Quanzhou typhoon caused 6 billion 881 million of the city to actively open reconstruction-hypersnap-dx

17 Apr

The typhoon caused Quanzhou city’s loss of 6 billion 881 million positive open reconstruction of Taiwanese network (micro-blog) September 19th news yesterday afternoon, flood control and Drought Relief Headquarters Office of the Quanzhou municipal government issued the latest defense super typhoon "Meranti". As of 18 May 16, the city’s population of 764 thousand and 100 people affected, 115 thousand people evacuated, 14 thousand and 800 houses collapsed, crops, livestock, aquatic products, industrial and mining enterprises, communications base stations, dikes, hydropower station suffered serious water damage. According to statistics, tolls direct economic losses total 6 billion 881 million yuan. Currently, the city is actively working to rebuild. Dehua Longmen Tan Su Yang Cun, the villagers to carry out post disaster self-help, in the ruins of her activities (Wang Shuangji photo) [traffic] EMU, Stephen Kim routes have not yet returned to normal in the next few days, the island of Xiamen to train outage. The typhoon "Meranti" effect, power supply rod connecting Xiamen Island import and Xinglin railway bridge severely damaged, leading to the original train stop at XiaMen Railway Station, some outage, some change at the terminal station of XiaMen North Railway Station or Zhangzhou station. Yesterday, the reporter learned that this has affected the normal operation of the Quanzhou 3 station stop moving part of the island of Xiamen train, resulting in partial outage. Quanzhou train station from now until 25 outage G5302 times, G5303 times, from now until the outage D9613 times, D9614 times, G9821 times, with immediate effect to 28 outage G9822 times, and 23 and 25 outage D9603 times, D9604 times. Jinjiang train station from now until 28 outage D6219 times, D6521 times, D6229 times, D6333 times, D6237 times, D6531 times. Huian EMU 25 days off from now on G5302 times, from now until the end of the outage 28 times G9822, 23 to 25 outage D9603 times. The typhoon "Meranti" effect, Kinmen passenger wharf damaged not repaired, resulting in Kinmen on berth tension, Stephen Kim routes influence normal class flights from 8 flights per day reduced to 4 flights a day. The specific class time for the Shijing of Kinmen flight time is 8:30 and 14:30, the golden gate of Shijing flight time is 10:10 and 16:20. Members of the public can call the golden route booking telephone 0595-86097861 consulting. Yesterday, a total of more than 2 thousand and 900 flights a day will all return to normal departure. However, due to the high speed train station next to the Quanzhou train station there is still stagnant water, unable to normal departure. In addition, because the mountain is still impassable, 28 Road (Quanzhou bus station – Qingyuan Shan Liu Yang Cun) still does not start, all the other urban bus lines and ring bay bus lines have all returned to normal operation. Highway, highway S207 line Anxi county Luo Yan Cun due to geological disasters slide, traffic congestion has not yet reopened, is stepping up repair plan, suggest the driver detour traffic through here note. Hong Seto Township, a woman in Dehua to clean up the mud "food basket" base workers busy dredging drainage (Wang Shuangji photo) [power] still has 56 thousand users from the normal use of electricity as of 16 pm yesterday, the Quanzhou area power outage recovery rate of 94 for low voltage users;相关的主题文章: