Pension institutions into 8 super seniors did not go home to celebrate the festival due to poor

15 Apr

Pension institutions into 8 super seniors did not go home to celebrate the festival due to poor health – Beijing newspaper news (reporter Zheng Lin Dong Xin) yesterday was the Mid Autumn Festival, is the meaning of happy reunion, family members also have a joyous gathering. However, the Beijing Youth Daily reporter interviewed a number of pension institutions in the city, found that many elderly people in the pension institutions because of poor health, children can not enjoy the family reunion in the music side and other reasons, only to spend the holiday in a nursing home. In order to allow the elderly in the courtyard can also feel the festive joy, many pension institutions are carefully planned entertainment, so happy in the courtyard of the elderly. Most of the elderly to go home happy Beijing Everbright hichain pension services Co. Ltd is a large chain of pension institutions founded in 2007, the direct pension service chain business operations in Beijing have six, has entered more than 800 elderly people. In order to enhance the spirit of caring for the elderly, the morning of the pension institutions before the holiday will notify the families of the elderly, encouraging them to come to visit, if possible, pick up the old man home. Today to visit the families of the elderly obviously much more than usual, but take care of the elderly home and not much." Beijing Everbright hichain Pension Service Co. relevant responsible person said in an interview with reporters BYD yesterday, although the "key notice" of the family, but for many reasons, the old man can go home or rarely. "We made a rough statistics, about 80% of the elderly did not go home for the holidays." The responsible person also said, on holidays and weekends, I hope the families can come home to spend time with the elderly. According to the Beijing municipal social welfare first and fifth Social Welfare Institute data show that the two orphanage received a total of 857 elderly people live, Mid Autumn Festival, in the hospital for the elderly 764 people, accounting for about 89% of the total number of the elderly, the elderly out of 93 people, accounting for only 11%. In order to take care of so many elderly people in the hospital, there are 45 staff working during the holiday season. A similar situation is very common. BYD reporter from another pension apartment also learned that the Mid Autumn Festival holiday because of reasons in nursing homes for the elderly may be only five or six. Generally is to eat a meal at noon and the family came back, really said that the festival took care of a few days to take care of the situation." Relevant responsible person said, only two elderly home care by their children, until after the end of the holiday back. Poor health is not the main home BYD reporter learned that, not only the symbol of the reunion of the Mid Autumn Festival, the Spring Festival, Dragon Boat Festival and the 99 festival etc. China traditional festivals, but also spent most of the elderly in nursing homes, usually came to visit the families to accompany, but rarely go home happy. For nursing homes for the elderly, the holiday season is often a sensitive period of emotional fluctuations, some elderly people will not be able to go home and get together and mood. A person in charge of pension institutions, for example, a few days ago, after an old man surnamed Chen get up at noon, would be rather baffling to Naoqi emotions, find a variety of reasons "to scold the nurse, the nurse scolded cried, after comfort after understanding, knew the old man.相关的主题文章: