Playing the game can also take education is the main training staff misunderstanding-ravbin

15 Apr

Playing the game can get a degree is the main misunderstanding of the school training practitioners, there are thousands of telephone counseling, a clear intention to sign up to three or four people." To assist in Xilingol Vocational College in the domestic first set of E-sports professional Li Ailong, said in an interview with reporters today, not to the enrollment deadline in the autumn of September 15th, the only plan to recruit 40 people already full of professional. The e-sports as a formal professional enrollment, in the domestic gaming market and public opinion Rainbow Night environment needs the courage, a notice at the beginning of September the Ministry of education and occupation education and adult education department released, for the outstanding professional school to add firewood. In the "notice on 2017 higher school enrollment professional occupation to declare the work of the" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"), the Ministry of Education announced the addition of 13 professional in 2016, including "electronic sports and professional management, code 670411, belongs to the category of education and sports sports. The new specialty is suitable for the higher vocational school (including the higher education college, other ordinary colleges and universities to carry on the specialized subject level education), will carry out in 2017. "For us to find an exit, next year will be set up related professional college." Li Ailong said. "Playing the game can also take a degree" is the myth "playing games can also get a degree?" When such comments can be heard without end, responsible for the professional enrollment at the Xilingol Vocational College close eSports teacher said, the professional training is the main gaming industry practitioners, such as the coach, tactical analyst, director, referee, occupation more player will come from the existing club system, "while gaming already classified as sports, but many people still do not take it away from the game, the professional appearance is to guide people to have a new understanding of gaming." Li Ailong thought of "teaching students to play the game" is a one-sided view, "such as gaming director, you need professional radio and television cooperation teaching, teaching is not only how to switch the lens and switching in different gaming projects shot time and other reasons, in many other professional support, slowly to turn public opinion and if it is to play the game can get a degree, do not act in a diametrically opposite way out?" For the upcoming in the emergence of "E-sports and management", it seems more like a cross culture gaming and other industry talents cradle. The State Sports General Administration of Sports Information Center Director Ding Dong told reporters that the Ministry of education will be placed in the professional system of higher occupation education, and from the angle of management settings, emphasizing game gaming and other attributes, and sports the same specification, "this industry is very scarce domestic engaged in theoretical research on talent, practitioners understanding of project law is not enough, if there is no theoretical and scientific support, we rely on management for the eSports" name ", is still difficult to reverse the inherent impression of social gaming." From the abandoned academic teenagers to astronomical salary "occupation God", between the people of the two extreme label cybersports players affixed, and they are most sports athletes China both similar and different fate: from earlier"相关的主题文章: