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16 Apr

Philippine fishermen return to Huangyan Island fishing Philippine presidential palace: no Chinese vessels, according to a number of Philippine media reports, Philippines fishermen found that recently went to Huangyan Island fishing, Philippine fishing boats have been intercepted. The Philippine presidential spokesman said on the 27, no China maritime police vessel found in Huangyan island waters, the Philippine fishermen can in the area of fishing. Philippine defense minister also confirmed on 28, the Chinese ship was not found on the three day. The eastern part of Huangyan Island, 125 nautical miles, has begun to fishery trade (pictures from Singapore "Straits Times") according to the "Philippines Daily Inquirer" reported that 8 fishermen from Zambales group entered the Huangyan island in 26, but there were no China police boat stop. Since 2012, China has achieved effective control over the sea. Aniceto, the captain of the Philippines fishing boat, said: "we received a radio message that some of the fishermen had been able to enter the waters off the island of Huangyan, (Aniceto)". Aniceto and his 11 crew members left town on the island of Huangyan on the 26 day to join the rest of the fishermen. Another fisherman Robert · David (Rodel David) said that he and other fishermen will not miss any opportunity to return to Huangyan Island fishing, "we have to prepare the ship to other waters, but found the fishermen began to go to the Huangyan Island, we also intend to join." He also said: when the fishermen try to close to the island of Huangyan, there are Chinese patrol boats approaching, but the accident is that they have not been caught." According to the "Manila standard today" reported on 29, spokesman for the office of the president of Philippines Abela (Ernesto Abella) 27 at a press briefing said, "in the past three days, the island of Huangyan found no China coast guard ship, Philippines fishing boats have not intercepted, now they can in this area for fishing." Bella told the media that "I can say this, no China maritime police vessel found in Huangyan island." Philippine presidential spokesman Bella, in a television interview, along with Duthel Te’s visit to Philippines in the party leader Kaba Yan Roque (Harry Roque) said that the two countries did not return to the Huangyan island of Philippines fishermen fishing issues to reach a final agreement. Luo said that the reason is that Philippines can not accept the Chinese side in the agreement to use China’s "permission" and "allow" Philippines fishermen fishing in Huangyan. Luo said, I understand that there is a compromise between China and the Philippines has reached a consensus for the time being, Philippines fishermen fishing on the island of Huangyan has been acquiesced. It’s just a question, so I didn’t sign any papers." But spokesman Bella did not say that the Philippines reached any agreement, what we know is only based on the results, that is, fishermen can go to the waters of the island of Huangyan." According to the Philippines ABS-CBN news network reported that Philippines’s defense minister Loren Za Na (Delfin Lorenzana) 28 also pointed out that no Chinese vessels in the waters of the island of Huangyan, Philippines fishermen can return to the waters of fishing. Loren Za Na said: "three days ago, the Huangyan island area has not found Chinese boats, coast guard or Coast guard. If the Chinese ship has left, it means our fishing.相关的主题文章: