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15 Apr

People frequently accurate information disclosure fraud industry into four disaster – Beijing from Sichuan Guangyuan Zhou Yi (a pseudonym) never thought, their reading countless people in the society, hard years of battles, even cheated bankrupt. He could not understand how, a liar is how to get your phone number, but also to their own interests at. Sichuan Guangyuan police found in the investigation of the network fraud, criminal gangs through the purchase of personal information flow from the business platform and other channels in the QQ group, the implementation of "precision fraud" in one and a half years, there are more than 400 victims on the hook of the country, involving nearly 50 million yuan. Police remind, at present, the disclosure of personal information derived based on the Zhou Yi case crime emerge in an endless stream, just a corner of iceberg. Directional purchase information to implement precise fraud a year and a half cheated 50 million is Mr. Zhou? I am the director of the China collectors association, Wang Gang, Secretary of the exhibition center……" One day in September 2015, Zhou Yi received a call from the Chinese collection trading center, said the center will hold an antique exhibition, asked him if he would like to bring the collection to the exhibition. Zhou Yi is a Guangyuan factory boss, usually love of some antiques and paintings, in the major domestic collectors association registered member, but also through the online trading platform to buy antique collections. The call to let him happy. Usually love to read "Kam Po" program of Zhou Yi Wang Gang for his reverence, "secretary" is. Zhou Yi agreed to the other party immediately, express a "clear white jade" as collateral, Zhou Yi immediately paid 67 thousand yuan participation fees "". In mid October, Zhou Yi received a call from the Chinese collectors association Trading Center Business Director Wang, said the secretary was introduced by Wang Gang. Director Wang told Zhou Yi, he has two antiques, but also want to bring to the exhibition, but the internal staff can not participate in, want to ask Zhou Yi to take the exhibition in their own name, but need to pay a deposit. In the receipt of each delivery to "cash on delivery" white jade Guanyin, Zhou Yi will be 110 thousand yuan to the courier company. In this way, Zhou Yi also received claiming to be the director, Chinese collectibles trading center chairman, China collectors association staff of Beijing tax bureau’s telephone, has 16 exhibitors to pay site fees, registration fees, insurance fees, personal income tax, registration fees, and introduces the collection let the first purchase together after auction for exhibitors the name, by express mail 16 collection as collateral, let Zhou Yi pay cash totaling 667 thousand yuan in cash on delivery by express way. After identification, 16 pieces are all cheap crafts. Until February 5th of this year, two days before the Spring Festival, in order to settlement factory worker wages, on account of the balance of the Zhou Yi has no money to his family, the family did not know he cheated. While Zhou Yi also trapped in the family, repeated persuasion, to Lee State Public Security Bureau police station dam. After the case, the Guangyuan Municipal Public Security Bureau, Li District Branch immediately set up a task force. March 2nd, the task force in Beijing, Fengtai District.相关的主题文章: