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15 Apr

Purchase net signed new regulations   closure of "false marriage" — Society — people.com.cn original title: Purchase Net signed new regulations blocking the "fake marriage" Beijing morning news (reporter Wang Ping) in order to block by false marriage cheat buyers qualification to buy a house, the couple has been unable to purchase, no purchase qualification name of one individual signature in this room. At present, the city has been the implementation of the new measures in the purchase net signed links, both husband and wife purchase on behalf of the Beijing family membership, the room must have "index" with the name of the party. According to the requirements of the new deal signed, on behalf of the family purchase net signed when the Beijing family membership, there are only two options: one is the selection of qualified buyers home buyers have for the buyer, issue a separate all immovable property registration certificate; one is the choice of home buyers have qualified buyers to buy by people people at the same time, the choice of buyers do not have the qualifications as a buyer who were entitled to. While in the third case, the home buyers in the buyers do not have the qualifications for the buyer and all alone, will not be able to generate net. For example, if the husband and wife together to buy a house, the man has the qualifications to buy a house, the woman did not, then it can not only the name of the woman’s room. Previously, the couple to buy a house, the house on the "name" will have three ways: the man and woman, both sides. After the implementation of the new regulations, the party does not qualify for the purchase of Beijing, it can not be alone in the room. It is understood that the "false marriage" is a kind of "illegal" means from the beginning of last year, the rise in the real estate market in Beijing, as well as "fake divorce", the objective is to have more to buy a suite of qualification. Usually the operation means is itself non qualified buyers party, through intermediaries to find a "real ticket" "false marriage" object, both sides signed a prenuptial agreement, indicating the marriage to buy houses without qualification on one side of the personal property; then, the two sides to apply for marriage, the purchase formalities, to be the real down, then divorce, no purchase qualification party thus smoothly in Beijing buy a house. Some of the "Housing worms" specialized in doing such business, they themselves purchase qualification for the capital, to the way to help people buy fake marriage, eventually charged 100 thousand yuan reward. Centaline chief analyst Zhang Dawei believes that, first of all, the Beijing real estate market policy efforts are the most stringent, from the implementation of the policy rules, but also has been refined. Must comply with the purchase of qualified signatures, the current implementation of landing in the new commercial housing contract, the second-hand housing has not yet landed. This policy is indeed conducive to reducing the occurrence of some gray phenomenon." But Zhang Dawei said that the current increase in prices in Beijing, the country’s second echelon, is expected to introduce more stringent regulatory policy is unlikely. (commissioning editor: Cao Kun)相关的主题文章: