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15 Apr

Qiao Renliang brokers denied rumors: he has been struggling with depression – Sohu entertainment Sohu entertainment news 16 evening, a Qiao Renliang death, shocked the entire entertainment circle. On the afternoon of September 17th, Qiao Renliang’s agent said in an interview: "it is because of severe depression, Qiao Renliang chose to commit suicide." Miss left said, Qiao Renliang before suffering from severe depression, long-term insomnia has been plagued by him." Left miss Qiao Renliang revealed that the recent state is very good, we all feel that he is recovering, he has come back, we are very happy, and some time ago really feel the hope." Also said that Qiao Renliang will also take the initiative to send messages to her, saying that I will live for you, will strive to get better." For some rumors on the network, Miss left very angry: "we see those gossip very hateful, others are really good, we would like to have one of his innocence, is definitely not a good thing, not those things in hearsay. There is no wrong sexual orientation, not playing with those things." "Cyber violence is terrible." She said.相关的主题文章: