People’s daily on pseudo Charity Live platform to get rid of barbaric growth – Sohu news-viper12a

15 Apr

People’s daily on pseudo Charity: Live platform to get rid of barbaric growth – Sohu news video, not necessarily the truth. "The first money live, after taking it back again", recently, a video circulated on the Internet, video, two men in a live broadcast platform to do charity, arrangement of Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture village villagers stood in two rows, then send money to the villagers, and live after, again get the money back. According to reports, someone’s man for a live platform anchor; he has admitted the matter, the purpose is to increase the number of fans and watch the amount, so that fans brush gift". Local public security organs have been involved in the investigation, if confirmed, this pseudo charity is bad. A charity vest, but the injustice, even if not the poor gentleness, also should not regard them as props. In addition to charity, there are two key words: one is live, one is the anchor. Involved in host broadcast platform playing "charity", which not only consumption of farmers in Liangshan and the fans love, kindness, "as long as everyone gave a little love, is to make a pocket full of anchor". As long as you can keep and show lower limit, has become a lot of anchor routines. In those gray survival network anchor, probably has three characteristics. First, there is courage, no bottom line. What dare to live, nothing, you dare to live the Hornets, I dare to eat live in glass, than the ugly, than stimulating "provocative" logic. Two is to cater to, without restraint. Not afraid of performing vulgar, but no one believes in "the adventures of a reward, more audience, business logic more dare to challenge more get applause", the purpose is very clear — exchange real money – "reward", and the rising number of fans. Three is large-scale, unconstrained. Some anchor scale is quite big, his charm, but the broadcast platform seemed to turn a blind eye. As long as no report, are not regulatory "eyes", the platform will be out, as if nothing had happened. The Internet should be the Alibaba’s treasure, and can not become a Pandora’s box. As we all know, 2016 is known as the first year of China’s webcast, the emergence of a variety of live platforms blowout. According to the China Internet Network Information Center released the thirty-eighth China Internet development statistics report, as of June this year, the size of the webcast reached 325 million, accounting for the total Internet users of 45.8%. According to incomplete statistics, there are hundreds of home network platform. Although the behavior of the network is not a small number of anchor anchor, but they are growing in the broadcast industry to bring hidden dangers. On the one hand, the mobile era live sections, technological transformation of life, this is the charm of science and technology. On the other hand, the network broadcast live Nishajuxia, platform chaos, lack of pornography, gambling, violence, fraud and other illegal information. New industries need to develop space, but also can not do without proper supervision. If the relevant practitioners only step on the accelerator, the pursuit of the pleasure of the racing type, no steering wheel, facing the danger of capsizing. Network broadcast industry is no exception. The anchor, should not rely on fans to meet the voyeurism, curiosity, bad taste and Bo; for the platform, should do to the regulatory responsibility.相关的主题文章: