services. The residential area surrounding the road parking contradiction with night parking conditions, audit procedures after the approval of the declaration, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the city road parking field monthly parking management implementation. "Opinions" pointed out that the residents when the wrong use of parking resources surrounding residential long-term parking, there is not to declare personal information, not at the appointed time to leave, not required to pay parking fees and other parking management does not comply with the provisions of the relevant acts, may revoke its participation in the shared parking qualification, and punish the illegal behavior. Hot news: Shanghai municipal government led the new division of labor: should brave the executive vice mayor of electronic police illegal capture enabled one and a half million Pudong accumulated 1.88 SMS sent a man from the 15 Floor falls dead was a single tenant exposure Liu Xiang father had advised Liu Xiang Wu Sha accused of cheating suspected break Wu Sha derailed Shanghai Changning Xin Lan Area murder occurred the son was controlled by the police in Shanghai today weather forecast: cloudy local short showers later this week, the temperature rose slightly相关的主题文章: