Recuperate! Singer blue wells announced an indefinite suspension of

17 Apr

Recuperate! Singer blue wells announced an indefinite suspension of activity had previously announced the suspension of activities due to the singer blue wells love dew today (October 14th) officially announced an indefinite stop activities. In August of this year, the blue wells have been published in their own official website and micro-blog issued a statement that they need to suspend their activities due to illness for some time. At that time, a lot of fans in various social platforms for her cheer, hope she can recover. I did not expect the news to suspend the release of less than two months, she also announced an indefinite suspension of activities. The indefinite released today to suspend the activities of news, AILU said: "blue well after the end of the self at the Budokan concert in no period of inactivity, but for a long time I related the enthusiastic support, and very eager to support my dear fans, I would like to extend my sincere thank you. In the Japanese martial arts museum, I will pour out my heart of Thanksgiving will be held together to gather the popular songs dedicated to everyone." While many fans regard it as the blue wells AILU say goodbye to the singer’s farewell concert. Because of the "Fate Zero", ED is known by fans of the anime. In fact, the blue well AILU is her name. It is reported that she had become the intention of health care workers, so take the Nordic myth of the palm medicine and health goddess in the name, that is, AI dew. So many fans also hope that this time she can take the name of the goddess through the storm. Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章: