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15 Sep

Parenting Almost half of all pregnancies in the United States are unplanned. Of all the pregnancies reported in the United States about 20% of these pregnancies are unwanted and often end in abortion. One of the most often-used alternatives to abortion is adoption. When the word adoption is used, it is often thought of for children who have been orphaned or were in foster care. However, there is an adoption alternative for women who find themselves in an unplanned pregnancy and do not wish to keep the child pregnant adoption. What is pregnant adoption? Pregnant adoption is an adoption that takes place immediately after the baby is born. The birth mother may find an adoptive family on her own and arrange the legal adoption herself (adoption lawyers, social workers, etc.) or she may use the services of an adoption agency. With agency pregnant adoptions, the birth mother legally relinquishes her parental rights to an adoption agency who then finds an appropriate adoptive family for the child. The adoptive parents take immediate custody of the child from the hospital and care for this newborn while the determination is made about whether the placement is the right fit. Once that assessment is made, the legal custodial rights are transferred from the adoption agency to the adoptive parents. What kinds of adoption are there? There are two kinds of adoption available to birth mothers who are considering pregnant adoption: open adoption and closed adoption. Open adoption is where the birth mother gets to know the adoptive parent(s). This is a popular option as the birth mother is able to have an active role in selecting the family that will provide a stable, loving home for her child, thus helping her feel confident with the decision to go ahead with pregnant adoption. This interaction with the adoptive family is also important for gathering family history from the birth mother to share with the child later in life. In some cases, the birth mother stays in contact with the adoptive family and may even have a relationship with her biological child. Open adoptions can be as interactive as the birth mother wishes. With closed adoptions, no contact of any kind occurs with the biological mother and the adoptive parent(s). No information is exchanged and the pregnant adoption is done for the most part anonymously. The adoption agency facilitates the meeting of the newborn child and the adoptive parent(s). How much does it cost? When going through an adoption agency, there is no cost to the birth mother for the pregnant adoption. In many circumstances, the adoptive parent(s) will provide financial support for pregnancy-related expenses (living expenses, maternity clothes, counselling, and lawyer if required). Deciding to place a child up for adoption is a very difficult and heartfelt decision, and because the laws vary state to state, pregnant adoption can be very .plex both legally and emotionally. To ensure a smooth adoption process with minimal emotional stress, its re.mended that birth mothers consult with an adoption agency that will have the resources to find and assist with the best path for each birth mother. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: