Players can be more than 144 billion steps in the wizard treasure dream go daily average of 7299 ste lm3886

19 Nov

Go game player can dream to walk more than 144 billion steps daily wrote 7299 step [Abstract] Research Report in the spirit treasure: "after starting" demon treasure can dream Go "game, each game player’s daily walk steps have reached a daily average of 7229 step leap. This figure is 13% higher than the average of the control group." Although controversial, but focus on capturing the Pokemon in the real world of mobile phone game "demon treasure can dream Go" there are still a lot of yongcu, they are in the game at the same time, more or less can exercise the effect. According to the Microsoft Research Institute (Microsoft Research) recently led a project called "demon treasure can dream Go" for sports activities: research and influence, "play" demon treasure can dream Go "for the effect of game player can not even use the" substantial "to describe; in fact, because of the" game spirit treasure mechanism can the dream Go ", are a total game player in this game out of more than 144 billion steps, in addition, there are many amazing achievements. The study, which took 1500 of the heroes of the magic Go, and selected them in August, and also the hottest time of the game, is a study of the activity data of 7. Taking into account the rapid release of the game after the release of millions of downloads, and there may be a bias in the statistics, so the number of samples is not very large survey. However, senior researcher Tim · (Tim, Althoff), said the study is similar to the results of other related studies, and thus determine the rigor of the. "The average age of respondents was 33 years old (we are actually playing the game player, rather than follow the download experience" game player "), among them, 36.5% are overweight and 28.2 of the game player, game player is obese," Tim · Al Sow wrote in an e-mail, "with this and overweight status Americans, so we have the results of this study has a certain significance." Each respondent received a $150 Microsoft Band bracelet to record their daily actions, and the impact of the device itself is a noteworthy variable. Still, the survey shows the great potential of the "magic Go" game in public health. Compared with the control group (each of them also received Microsoft Band bracelet, but does not require every day to play the "demon treasure dream Go"), "the daily walk steps play game player elf treasure can dream Go" every day has a significant rise. The study wrote: in the beginning of the wizard treasure can dream Go game, each player’s daily walking steps have a leap, reaching an average of 7229 steps per day. This figure is 13% higher than the average of the control group." Another exciting news comes from the daily activities of the "magic Go". Regardless of the age of the respondents who belong to the age or gender, in the beginning of the "magic Go" game, they live outdoors"相关的主题文章: