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17 Apr

6 Qingyuan County Bureau officially released the management – Guangdong channel — people.com.cn original title: 6 Qingyuan County Bureau officially released the management from the Qingyuan Highway Bureau was informed that the current Qingyuan highway system has been officially from "vertical" management adjustment "apanage" management, work related reform of Qingyuan highway management system into the effective the landing and subsequent closing stages. In the coordination and reform of highway management system handover meeting held on the day before, Qingyuan Highway Administration Bureau, Fogang, and Germany, Lianzhou, Liannan Lianshan Yangshan 6 counties (city) people’s government signed the "highway to adjust the administrative system handover agreement", above the county (city) highway management system, human rights the powers, property rights and the confirmation of the fixed assets, debts, and will be the transfer of the county (city) people’s government management. It is reported that Qingyuan highway management system reform has been on the road". At the beginning of 2013, the municipal government began to plan to promote the highway system look far ahead from a high plane, the first to deepen the reform, but because of the national and provincial general "rotten road" system, heavy historical debts and five years was "welcome CIQ" and other factors, the objective need to "chess" to implement the municipal government work deployment that focus is in solving livelihood problems of bad road ". Since 2013, the City Highway Bureau focused on promoting the elimination of city in national and provincial "bad road" and "time difference", with the help of the central and provincial subsidies and local support funding of nearly 5 billion yuan to complete the city 1607 km National Highway 997 kilometers, nearly 23 national and provincial reconstruction, to achieve a "rotten road road" at the same time, successfully withdrew even Yi Road, British pit road and a number of toll stations, operating toll road has fallen from 42% to 13%, the real road in china. In the provincial highway from the "negative list" into "quality assets", to lay the foundation for the reform, Qingyuan has become one of the eight cities of the State Department of transportation "12th Five-Year" "welcome CIQ" national promotion and introduction of experience. (Wei Jinfeng Liang Donghua) (commissioning editor Yang Jieli and Zhang Haiyan)相关的主题文章: