Quanzhou city will build 11 hours of self service library by the end of this year trial run 24-queer as folk

17 Apr

Quanzhou city will build 11 24 hours self-service library at the end of this year test run in the construction of the self-service library at the end of this year of trial operation, there are 4 points have been built and installed on the museum – Quanzhou Network – equipment e-lending dongnanzaobao reporter Zhang Suping Wen / map brush library card, can be free to borrow a few books. This year, the municipal government to build the "24 hours self-help library" included in the project for the real people, plans to build the center of the city in the 11 hours of self-help library 24. As of yesterday, there are 4 self-service library installed on the electronic self-help lending machines and other equipment. Quanzhou library relevant person in charge, Quanzhou 11 self-help library is stepping up construction, is expected to be run by the end of this year. The new White House, composed of steel and glass, covering an area of about 20 square meters, looks like a newsstand, which reads, "Quanzhou, the city’s self help library for 24 hours"…… This is the construction of the self-help Library in Quanzhou. As long as the two generation ID card and deposit on the machine, according to the prompts to enter the appropriate information, only a few minutes to get the reader card, and vouchers free to borrow books. At the same time, if there is no self in the library you want to have this book, and check on the website of Quanzhou city library, the library can also make an appointment directly on the machine, the staff will send the book to the library. "There are already 4 self-service libraries that have been installed on self-service devices." Quanzhou city library responsible person, the 4 hall are located in Quanzhou Development Zone detai road and Chong min street intersection, Licheng District 1916, yuanhetang entrance high tech District of Quanzhou city science and Technology Financial Services Center (located in Licheng), on the left side of the door in Fengze District West Lake Park West gate, the rest of the museum has the most built. It is reported that the self-service library is a change in the past "waiting for customers" service mode, the library resources to the residents of the home door, free public library to borrow books, but never closing, people want to borrow the book, what time can. Quanzhou city media Bureau, the municipal government put the construction of "block 24 hours self-service library" included in the project for the tangible things, plans to build 11 urban center 24 hours self-service library. In August, the city media Bureau in conjunction with Fengze District and Licheng District, Quanzhou Development Zone, the construction company technicians for each site on-site surveying points, now work has been completed. Library self-help library book tender work was completed in July, since the beginning of self-help library started in October. According to the plan, the city center will be set up 11 24 hours self-service library, the fortress zone 6, Licheng District 4, Quanzhou Development Zone 1. At present, the book procurement and processing are in an orderly manner, from 11 to December will enter the commissioning, system integration and commissioning phase." City media Bureau relevant personage introduces. The self-service library can store 600 books, every other period of time, the books will have a "shake up". The self-help library and library will achieve interlibrary loan, no matter in which a museum to borrow, can be arbitrarily choose a museum.相关的主题文章: