Provincial Party committee inspected the tenth round of inspections will be announced rectification-onavo protect

17 Apr

The tenth round of inspections by the provincial inspection and rectification of Party organizations will continue to publish the newspaper news (reporter Liu Rongrong) according to the provincial unified deployment, from mid November 2015 to mid January 2016, the eight session of the tenth round of inspections on the provincial Zhengding and Zanhuang, Lingshou, Qingyuan, Xiongxian, Mancheng, Xingtang, Quyang, Fuping, Cixian, Handan, Huai’an, Guyuan, Wanquan Shangyi, Xuanhua, Linxi and other 17 counties (districts) conducted routine inspections; the provincial education department, research office and the provincial government, the Provincial Planning Commission, office, provincial department, the Provincial Local Taxation Bureau, the provincial Industrial and Commercial Bureau, the provincial Civil Affairs Department, Provincial Archives Bureau, province, people in the hall, the provincial Food Bureau 11 provincial authorities, the Provincial Association, the Provincial Federation, Provincial Federation, Labor Federation, the provincial Red Cross, provincial federations, Provincial Writers Association, the provincial women’s Federation 8 mass organizations, Academy of agriculture and Forestry Sciences, Academy of Sciences Hospital, Bank of Hebei Province, rural credit cooperatives, the provincial Food Industry Group Co. Ltd. and other 5 enterprises conducted a special inspection. September 18th onwards, the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision department website opened column, will continue to publish the eight round of inspections and rectification of the tenth provincial Party committee. Provincial Department of Party and party Grain Bureau in Baoding province and Xiongxian, Qingyuan City, 3 counties (districts) rectification Commission announced in September 18th. Provincial Department of party insist on rectification work as a powerful starting point for the implementation of an important political task and is the wind Su Ji, the office system has held the party, party, Party committee of 6, will be held in advance, will be scheduled, special team and rectification office etc. the 16 meeting, the formation of 17 measures, the 3 organizations thorough investigation, supervision and inspection. According to the inspection teams feedback pointed out the office of the party, the party strictly implement the responsibility for poor organization construction is not perfect 7 aspects, adopt organizational learning, strengthening training, improve the system of a number of measures to promote the rectification. Provincial inspection team handed over the issue of clues 18, has been completed. Among them, prokaryotic 13, filing 3, conversation letter consultation 2; given party discipline 3 people, organizations dealing with 8 people. 7 suspected of defrauding special funds related to corporate accountability investigation. In 9 the County Bureau of industry and information of more than and 20 people in the capital supervision problems in strict accordance with the law and discipline. Provincial Grain Bureau of the party will inspect the feedback detailed division, the formation of 24 rectification tasks, and the establishment of a special rectification team. Up to now, 15 short-term rectification tasks have been completed, the need for long-term promotion of the rectification task to develop a specific rectification measures 12. At the same time, by analogy, seriously find the same or similar problems, the dominant and potential problems in finding for all to find real, analyze the causes and determine corrective measures to steadily promote the rectification work. Amendments to improve the relevant system of honest government, strengthen the construction and maintenance of warehouse renovation project supervision and control of funds, and actively explore the measures for the administration of grain reserves in our province actual. Take the installation of policy acquisition card and other measures, from the source to solve the existing grain storage link models of public funds such as private deposits and the acquisition of capital expenditure sales management confusion, incomplete vouchers. Provincial inspection group transferred clues 4, has been the beginning of nuclear 3, temporary 1. Xiongxian county Party committee made it clear that the fundamental solution to the problem, the establishment of.相关的主题文章: