Promise a quarrel with the students said the mood purple Liu Ye too poetic-yezimei

15 Apr

A quarrel with classmates called Liu Ye: too poetic mood purple Liu Ye and a Phoenix Entertainment News on September 30th, Liu Ye micro-blog issued a document called a Nobel in kindergarten and children in conflict, after a quarrel Nobel said his mood is purple". Liu Ye said with emotion: "now the children are too poetic." He also did not forget to think of his childhood quarrel with people after the reaction: "this little tiger over the super one to provoke me!" Liu Nuoyi in the Daddy where the audience is known, cute invincible and sensible obedient, numerous circles powder. In addition, Liu Ye and a way to get along with the attention of many users. Many netizens said: "after all, is a little prince." "How will the president of China know what the little prince is thinking?." The teacher sent Liu Ye micro-blog: WeChat, said the conflict is small and a little friend, and describes the whole incident. There was a description of WeChat, who said that his mood was purple, and that the boy said he wanted to take control of his emotions but was unable to do so. Alas, now the children are too poetic, think about the elder brother that time, the basic are: this little tiger over the super one to provoke me!!!相关的主题文章: