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15 Apr

Queen’s crown to sell out? The British government says "no""! Beijing – the Broadcasting British Corporation reported in 1840 when Queen Victoria married in order to prevent wear, sapphire and diamond crown was sold to overseas, the British Ministry of Culture issued a temporary ban on exports, to prevent the precious cultural assets abroad. Witness the Queen’s love story is reported that the crown is currently the owner of 5 million pounds to sell the crown, and to the government made an application for export. After listening to the review committee’s assessment report, the British Ministry of culture decided to implement a temporary export ban to protect precious cultural relics. "This crown is closely related to the history of the United Kingdom, the understanding of the young Queen Victoria is extremely important to study, it is recommended to temporarily ban exports to overseas." A statement from the British Ministry of culture. Data figure: Queen of England, the British Sky News Network, said the crown had been sold to a foreign buyer, but the British Ministry of culture, the temporary ban on the sale of this transaction. Hancock, Britain’s secretary of state, wants British buyers to bid for the crown to remain in the country. British heritage experts said that the crown is one of the most important jewelry when Queen Victoria served as a monarch, a symbol of the famous British love story". Wang Guankuan 11.5 cm, with gold and silver as the main body, with a set of more than 11 sapphires and diamonds, designed by Prince Queen Victoria’s husband, Prince of. In 1840, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert the day before the wedding, Prince Albert will be the crown and the same brooch to the queen, Queen Victoria then at the wedding wearing the crown, the crown became the two important monument of love. In 1861, after the death of Prince Albert, Queen Victoria was too sad, and then refused to participate in the opening ceremony for several years. It was not until 1866, when Queen Victoria wore the crown, appeared again in public. There is still the possibility of selling to foreign countries since then, the crown has been used as the British royal family "biography of Jiabao", until 1922, King George V and queen Marie, the crown gave daughter Princess Marie as a wedding present. Later, the crown was purchased by a jeweler in London, and then the jeweler handed over the crown to the present owner. According to reports, in December 27th this year, the British Ministry plans to export license for the crown of the final decision. If no one in the UK has the same or higher price, the crown may still be sold to foreign buyers.相关的主题文章: