Reliable family members Kovoz Fu Rui Adams (video)

18 Nov

Reliable family members Kovoz Fu Rui Adams many people married road are faced with two choices, one is to choose the side in hand with the living members of the family, another is the choice of a family member, but the new members are much more critical, because it will undertake the care of the family responsibility, resist the way exposed to wind and rain. Perhaps many people asked for the family members of the rude, as long as there is a large space and low cost of the car is enough, but since it is day relative to family members, in addition to outside if it is still a bit lively and considerate and fashion that is better. Chevrolet Kewozi and futefu shinsc, young positioning of these two models can bring such novelty to us, now we have to see what they can have a special skill, and can give everybody to bring more joy home. – 2016 new Kewozi interior more sense of technology now low-cost entry compact car choice can be a lot of rich, but also more and more to the tastes of young people, after all, they are young people focus on a limited budget but the goal was just married. As the Kewozi listed during the Chengdu auto show, is also a go yen value line models, attention naturally good. Today, we gave it to find the same "face" opponent, Fortfors J (with the Senate, pictures, inquiry). But the fight is only a trivial matter, who is more cost-effective is the most important. In contrast to the model project Kewozi models 2016 models 1.5L automatic Xinshang version of Fu Rui Si 2015 1.5L automatic comfort guide price 109 thousand and 900 yuan 107 thousand and 800 yuan discount rate (Beijing area) 6 thousand yuan 25 thousand yuan for today is the concrete comparison of two models, which are Kewozi 2016 1.5L automatic Xinshang version and Fu Rui 2015 models 1.5L automatic comfort, the two models of the official guide price is relatively close, and over 100 thousand models most of the family’s primary concern is hot, so they are in their cars which are relatively high degree of attention to models. But it is worth mentioning that the listing is long Fu Rui Adams now the market offers considerable efforts, like today’s leading automatic comfort, even if it is 30 thousand yuan of preferential policies are also common in the market, the newly listed Kewozi is not a small pressure. Kewozi 2016 1.5L automatic Xinshang version MSRP 10.99 Edmond shinsc 2015 1.5L automatic comfort MSRP – 107 thousand and 800 appearance: the spirit of eye-catching design style is not boring two car is relatively close, the feeling is enough publicity, full three-dimensional lines convey full of vitality, looks quite spiritual. This is to let the young people on the eyes of the fan, even honest family car, will not let you lose the sense of presence on the road. The side of the design are engaging type, style is more generous. But the other configuration of what is not, keyless entry functions are missing in them, in fact, this configuration is not does not belong to the price of the vehicle, such as their new rivals (ginseng, pictures, inquiry), you can find the keyless entry相关的主题文章: