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15 Apr

People’s Daily: personal information security short board filled urgently to build a strong fence – Beijing build a personal information security fence in the "Internet information security", each of us is a "node" of them, only together, can be woven into a safe and solid network recently, the public security organs the Ministry of public security of Liaoning, Sichuan and other 25 provinces, together with the large net action of infringement of citizens’ personal information to carry out case, 201 suspects were arrested, 42 successful eradication of leakage of information source, destroying 9 of the infringement of citizens’ personal information crime gang. On the infringement of citizens’ personal information behavior, illness, heavy blows, indeed Time will not wait for me. Previously, Xu Yuyu was fraud from prospective students to death, Tsinghua teacher cheated millions of money, let the community focus on the disclosure of personal information. The public security department has published a network of fraud "middlemen" price list, 50 kinds of personal information transaction items, all price tag, from the school, personal credit to the telecom bill, bank water, even the family situation, mobile phone positioning, the company account, are readily available. Information technology brings convenience to our life, the risk due to security vulnerabilities, it frightens people. From ancient to modern times, a lot of technology has two sides, one can benefit the society, for the benefit of the people, on the other hand can also be used by some to damage the public interests and the interests of the people. Shortly before the thirty-sixth CPC Central Committee Politburo collective study, general secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "we must take strict precautions against network crime, especially the new cyber crime, safeguard the people’s interests and social harmony and stability." The more progress of information technology, the more the need to strengthen supervision to prevent such a double-edged sword effect". It should be said that the current personal information management more stringent norms, the intensity of the crackdown on related crimes are also increasing. However, there are still a large number of loopholes. An example is the past 5 months, the national public security organs against regulation of network infringement of citizens’ personal information crime, suspects were arrested more than 3300 people, including more than 270 industry "ghost". The fortress is also easy to break from the inside, the short board of personal information security, to be filled. First, the need to improve the personal information management system to ensure the safety of information sources. Personal information of citizens in the form of data stored in the relevant system or platform, the relevant agencies, departments bear the main responsibility, should improve the use of information and management system as soon as possible. For example: who query, copy the information, should keep complete records, etc.. Those who do not comply with the provisions of the query, copy the relevant information, to be held accountable. Secondly, the public security organs to increase the intensity of investigating the disclosure of personal information. Although the phenomenon of information leakage is more common, but people do not cite, officials do not seem to become the norm, the majority of people do not report fraud, or even that there is no report. To protect the security of personal information, "without a penalty", increase the intensity of information disclosure are punished, as far as possible there must check the case, there is accountability, through the centralized processing of a number of major cases, the formation of the necessary deterrent. Third, right)相关的主题文章: