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18 Nov

Powerful Wu Xin! In "Bobbi gold" color "Xin" to a lot of people know Wu Xin, are from the beginning of the mango "happy camp" at that time, Wu Xin as "a happy family member happy camp", accompanied by a lot of 80, 90 to spend their weekends. Wu Xin on the stage there is no other 4 lively and lovely members of the family members of the fun of hot open, presided over the words are relatively small, often the most is not the presence of a sense of "green leaves". But once the small legs are eating melon masses was Tucao. However little legs are silently "green" has been trying, but her popularity is also very good, Wu Xin in the program have mentioned "insist on their own because of He Jiong teacher retention and happy family support". Before the program chat about the "fast" partners! Du Haitao was not able to talk to you before the show? Wu Xin specifically clarified that Du Haitao and I were good friends, never together. Even asked a sister sensitive and Sheenah dispute, Wu Xin said: the different views, Madonna’s strength out there, presided over the position no one can shake a sister. Wu Xin is so thoughtful good girl ~ square dance PK which is strong, this is going to break up the rhythm? "As soon as this stage" Wu Yifan Wu Xin Dong people at the wall, and Li Yifeng raced ~ CP on the same stage, full sense of hand and sing sweet ~ ~ and two, dinner, drink wine, bread ~ scene interpretation of "classic Pinocchio" inside the kiss scene! Not only play the idol drama, and comedy actor "Andy song" can seamless funny ~ and the true nature of Wu Xin, also in last year’s reality show "the amazing race", let people sit up and take notice from the heights to ~ bungee jumping, cell movement developed Wu Xinke overcome a fear, brave first step ~ Wu Xin accident war staged wrestling show good figure ~ "Amazing Race" Han Geng Wu Xin Cuozao crazy funny ~ in full expression of "my new clothes", trying to learn fashion ~ makeup appearance for a variety program is enough to fight ~ every cry is a growth in "Bobbi Wu Xin recently issued a new gold" the color is also wearing it, it can also Chinese wind and blonde perfect fusion, which is a new height and beautiful rhythm? Once joked "short legs" Wu Xin recently turned fashion potential, in movie shooting, will turn around to the end for the bazaar to shoot a group of modern blockbuster show cool ~ "" petty Wu Xin together shooting fashion jewelry is too large, the flaming lips charming ~ "FASHIONVISTA" will cover large, ornate turn to the end, ushered in the "Xin" start… For Paris fashion week, two times the airport LOOK to participate in the Paris Fashion Week fashion retro ~ Wu Xin, whether it is color value or clothing products have a large outbreak, before wearing cheongsam show Chinese wind, the original Wu Xiaoniu so beautiful ~ street is also the United States a new height in October Paris is a romantic, beautiful blond witch COOL a little. With the baby to play by Disney, many onlookers, real so thin! Street dress comes in the sense of "Internet addiction ~ girl" can’t stop laughing in the heart of the game, this moment more precious ~ Zhuangshan new Golden Eagle "as the" Zhao Liying is not afraid of ~ the studio, Wu Xin also quietly changed the United States a lot ~ to attend the activities, but also music相关的主题文章: