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14 Jun

Business The system of testing that applies to machines, instruments, and other electrical devices is referred to as Portable Appliance Testing, or PAT. The regulations that govern the testing of all electrical equipment fall under the authority of the Department of the Environment Property and Services Agency. This agency monitors and updates all guidelines and practices pertaining to the inspecting of electrical devices with the assistance of the Institution of Electrical Engineers and the Health and Safety Executive, as well as City and Guilds. The elements of electrical testing include the assessment of the operational level of all devices relative to its circuitry and the equipments effect on the environment in which it is used. These factors are examined in specific intervals, relative to the frequency of usage of a device as well as the sophistication of its internal and external wiring. The results of these tests must be displayed in a manner that allows for ready visual accessibility. PAT labels are the manner in which this information is made available. PAT labels provide a variety of information depending on the function of the device and the degree of risk involved in its regular operation. Such information can consist of a simple pass or fail, or may entail the announcement that a visual inspection was made. Other information on PAT labels will include the date of the most recent test, the date of the next required test, and the name and contact information of the testing entity. There are other variations in PAT labels that address the parts of the devices being tested. In some cases, a fixed machine with one or more internal circuitry systems may have a separate test label on each systems access door as well as on the main lead to the power source. Portable instruments or tools that use electricity for power may have one test label affixed to its surface and one attached to its power supply cable. In other cases, a portable component of an operating system may be labeled as will the system itself, such as a remote control device in a factory production line. PAT labels may also be color-coded, depending on the needs of the proprietor of the business that owns and operates the electrical equipment. For instance, PAT labels colored blue may be used to indicate the need for more frequent inspections on certain devices. Green-colored PAT labels may be used to indicate that a device has passed inspection, and a red label will indicate a failed inspection. These options may be dictated by the owner of the machine or by the inspecting entity. Other options in PAT labels include the use of barcodes to facilitate record storage and retrieval. PAT labels also come in a variety of specific shapes and materials to address the characteristics of the device being tested. In certain cases, a label may only be affixed to the power cable by means of an adhesive backing. PAT labels may also include a laminated cover for those devices that are in high traffic areas or that require a higher degree of handling. About the Author: – The Best looking, Best Quality and Easiest to Use PAT Labels. Fast Delivery. For details visit Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: