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18 Apr

More than 20 news media group in September 29th of Shanzhou pit hospital, Henan daily rural edition news station, Sanmenxia daily, the Yellow River times palm Golden Triangle, Sanmenxia television station, Henan youth, Sanmenxia, Sanmenxia micro mapping network entertainment, life in Sanmenxia more than 20 main stream media and new media, since the media news to China pit house scenic folk songs, and appreciate the sentiment has a stock of most and best preserved "pits". 4000 years ago, the ancestors of Shaanxi in imitation of nature, follow the gossip, and soil life into the world as a whole, in the Loess Plateau on the flat hole, hole walls, in cave in, from generation to generation reproduction, passing the torch, the formation of the "Horizon ancient village", is the living fossil of human history of the cave. "See the trees but not the village village, not real, people do not see the door, no one heard", is a true portrayal of the pit house, it fully embodies the "world harmony, a coexistence, the unity of nature and philosophy". The pit hospital area to the folk culture as the soul, the unique rural natural landscape as the background, the planning area of 5 square kilometers, mainly by the folk culture park, subway lane, 100 Yiyuan, Yi Yuan Cave Hotel, ecological sightseeing garden, large-scale, unique landscape show pits a long history, unique the architectural form, rich cultural heritage, reflecting the rural ancient charm and traditional flavor. The same day, 100 Yiyuan opened the pit hospital coincides with the scenic spot, tourism commercial street reporters strolling in the architectural style of Ming and Qing Dynasty, a jade jewelry, watch antiques and paintings, knitting embroidery products, buy all kinds of tourism souvenirs, while walking, greatly. It is reported that Yiyuan hundred commercial street, a total length of 168 meters, the building area of 4700 square meters, with 68 shops, ranging in size to meet different business needs. Reporters have also watched the snack street and folk culture park. The introduction of Shaanxi Mawei station snack street food and beverage brands, according to the "433" principle to configure the "the Yellow River Golden Triangle" area of snacks, Henan accounted for 40%, Shaanxi and Shanxi accounted for 30%, including five Academy of traditional folk crafts products and "Shanzhou ten bowl seats," Shanzhou mutton soup ", a total of hundreds of kinds of snacks Henan, people like noodle, fried dumplings, haggis soup, Qin flavor soup powder, with characteristic of Shanxi sheep sheep, Sliced noodles, a unique product. The alley on the west side of the five row homes showed local seats, ten bowls of wine and other agricultural and sideline products, the opening has been the praise of tourists. A folk culture park consists of 22 interconnected original pit house, it focuses on the evolution of the ancient courtyard of history, showing the "Shanzhou paper-cut" "mud" "and" book "jangaard show" and "marriage" performance "in western Henan Folk Customs and traditional art. Reporters watched on the grass and red printing performance of Shanzhou pits and beautiful ecological environment, rich history and culture, culture and tourism integration, local construction and development greatly. It is reported that the scenic spot in May this year, the official foreign business, opened the same day, up to 80 thousand visitors. In June 16th, 2016 Chinese "Internet plus" summit held in Beijing, the successful case of scenic tourism as well as the Shanzhou pit house, was awarded.相关的主题文章:

Hong Kong Institute of Chinese language teaching near half of the students worry about Cantonese cla-tinyos

18 Apr

Hong Kong Chinese college students worry half mandarin cantonese class "extinct" – Sohu culture channel in new network on 19 September, according to Hongkong’s "Ming Pao" reported that the primary and secondary schools in Hongkong in the general debate continued, Chinese college taught in Mandarin also questioned. Hong Kong Institute of Chinese used mandarin teaching courses accounted for two to 30%, but this year, half of which have surged to 17 courses in Putonghua teaching, students worry intensified trend, or by Chinese Cantonese course of extinction". Students quoted the school responded that the Chinese academic lack of local talent in Hongkong, hiring local lecturers encounter difficulties. HKU spokesman, expectations of both students and teachers can make good use of knowledge in Cantonese, Putonghua or English language, master Chinese traditional and simplified characters, are conducive to learning. Hong Kong from the world to attract international reputation of outstanding scholars, to provide students with quality teaching and learning. University of education, Hongkong literature and culture department associate professor Tang Haojian said, with the teacher teaching is Chinese Department of Hongkong native tradition, that the current Hongkong students from primary school to receive education in Putonghua, Cantonese or Mandarin classes are similar, but the ancient Chinese poems of Tang and Song Dynasties is questionable". Tang said, learning the ancient poetry on chanting, Cantonese learning helps students into poetry emotion, Tang also stressed that the study of ancient poetry rhyme, rhythm is just one category.相关的主题文章:

20 years ago, the government sowed high land prices-winflash

18 Apr

20 years ago the government will sow the high price of "seed" [Abstract]2014 national land revenue reached a record 4 trillion and 290 billion yuan, is 100 times in 1995 "labor is the father of wealth, land is the mother of wealth", Marx in "Das Kapital" in quotes William · this petty. The labor is the father of wealth has been less people, but the land is the mother of wealth that is used in the current real estate market is nothing. 2014 national land transfer revenue reached a record $4 trillion and 290 billion, is already 100 times in 1995. After the founding of our country, although the land transfer began in Shenzhen in 1987, but 1994 is a more important year, a tax system is introduced, the lack of local government land sold two impulse, is the central government is asked to monopolize the primary land market and the local government has become the sole seller. Superposition of the two factors, both want to sell, but also the only entity to sell land appeared, land + finance this is the official stage of the history of mountaineering. In December 1, 1987, several departments demand compensation for the transfer of Shenzhen, the first land auction in China after the founding of the Council for the state-owned construction land paid out get out first, finally began to land as a commodity into the market. In December 1, 1987, Shenzhen city in the first auction of land use rights sounded the first hammer. This act directly contributed to the amendment of the constitution. In April 1988, the first session of the seven National People’s Congress passed the "constitutional amendment", according to the amendment, deleting the "constitution" article tenth paragraph Fourth "ban land rent" provisions also stipulates the right to use land in accordance with the provisions of the law in terms of the transfer ". In December 29th of the same year, the seven session of the Standing Committee of National People’s Congress on Amending the "management by law" of the people’s Republic of China according to the decision of constitutional amendment in the "land management law" to remove the "forbidden land lease", and added that "All State-owned land and collective land use rights can be transferred according to law" the state, in accordance with the law of state-owned land system "etc.. Management of urban land, an important law, "urban real estate management law," was formally introduced in July 1994, the law on land paid use system made a more comprehensive provisions. Why was to promote the reform of land use system, in June 2006, the former State Bureau of land management first director Wang Xianjin in an interview with the website of Ministry of land and Resources said, when the background is, along with the deepening of reform and opening up, in order to adapt to the reform of national economic system the development of the situation, all aspects of the reform of land use system calls, but the idea is not consistent. At that time, the construction sector is mainly considering the city construction funds, want to withdraw some money from the land, urban construction of inadequate funding; Shenzhen special consideration is how to attract foreign capital through the reform; and the land department is mainly concerned, in order to control the land, not only have to use administrative means, economic means. High level: to monopolize the primary market although the land paid transfer began to gradually implement, but since then China’s land resources.相关的主题文章:

Spring woman to the beauty salon after the injection of hyaluronic acid blind right eye left hemiple-thinkpad s230u

18 Apr

Spring woman to the beauty salon after the injection of hyaluronic acid is blind in the right eye left hemiplegia when it comes to downtown Shan garden, I believe many people in Quanzhou know that this is a more upscale residential district of Quanzhou, there are a lot of villa. But the glossy appearance of the villa in the end what kind of people live, what they do what thing, nobody knows! One day in October, a woman is being pulled into a villa in the Shan garden, however, when she came out, but it is already become unconscious, blind right eye left hemiplegia! What happened in the end? The woman is blind in the right eye left hand numb with the diagnosis that is more than 7 points in a car accident in the evening of October 19th, Huian Ms. Chen suddenly received a phone call, said Sister Xiaoying accident, is a public hospital in Quanzhou city. Ms. Chen and his family rushed to the hospital after burning with impatience, but slowly found that this is not the case, the hidden truth makes them an unbearable. Xiaoying sister Ms. Chen said my sister a traffic accident, people have been in a coma. But ask them what is the license plate, what information, they do not say." Ms. Chen and his family from Huian immediately rush past, who knows but an empty head, the other told her, Xiaoying in critical condition was transferred to the first hospital of Xiamen city. Ms. Chen they rushed to Xiamen, is already more than 11 points that night to see when xiaoying. "When the symptom is the right eye can not see, can not move left, the doctor took the flashlight, the right eye has no light perception. Doctors say more than two hours of vision can not be restored and treatment." Ms. Chen was completely ignorant! Look from the surface, just a little near Xiaoying nose bone bruising, how disease will be so serious? What happened in the end? At that time, Xiaoying has been sent to the ICU, two people and send her to the hospital and hesitated say. The second day, Ms. Chen returned to Quanzhou to report to the traffic police department. "We told the police about my sister’s situation, the traffic police said there was no trauma, the body was not injured, feeling like traffic accidents." The woman is due to injection of hyaluronic acid cerebral embolism caused by Ms. Chen went to the Houzhu border police station, the police retrieved surveillance in hospital emergency when the day is 19 Xiaoying Xiaoying, found that more than four pm and was sent to the hospital, not an accident, but the nose was injected with hyaluronic acid, brain embolism. Two why be quite different facts and sent to hospital Xiaoying said? Who is the two? What is the truth? Reporters call the rescue was out of danger of xiaoying. She said that since last year, she often went to the downtown Huai street called a "Yan Mania" beauty body care. Last October, the manager told Wang Xiaoying, said Shan garden there is a beauty institutions, can help people play hyaluronic acid rhinoplasty. The victim Xiaoying "I started to play, she said, well, she said the original price 6980, price spike as long as 1980. What do you recommend to the Shan Yan mania, she said what relationship? She (Wang) said they are cooperating, they here have customers go there and play hyaluronic acid eyebrows. ")相关的主题文章:

Don’t let Bob · Dylan poke some Chinese Writers-segotep

18 Apr

Don’t let Bob · Dylan burst some Chinese writer acne [Abstract] say, from the age of electricity to the electronic age of the Internet, the so-called "forceful", that should be the general development and writing, performing and acting, book and theatre stage and the world open. Author: Zhang Xiaozhou (Tencent · columnist) a twenty-four hour news world is hell. That’s not my saying. This is Bob · Dylan, in his autobiography. So, a twenty-four hour world of the Nobel prize for literature? 2011 Bob · Dylan concert in Beijing, and Chen Shenggang lived near the hotel. Bob · Dylan Taipei station before the concert he did not see, came close to Beijing, he was not interested to see. We are watching the concert, bar and he joined the road in the body. Chen Shengai is Neal · Yang instead of Dylan, he would rather stay in the bar and the concert ended, not Qucourenao, no matter how the historical significance of Dylan’s visit to china. Photo: Bob · Dylan, 2011 Beijing concert Bob · Dylan won the Nobel prize for literature, the historical significance is even bursting. How can Chinese writers and critics be absent? It’s hard for them, they have to get behind the media butt. They would like prisoners "lined up to the Nobel Prize issued, maybe early on Adonis or Haruki Murakami or Philip · Ross’s award-winning ready feelings, just waiting for the reporter they took aim. But the story is clearly out of the script, the writer Chinese critics had to rush into battle, many people seem to feel they are from the bed was pulled out, while pulling the scalp rubbed his eyes, as if not to the muzzle line position, they are sorry sacred literature, the Chinese people will not let them sleep. I would like to ask them: you heard a few Dylan? How many words of Dylan? But now I don’t do the media, otherwise I would have a practical joke and Bob ·, Adonis Dylan; the substitution, Adonis’s poem to Chinese writers critics, said Bob · Dylan, Bob · Dylan; lyrics, Bobdi Lun said, let them express impressions. It is estimated that there will be a comedy. The new version of Dylan’s autobiography, "Chronicles" cover of the Nobel prize for literature to Dylan’s historic significance, is to break the framework of pure literary texts to treat the literature. Interestingly, in China, initially on the understanding of Dylan is merely words to imagine, for example through the "gates of Eden: American culture" and "60s 1932 – 1972: the glory and the dream of American history" this book. The first translation of Dylan is at the end of 80s the "International Journal of poetry", as the Soviet Union singer Viso J Ki’s Poetry (CI) is also ahead of his song was introduced to China, and other Soviet poets together published in early 90s "world literature" magazine, this is because either Dylan or Viso J Ki. He.相关的主题文章:

Aishen suspended on Hong Kong Jipan Hulk long war in worrying (video)

18 Apr

Aishen suspended on Hong Kong Jipan Hulk long war in worrying [collection] Hong Kong 0-0 draw all the north. Miss Hulk is brilliant Lei Yu Hai smooth comeback reporter Wang Xiaorui Shanghai reported against Jeonbuk Hyundai, Erickson’s mood is good. For the Hong Kong team, 0 to 0 is an acceptable result. But in the joy, people also feel the grim situation of the second round. Because of the state, El Eriksson will face suspension. In 23, the Hong Kong team against Jeonbuk Hyundai at the same time, the injury treatment scheme has officially confirmed the core team conca. According to the arrangement of the Argentine club, will travel to the United States for surgery. Moreover, he will not be able to catch up with the rest of the season, the match in AFC Champions League. For the Hong Kong team, such a huge impact. After all, Erickson’s tactical system, Conca is the only thing you can rely on core market organizations. His injuries will force the Swedes to change tactics. 23 against Jeonbuk, Erickson from an unusual formation. He made Yu Hai midfielder, El Eriksson, Lv Wenjun and Wu Lei hidden behind the team’s play also vary correspondingly. When out of the Hong Kong team Conca, playing mainly pay attention to the speed and surprise. On the one hand, like Yu Hai, Wu Lei and Lv Wenjun are of this type, their personal ability is outstanding, and good with short. When in the face of strong teams, rapid counterattack is a more practical killer. However, Erickson will face a new problem, that is, the comeback of Hulk. According to the plan, the League against national security in the Hong Kong team at the beginning of September, the new standard is likely to go in. When the Hulk appeared, and how to adjust the lineup, it is left to Erickson in the intermittent period of urgent need to think about. Originally, during the previous League, Erickson tried to make El Kessen the Secretary Qianyao, the effect is still good. But when the state of the war, the versatile forward and sidelined. But Evra did not sign up, coincides with the AFC Champions League, the Hong Kong team can rely on foreign players, only gold Zhou Rong and hulk. "From the team’s point of view, we are looking forward to Hulk’s comeback. Fortunately, until the 14 day of the second round before the game, there is a Super League for adjustment, as the first in the field will be returned after ushered in battle……" The players in the harbor, it seems that the ability of the beard is beyond doubt, the most critical is the adjustment of the state of time. And because of long battle, he’s running in Hong Kong. The degree of concern, how many. According to the plan, the Hong Kong team will regroup in August 29th. By then, the ball has been able to practice Hulk, will gradually enhance the intensity of training, is expected to join in the fight within a week. However, the coaching staff is also preparing for both hands. Recently, Lin Chuangyi, Li Haowen, Hu Jinghang and other young local striker, the role played in the training gradually. Especially the latter, allegedly because of preparation for the AFC Champions League, probably still can not rush to the rescue of the 97 age National Youth team.相关的主题文章:

Liaoning provincial Medicare hospital reimbursement amount to 600 thousand

18 Apr

Liaoning provincial Medicare hospital reimbursement amount to 600 thousand yuan in Liaoning provincial Medicare hospital reimbursement amount to 600 thousand yuan

source: Sina update time: 2016-09-30 10:56:19 classification: City Keywords: Shenyang military region, health insurance, Liaoning, hospital

September 29th, Liaoning Provincial Department of human resources and social security issued the "notice on the adjustment of the provincial basic medical insurance policy". From November 1st onwards, Liaoning provincial health insurance basic medical insurance and supplementary medical insurance reimbursement amount large year increased from 400 thousand yuan to 600 thousand yuan, outpatient special disease overall fund is no longer a Qifubiaozhun, transferred to the designated medical institutions in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai three hospital from the original 8 to expand to 58.

in accordance with the notice requirements, since 2016, the provincial insurance personnel in catastrophic supplementary medical insurance payment amount, adjusted from the original 300 thousand yuan to 500 thousand yuan. Basic medical insurance fund to maintain the highest limit to maintain 100 thousand yuan unchanged. Generally, the insured person in line with the basic medical insurance payment project, the maximum reimbursement limit of 100 thousand yuan, the policy is not adjusted. The rest of the basic medical insurance fund to co-ordinate the maximum payment of medical expenses more than the limit, the insured person can also enjoy a large amount of supplementary medical insurance payment, the maximum limit adjusted to 500 thousand yuan. This means that the provincial insurance year maximum reimbursement amount increased from 400 thousand yuan to 600 thousand yuan.

in addition, this adjustment also expanded the provincial health insurance designated medical institutions transferred to the field hospital, transferred to the designated medical institutions in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai three hospital from 8 to 58 to expand. At the same time, regulate the transfer to the field of medical service behavior. Insured persons suffering from the disease is complex, difficult to diagnosis and treatment, need to transfer to the field of medical treatment, subject to the First Affiliated Hospital of China Medical University, Shengjing Hospital affiliated to China Medical University, Shenyang military general hospital, Tumor Hospital of Liaoning Province, Liaoning province people’s Hospital (the center for treatment of cardiovascular disease) the hospital clinical diagnosis and treatment, by three doctors deputy director of the Department of the above titles, and signed by the approval of the hospital. The provincial insurance personnel within one year transferred to the field hospital the number of people, should be under the control of the provincial insurance personnel out of hospital inpatients of less than 1%.

Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network reporter Ding Ning

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Tourists in Beijing redscrew Temple suspected trapped frozen zoo sentenced to bear responsibility

18 Apr

Tourists in Beijing redscrew Temple suspected trapped frozen zoo sentenced to bear responsibility for the Sohu culture channel stone lady in the home on the way missing, after looking after the family received notice of the police, Ms. Stone has been in the Huairou Hongluo Temple scenic spot road side of death, and abnormal death. Because of that scenic managers management oversight, Ms. Shi’s family will be Beijing Hongluo Temple Tourism Development Co., taken to court, asked to assume responsibility. The court considers that the scenic spot not to a reasonable range of security obligations, the death of Ms. Stone bear secondary liability, compensation related losses more than 22 yuan. Family: scenic trails for mountain side or died trapped in the family of the deceased claimed that in January 15th last year, Ms. Stone from Zhangjiakou to Hunan to visit the Chinese new year, after leaving home, he and his family lost contact. In January 29th, Ms. Shi’s husband Mr. Xu from Huairou police that 3 point 28 in the afternoon, found his wife’s body in the Huairou area of Hongluo Temple. After identification, Ms. Stone abnormal death, does not exclude the death, time of death of at least 2 to more than 3 days, the death site is located in the scenic area road side. Ms. Shi family later learned that because of the heavy snow, the Hongluo Temple company in January 24, 2015 on the scenic mountain, and blocked the only access to the main peak of Tianmenshan Mountain, where Ms. Stone death is at the edge of roads leading to the main peak of Tianmenshan Mountain, is likely to be trapped in the scenic area. Family believes that Hongluo Temple as Hongluo Temple scenic area manager, responsible for the security obligation of the scenic tourists, the Hongluo Temple company of Ms. Stone’s death should bear the responsibility for compensation, so Ms. Shi family to court, requesting the court to order the Hongluo Temple company to assume the death indemnity, dependents living expenses, funeral expenses, mental solatium a total of 63 yuan. Don’t buy a ticket into the scenic spot: questioning has done security obligations in this trial, the Hongluo Temple company argued that Ms. Stone is not through the purchase of tickets into the area, and therefore did not establish a contractual relationship with Hongluo Temple company. "Ms. Stone of death, no ticket on the body, and according to the gate area of the police retrieved video, did not find the stone lady enters the scenic picture." Its agent said. The area surrounding the village there are a number of routes can be up and down, the line is not in Hongluo Temple, within the scope of management, Ms. Stone through non normal channels mountain scenic area management personnel do not know her in the scenic range." The agent pointed out that the scenic mountain, has confirmed that all normal into the area of tourists stranded at the gate to the peak of this region, there is not any negligence, as to the evacuation and inventory of tourists obligations. Judgment: the main responsibility for the family to bear the scenic spot has also been negligent court of first instance to identify, Ms. Shi’s husband had repeatedly stated in the public security organs, Ms. Shi spirit of some problems. Therefore, the court held that the plaintiff as Ms. Shi’s family not to care responsibility, lead away from the home, and died in Hongluo Temple scenic area, so the plaintiff of Ms. Stone’s death should bear the main responsibility. And closed during inclement weather, as Hongluo Temple scenic area management, due to the height of the duty of care, should be reasonably foreseen for behavior may cause stranded tourists without Yu相关的主题文章:

Zhu Yuanzhang’s heart shadow a little thing about his life — Anhui channel —

18 Apr

Zhu Yuanzhang’s heart shadow: a little thing about his life — Anhui channel — original title: Zhu Yuanzhang’s heart shadow: a little thing about his life in the Ming Dynasty, the first emperor, claiming to be from the commoner, supporting in trace flow, swept into the ranks, then to Chuzhou. Great disorder under heaven. This is of course pick nice to say, he knew, as a monk, as a soldier, he beg, not very glorious thing raid homes and plunder houses. So, in his essays "Zhu Shi De tablets" in this paper, always stressed that "the world has to help agriculture" and "ancestral home camp Si, the Tian Zhi production". In fact, he is just a homeless unemployed "refugee", and land, and agriculture, and the spring harvest, no relationship. "Refugee", which belongs to the rivers and lakes, and rivers and lakes, is with the ruling class and the ruled class displaced molecular assembly. Sometimes they stood on the official position, people; sometimes standing on folk position against tyranny. When the rulers, they are the rulers of the dog; when the oppressed, they become the daring vanguard. Whenever The people are destitute. on the day of the great disorder under heaven, they rush into danger, desperate adventure, is fighting for the uprising, speculation. Because the farmers fields fetters, the revolutionary, far better than these without fear of losing what the lumpenproletariat, more firmly so ruffian pioneer, Zhu Yuanzhang because of his non essence "farmers", and single-handed in the arena experience for almost forty years, to lay the jiangshan. This is his honor, completely do not need to carefully conceal mentioning. The Ming Dynasty Chen Jiru "Kuangfuzhiyan" contains: "Dynasty often bow offering lidaidiwangmiao, like the former to Henkel said: ‘I and the public are commoner, play the world. The male is a good man! " Add a cup of life." In fact, Zhu Yuanzhang this impoverished proletariat, or lumpenprole, was nothing like the Surabaya pavilion looks better than. From "Zhu Shi De" tablets "more disease since childhood, to the imperial Abbey in. Parents are Jiashen years old, eldest brother of mourning, a support in the flow trace. To the twenty-four years, the Huai army in great disorder under heaven, swept into the ranks……" See, his occupation: as a monk, his blind, did the soldier of fortune, done. His resume: herded cattle on the landlord’s house, in the temple hung over, begged in the street, having robbed in – in. Although in today’s view, this is his advantage, he is more than the proletariat, Liu Bang is more fierce, more thorough revolution, more steadfast. But in the eyes of the feudal era, this has become his disadvantage, these inglorious past, is not on the table. For these classes of birthmark, when the emperor after Zhu Yuanzhang, inferiority, angry, feel ashamed to talk about defiled herself. So, he said, can not constitute; others say he is absolutely untouchable and always untied the knot. The families during the Hongwu Period, through the test of students, Taizu list, one from Jiangxi Wuyuan Zhu lift, attracted to his eyes. If the person is the Southern Song Dynasty of the descendants of Zhu Xi, a turning pro, climb a bit when it is not our fathers glory? Of course, the candidates understand Taizu murderous temper, which dare to lie, and protested against Zhu Xi is not one, not even the distant. )相关的主题文章:

Barcelona hit the worst for 9 years to be behind Real Madrid Derby must win (video)-roselip

18 Apr

Basa hit the worst for 9 years to be behind Real Madrid Derby [information] Basa must win 0-0 Malaga Neymar lost the two degree red Tencent lore sports news November 20th Basa (official data) and after the draw in Malaga, the 12 round of the league with 26 points, this transcript embarrassed Enrique. Before the game, Barcelona optimistic in Madrid duo bite each other, can take the opportunity to win the title, but accidentally stumbled, tied for 9 in Malaga. This is the worst Barcelona in 9 years started the spanish. Barcelona mouthpiece "sports world" this is very sad, in their opinion, a great chase wasted opportunity, also left behind by Real Madrid (data). Since the 2007-08 season, Barcelona this is the worst in 9 years at the time of the Spanish start, boss Rijkaard, Ronaldinho is still in the team, before the 12 round points is 24 points at barcelona. Enrique Barcelona 9 years to start the worst home real estate performance, is the root cause of such embarrassing record. Barcelona in the 6 game at the Nou Camp, only to get 3 wins 2 flat 1 negative 11 points, winning only 50%. They at the Nou Camp’s attack is not as good as before, 6 games and scored 13 goals, since the 2010-11 season scoring data after the worst. Barcelona before the 12 round of La Liga’s best record in the 2012-13 season and 2013-14 season, Vilanova and Martino respectively led the team 11 win 1 unbeaten record. Enrique led Barcelona won the last two league championship, now his record to a full 10 points worse than the best result. Messi, Iniesta, Suarez (data) have missed, is one reason the dilemma facing to barcelona. After 4 points behind Real Madrid, the national derby is a must win game. Iniesta hopes to catch the comeback in the national Derby, Suarez Messi will return after the ban, the recovery of the most exciting in Malaga, and 3 hours before the game, Barcelona officially announced the list, Messi also on the list, was eventually won the battle. Messi how physical discomfort, there is no further precise information, but it should be with the past two weeks to fly back to South America to play the national team. It is worth mentioning that this week Messi has appeared two times vomiting in Argentina before the team flew to San Juan on the plane, Messi had lower blood pressure and vomiting. Not only that, Neymar has received 4 yellow cards, if you got a yellow card, he will be suspended for the real game.相关的主题文章:

26 years puffer fast order conditional release of to cook stove — Henan branch network — se-www.b

18 Apr

26 years puffer fast order conditional release of   to cook stove — Henan branch network — self purification on, Ministry of agriculture, the State Planning Commission and the State Food and Drug Administration Office jointly issued "on the conditional release notice rubripes and farming Takifugu dolphin processing business" (hereinafter referred to as the "lifting" of the "notice"). Although the "lifting" of the "notice" the conditional release is only in two – many Fugu rubripes, takifugufasciatus, it means "fresh crown world" was controversial, after the policy fluctuation puffer, finally in 26 years later, can be conditionally "legitimate" food the. In recent years, the international market downturn, China’s export enterprises widespread puffer efficiency declining, a large backlog caused by domestic farmed fugu. Insiders pointed out that the "lifting" of the "notice" may be to suppress nearly 30 years of puffer fish farming industry has brought a new vitality. Chinese of puffer fish hobby since ancient times, the Northern Song Dynasty famous writer Su Dongpo "Lou Artemisia Montreal Lo buds short, is globefish when famous. However, although the Fugu taste delicious, but the body is wild puffer tetrodotoxin poison. According to media reports, tetrodotoxin could block the sodium channel, closed nerve conduction ability, cause of death caused by nerve paralysis. 0.0005 grams or 0.001 grams of tetrodotoxin Fugu acid is enough to make 1 kilos of small animal death. It is based on security considerations, in 1990 the Ministry of Health issued the "aquatic health management measures" clear: "the puffer fish are highly toxic, not into the market". Prior to this, as thousands of years of delicious wild puffer fish poisoning deaths although occasionally occur, but has been in a regulatory gap. Make fast one, at the policy level, and the domestic edible puffer fish farming, has been wandering in the gray edge. China’s edible puffer has thousands of years of history, but people for Fugu cognition is still in the "puffer fish is poisonous, processing technology is a special" level. Many people even think that can be cooked at a high temperature disinfection, as long as eat, regardless of species, does not recognize the season, can catch the slaughter. This is why there is often due to consumption of unsolicited, or their own cooking Fugu poisoning and even death events appeared in the media. In fact, the process of puffer fish may not be sloppy, absolutely not follow the master two days can learn. Qualified cook fish cooking and seasoning in addition to knowledge, more important is to distinguish the species of puffer fish. There are many types of species of puffer fish toxin content, are not the same. You know, the toxin content of wild puffer fish is several times higher than the culture. In Japan and South Korea, strict training a qualified chef usually puffer to accept at least two years, after passing the examination to obtain a license to open. Processing each Fugu detoxication to go through 30 steps, a skilled chef can take 20 minutes to complete. However, for the domestic puffer fish chef management is not in place, and the relevant training institutions are also dragons and fishes jumbled together. On the Internet, some puffer aquaculture, food and beverage)相关的主题文章:

Solution to sign Arsenal in the Champions League PK Paris wary of a repeat of last season when (vide-aquaria

18 Apr

Solution to sign Arsenal in the Champions League: PK Paris wary of a repeat of last season Wenger’s team can’t let down the mistakes of A group in Paris Wenger Arsenal facing the French local giants Tencent sports news August 26th group phase of the Champions League draw results, Premiership giants Arsenal (data) and Paris Saint Germain, and Basel Lu Duogeleicitong in group A group situation is relatively good. But last season thrilling experience in the group reminded the gunman, "good sign" does not mean the steady advance of 16, two "underdog" can not be ignored, do not let down. [VS] Arsenal clash record Paris Saint Germain: 1 wins 1 flat, into 2 ball lost 1 ball arsenal against Arsenal had no VS Basel: VS: [Lou many roots serve the fight against a good sign: watch watch]? Carefully repeat Arsenal team only Paris is strong on hand, but don’t forget to draw on the season when the results were announced, the gun was also many laugh: in addition to Bayern, Olympia and Zagreb dynamo is coase. Can be the result? Before the two teams face two "underdog" suffered two defeats, followed by the 2 Bayern War 1 wins and 1 losses (1-5). At the end of life and death of the 2 war, Arsenal finally bestirred, two consecutive 3-0, to be in the same situation with integral mutual confrontation advantage (the first round 2-3 round, 3-0) beat the Olympia division, the second qualifying group. So the gunmen able to get a good sign to guard against repeating them is. Aspect two: want to win in Paris? Also by Giroux Arsenal biggest rival in the group phase is Paris Saint Germain, the two teams had the European Cup Winners Cup final in the 1993-1994 season, the board only had confrontation, the Gunners eliminated a large Paris finals, now has 22 years of history. Although PSG lost Ibrahimovic, but still have Cavani, Di Maria and other world-class players, the last few seasons in the Champions League and also have good performance. Fortunately, Giroux in France played the face of large Paris played well, 5 games into the 3 ball, Arsenal to win the direct dialogue, I have to rely on him. Three things: the Swiss war victory, auspicious outlet? In addition to Paris, Arsenal and a group of competitors, it is the Swiss team in Basel. Do not forget the 2014-2015 season, Liverpool (data) is in the group stage against Basel 2 games, 1 draws and 1 losses, the latter was eventually pushed to the top third, missed the top 16, and Lou Drogo Meret was also in that group! But the data show that the gunman had 4 times the face of the Swiss team, all win, maybe this is their good omen. Four things: to the Balkans, new experience is Lou Drogo Meret last season’s Champions League qualifier in Bulgaria, even three break off, since the 2014-2015 season in team history second NBA champions league race. After Arsenal never in Europe come against Bulgaria team, this will be a new experience, but the match fame is small, but can not be overlooked, two years ago in the group phase beat Basel, against Liverpool, do not let down. [team schedule] first round: September 13th, Paris Saint Germain VS Arsenal second round:)相关的主题文章:

Wuhan tomorrow, the minimum temperature dropped to 7 degrees Celsius in the province began to clear -foldercure

18 Apr

Wuhan tomorrow, the minimum temperature dropped to 7 degrees next week the province began to clear temperatures dropped yesterday, Jiefang Road near Zhongshan Park, people cover your mouth against the wind reporter Guo Liangshuo she Washington (reporter Zhang pigeon correspondent Zhai Hongnan) this weekend will soak in the rain, gale continued decline of temperature in Wuhan, the minimum temperature is only 7 degrees tomorrow. The good news is that Wuhan is expected to clear up next week. Yesterday morning, the cold air menacing has arrived in our province, the city continued to rain, the highest temperature of 14.4 degrees, the minimum temperature is only 13 degrees celsius. Although it looks a few days before the temperature change is not big, but in the day 4 to 5 northerly winds, blowing up 6 to 7 level wind whistling, somatosensory more cool. Most of the province over the weekend winds and rain will be weakened, but the temperature will be significantly decreased, the highest temperature in most areas at 10 C and 13 C, low temperature will be dropped to 10 degrees Celsius, the minimum temperature is only 7 degrees Celsius in Wuhan tomorrow. The day after tomorrow, the province will still have weak precipitation occurs, but the temperature will rise. Although we still accompanied by rain, the temperature dropped gradually, but the good news is the 31 day after the rain will come to an end, Wuhan is expected to be fully cleared up next week! City Meteorological Observatory is expected in the next three days, the city continued to rain, wind force, the temperature will be significantly reduced. Specific forecast: today, Xiaoyuzhuanyin days, temperature of 9 C and 11 C, 4 north wind to level 5 to 3 to 4; this evening to tomorrow daytime, cloudy with light rain, temperature of 7 C and 13 C, 2 north wind to level 3; tomorrow night to the day after tomorrow, Xiaoyuzhuanyin days, temperature 10 C and 13 C, 2 north wind to level 3.相关的主题文章:

Inventory of the five major ways to apply for credit card-wegener肉芽肿

18 Apr

Inventory of the five major ways to apply for credit card which is the most affordable with the progress of the times and the increasingly fierce competition in the credit card market, credit card applications are increasingly diverse. At present, the credit card application can be handled through the following five ways: bank counter outlets, mobile stalls, online banking, mobile terminal and mobile phone booking. Methods: 1 bank outlets counter to bank outlets to apply for credit card is the most traditional and ancient ways. Advantages are: fill in the information in detail, can be removed from a series of trouble; at the same time, there are any questions can also consult the bank staff on the spot. But its disadvantages are also obvious, because customers fill in the application data needs to be transferred to the center of the audit from the bank credit card, so the approval rate is slow; secondly, it must be in the bank outlets queuing, especially crowded big banks, line for half an hour or even longer a simple meal. Methods: 2 stalls which is a relatively old credit card, in the subway station, large shopping district (CBD), flow are more concentrated more common. However, in the stalls to handle credit card have the biggest advantage is that you can get every kind of gifts, small mug, charging treasure, to the case, most of the gifts is quite practical, the value is not low. Method 3: online banking, which is the mainstream of the current credit card bid, only in the official website of the bank according to the prompts to enter various types of information can apply, very convenient. Because the input data will soon be uploaded to the bank credit card center, so the approval speed, general 5-10 working days to check whether the audit by some banks, about 3 days there will be results. Of course, there are also disadvantages of online banking to bid for credit cards, that is, by way of issuing credit cards can not be activated by phone and network. In other words, the credit card in hand, you still have to take the card and valid documents to the issuing bank outlets nearby for interview". Method 4: mobile phone side believe that many people on Sesame credit score or Jingdong white credit card will not be too strange, in general, sesame credit score of more than 700 points, white credit score of more than 90 minutes. Download the Alipay financial and Jingdong App, their credit points after a successful login can query to find the relevant bid for the credit card page for the application. However, in this way can handle a very limited type of credit card, the card can not be more than 3 kinds of choice. The way of issuing credit cards must go to the bank to "face" to activate. Method 5: make an appointment to visit the door is a comprehensive look at the best way to apply for a credit card. Through the official website of the bank, App or telephone to make an appointment, the bank staff will be on time for a one on the handle, a variety of optional cards, there are any problems can be answered on the spot. The card in hand, there is no need to go to the bank to "face", the telephone network and can activate the card. (Beijing business daily)相关的主题文章:

Eat the food, an eventful year victory! – Sohu health-若槻ゆうか

18 Apr

Eat the food, "an eventful year victory"! Sohu health after autumn, with climate change, the human body may cause discomfort, of which the most important is the dry autumn, autumn autumn autumn diarrhea, lack, worry about the four performance. In addition to the adjustment of life style and attitude, proper diet can also help you against "an eventful year". Autumn dry: fill enough water and vitamin A a lot of people into the autumn began to dry skin, tight, peeling. Especially in the northern region, the autumn climate is dry, the humidity is lower than in summer, and the wind is relatively large, easy to lose moisture in the skin. Increasingly cold weather will make the sebaceous glands and sweat gland activity weakened, causing dry skin troubles. In addition to the weather, some adverse factors on the diet will cause dry autumn. The first is not enough water to drink or not. Many people do not drink enough to drink two or three cups a day, which may lead to water shortages, and thus manifested in the skin. Autumn morning after drinking a cup of warm water, during the day to drink 8 glasses of water, not thirsty to drink. Autumn is suitable to drink honey water, which is rich in fructose, is a hydrophilic material, good moisture absorption, can slow down the absorption rate of water, long-term moisturizing throat and gastrointestinal mucosa. Which is not easy to crystallization of natural honey, Vitex honey, acacia honey, for example. Second, eat more fruits, especially fructose rich grapes, pears, bananas, persimmons, etc.. Many people just stick autumn fat, don’t pay attention to eat fruit. And the fruit is a kind of hydrophilic food, can moisten the body for a long time. In addition, rich in Polysaccharides from Tremella Tremella, oats contain beta glucan, boiled tremella soup, porridge, is a very good replenishment of food. Again, vitamin A is necessary for the synthesis and repair of epithelial tissue material, if the lack of skin and mucous membranes will lead to the secretion of mucus and sebum reduced, causing the skin dry, horny. Autumn can be appropriate to eat orange yellow and dark green vegetables (carrots, pumpkin, sweet potato, spinach, sweet potato leaves, Gai Lan, etc.), animal liver, animal kidney, deep-sea fish, egg yolk and other foods rich in vitamin A. Finally, eat chili, onion, ginger, garlic, pepper and other pungent hot products, as well as fried, greasy, salty food, can reduce water consumption, make the skin more moisture. Qiuchou: eat five kinds of food autumn autumn sharen. After the beginning of autumn, the sunshine time was significantly shorter, the mood is depressed. Nature gradually in the grass, flower and leaf litter, often make people moved by sight, always melancholy and moody. Especially the old people who live alone, constantly on the run workers, often in the autumn evening feeling miserable, depression, sadness and other negative emotions. The clinical also found that the fall of patients with depression and recurrence of a few. If you want to beat the fall depression, may wish to add some of their own "happy nutrients". In the first place, magnesium regulates the level of serotonin in the brain, and the latter is an important "happy neurotransmitter" that regulates mood in the 5. Spinach, rape, lettuce and other dark green leafy vegetables, nuts, bananas, oranges, raisins, corn, mushrooms, onions, etc., are rich in magnesium. Second, vitamin B deficiency can cause emotional depression, thinking 9相关的主题文章:

Fuxianhu international half marathon will become the Explorer Jin Feibao

18 Apr

Fuxianhu international half marathon will become the Explorer Jin Feibao lead the Fuxianhu International Half Marathon "measured pace of Fuxian Lake in the United States, to transfer the spirit of the marathon running, go to Chengjiang to participate in the marathon race!" The afternoon of September 5th, poly 2016 Yunnan Yuxi Fuxian Lake International Half Marathon held a press conference in Kunming, announced on September 25th morning 8 when Fuxian Lake International Half Marathon shots to start running on the northern shore of Lake fuxian. According to reports, Chengjiang county has won the national health county, national leisure agriculture and rural tourism demonstration counties, 11 national and provincial honorary title, was listed as the 7 national rural sewage treatment pilot counties, the county economic development and transformation pilot county and other provincial pilot county, the territory of the Fuxian Lake is China’s important strategic reserve water. "13th Five-Year" period, the county will continue to adhere to the ecological priority, around the implementation of Lake Fuxian protection ecological construction, sewage interception, watershed pollution, non-point source pollution control and other five major categories of 44 environmental protection projects, and the full implementation of 150 thousand acres and 103 thousand and 500 acres of water-saving engineering near the mountain vegetation restoration project, often maintain in Fuxian Lake qing. Fuxianhu International Half Marathon a total of three projects, respectively is 21.0975 km, 10 km and half 5.8 kilometers, including half male and female individual half marathon and half team match tournament, including parent-child fun run run, run, walk and a couple of public. Originality choose the racing line, the track is arranged in the altitude of over 1700 meters altitude, the main on the north shore of Lake Fuxian Cheng Chuan Road, ring road, along the way through Yuxi Park, Lantern Festival venue, north shore of Fuxian Lake Wetland Park, wetland park, lotus manor, north of Fuxian Lake, the ruins of the ancient city of Cherry Valley landscape. By then, the participants will run to appreciate the beauty of Chengjiang’s humanities, natural beauty, ecological beauty. The event size of 5000 people, the famous explorer Jin Feibao will lead the competition. The event also invited the Rio Olympic marathon athletes Dong Guojian, Zhu Renxue, but also invited a number of foreign players and more than and 30 run club and the results of the 20 stable lead. The game total reward amount is 133700 yuan, half and 10 kilometers before 50 can receive the prize, the first half prize is 10000 yuan, 10 km of the first prize is 5000 yuan, male and female athletes awarded standards. Chengjiang County, the person in charge of relevant departments, has held a variety of Fuxian Lake Cultural Tourism sports events have natural advantages, in recent years, hosted the international Gryffindor bike, triathlon, riding carnival, open water tournament and other international and domestic large-scale events. Poly 2016 Yunnan Yuxi Fuxian Lake International Half Marathon is dominated by the Municipal Sports Bureau, Chengjiang County People’s government, by a professional event organization, Yunnan bautier sports event planning company operation. The marathon sports and charity activities will be set in one, the organizers and the China foundation "Love Wardrobe" cooperation to open public welfare activities, for the Yunnan mountainous area school children donated winter clothes. (Yuxi Daily reporter Bai Chengying)相关的主题文章:

Men steal the car keys to steal the car to provide clues to the public suspects arrested-g-area meru

18 Apr

The man stole the car keys burglary, steal the car people to provide clues to the suspects were arrested on September 15th – 6 days of life at 0:50 PM, near Harbin Daoli District Land Street No. 87, a man burglary found a Honda car keys, home will be parked in front of the Honda accord car go. 14 am, enthusiastic people on the road found stolen Honda car immediately alarm, police arrived, the suspect control of the two. According to Honda car owners Mr. Wang said, this car is a unit, the evening of 5 parked in front of the gate of the field street. 6 morning, the unit found that the car was gone, the car keys in the office is also lost. Look carefully, find the rear window office was open, so the alarm. Mr. Wang said, after the loss of the vehicle has been no news, but 13 in the evening, he received a police call, said the Honda car in the Garden Street and a taxi with scratch, there were 4 people in the car, like drinking, driving after the accident fled the scene. Wang immediately released the car lost information, 14, 10 am, an enthusiastic public to call Mr. Wang, said in the vicinity of Huaihe East Road, saw the stolen car near. There are two people in the car, but the car seems to be broken, they can not start." Knowing this, Mr. Wang immediately called the police. At 10:10 PM, in Huaihe Road near the handling of the Criminal Investigation Brigade Sun Guangyi outside the two when he heard the news rushed to the scene and found the stolen Honda car parked on the roadside, two suspects in the car not far from the place, so two people control. Currently, the case is under further investigation.相关的主题文章: