Huaian man kindly took stray dog bites eventually because of rabies killed (video)-darren hayes

05 Jun

Huaian man kindly took stray dog bites eventually because of rabies killed the Modern Express News (reporter correspondent Zhang Haifeng Gui Zhong) a month ago, Huaian city Xuyi County GUI Wu Zhen Liu Qiao Cun villagers Taomou at home, a stray dog came to the house for food. In the feeding, see a poor stray dog, Taomou for adoption of the dog, as he pulled the puppy’s neck rings, the dog bite hard Taomou leg does not relent, after with the help of the crowd, the dog only loosen the mouth, and fled the scene. The family is the funeral photo reporter Zhang Haifeng learned that his brother was bitten, Taomou brother rushed to the scene, after the process of being bitten by a stray dog. After being bitten, his brother has a strong sense of prevention, and took the initiative to the local hospital injected rabies vaccine. Unfortunately, Tao did not know that biting him was a mad dog, so he did not take this seriously after the bite, and did not seek medical treatment in time. In September 16th, Tao rabies attack, after 3 days of rescue invalid, died in September 19th. Modern Express reporter learned that the stray dog, on the day of biting pottery, was executed by the local villagers. Extended video: unrelated to the original, residents were bitten by dogs, dog owners shouted: "you have to alarm the use of fart."

淮安男子好心收留流浪狗被咬 终因狂犬病发作身亡现代快报讯(记者 张海峰 通讯员 张桂忠)一个月前,淮安市盱眙县桂五镇六桥村村民陶某在家时,一条流浪狗来到他家觅食。在给其喂食时,看到流浪狗比较可怜,陶某欲收养该狗,就在他拉住小狗脖子上铁环时,小狗狠狠咬住陶某的腿不松口,后在众人的帮助下,小狗才松开了嘴,并逃离了现场。这户人家正在办丧事 记者 张海峰 摄得知弟弟被咬伤,陶某的哥哥赶到现场,在追赶该流浪狗过程中也被咬伤。被咬伤后,哥哥防范意识较强,主动到当地医院注射了狂犬疫苗。不幸的是,陶某并不知道咬他的是一只疯狗,故而在咬伤后并没有将此当回事,也未及时就医。9月16日,陶某狂犬病发作,经过3天抢救无效,于9月19日死亡。现代快报记者了解到,那只流浪狗,在咬伤陶某的当天就被当地村民处死。扩展视频:与原文无关 居民接连被狗咬 狗主人叫嚣:你报警有屁用相关的主题文章:

These tips will make a small room instantly becomes large not letter-stanley博士的家2

05 Jun

These tips will make a small room instantly becomes large not? The mirror is to make the space to expand in a good way, if you put it in the vicinity of a window, it can make the light more bright, reflecting the space will be also on the vision. The key is that mirrors are the cheapest way to expand space. Choosing light furniture, we all know, furniture assembly makes space smaller. To avoid weight furniture, choose furniture with legs, which can let the air and light flow on the floor, rather than limit the space. You can also choose a transparent glass table as a coffee table, so that the light can be projected on the floor through the table, and it will make the room brighter. Keep the least accessories, if you live in a small space, please try to make the room clean and tidy, and remove the debris and don’t pile it up in the room. Remember, less is more. Keep the kitchen table and the coffee table in the living room simple and clean, collect the small things and make the vision more space. And the living room floor is the same principle, reduce unnecessary furniture. Multifunctional furniture is the Savior of small apartments, it can maximize its role in the small space to maximize their skills, in order to reduce the number of furniture, but not delay life. As many white and white walls as possible can expand every space, but if you don’t like cold pure white, you can choose some white wall decoration. Or the color of the Department of light color can make your space feel bigger, color is very magical, it really can imperceptibly change your visual perception and psychological feelings.

这些小技巧会让小房间瞬间变大 信不信?  镜子  镜子是让空间扩大一个很好的方式,如果把它放在一个窗子附近,它能够让光线更为明亮,反射的空间在视觉上也会变大。关键的是,镜子是扩大空间最廉价的方式。  选择轻家具  我们都知道,家具过大会使空间变得更小。要避免重量型家具,多选择有桌腿的家具,它能够让空气和光线在地板上流通,而并非将空间限死。你也可以选择透明的玻璃桌作为咖啡桌,让光线透过桌子投射在地板上,也会使空间更明亮。  保持最少配件  如果你住在一个小空间里,请尽量使房间干净整洁,能去掉的杂物就不要再堆放在房间里。要记住,少即是多。保持厨房的工作台以及客厅的咖啡桌简单干净,将小杂物都收起来,让视觉上有更大的空间感。而客厅的地板也是如此原理,减少多余的家具。  多功能的家具  多功能家具是小公寓的救星,它能够将其作用最大化,在小空间里施展最大的身手,以此减少家具的数量却不耽误生活必需。  尽可能多的白色  白色的墙壁能够扩大每一个空间,但如果你不喜欢冰冷的纯白色,那么可以选择一些白色的墙壁装饰。或者中色系浅色系的颜色都可以让你的空间感觉更大,色彩是非常神奇的,它的确能在潜移默化中改变你的视觉观感和心理感受。相关的主题文章:

Yangzhou naked brother soaked in cold water only wearing a pair of Underwear Repair-sugus

05 Jun

Yangzhou naked brother "soaked in cold water pipe repair only wearing an underwear Yangzhou naked brother cold soaked in the water pipe repair only wearing a pair of underwear on the afternoon of 24, a male workers shirtless photos in the cold tap water pipe repair ditch, circle of friends in Yangzhou heat transfer. There are netizens message: such a cold day, only wearing a pair of underwear, watching cold! 25, Yangzi Evening News reporter learned that, "naked brother" from Yangzhou city tap water company installation company, when an emergency situation, in order to shorten the construction time, to restore the water supply as soon as possible, reduce the loss of production of key enterprises, he made more than 40 minutes in cold water until finish the homework. The reporter understands, the winter clothes launching operations, for the "naked brother" and not for the first time. In 2016, on the eve of the Spring Festival, "a colleague came brother" once in the snow ice water soak for more than 2 hours! Yangtze Evening News reporter Chen Yong photos in the story of 24, Yangzhou, the lowest temperature close to freezing point. In a repair site, a staff member of the upper body naked, wearing only a pair of underwear, and work in a ditch about 1 meters wide, sometimes with both hands in water exploration, and played in the water of mining tools. So in the cold water soak for more than 40 minutes to finish the homework. The online posting is "naked brother" workers Wang Yougang, he told reporters, "naked brother" named Zhang Fugan, more than 40 years old this year. They are from Suqian, and they work in an installation company of Yangzhou water supply company. So often, did not expect the post "make" such a big deal "winter water work, we often do, did not expect this post ‘downtown’ so big action!" 25, the reporter contacted the post of master Wang Yougang, the "naked brother for 40 minutes in the cold water" in the ordinary view "amazing courage" behavior, he is very calm. "In fact, was launched yesterday and a big brother, named Zhang smooth, more than 50 years old, a sudden, Zhang Shunli did not take off clothes on the water, then we feel that he is old, afraid of him too much, call him up, Zhang Fugan stripped water." Wang Yougang said. Wang Yougang told reporters, 24 PM, they work in Hongyang Road, the Yangtze River Road West about 500 meters in a culvert construction, need a demolition of old pipeline under the road, then at both ends of the pipeline installed on the plug, thus ensuring the normal water supply pipe ends. In accordance with the normal procedures, should first close the valve, blocking upstream water, and then dismantle the old pipe, plug the plug. Because of the long service life of the valve, there is always water in the pipe, and it is not known where the fracture is. The delay will affect the water supply for the residents nearby. And there are two key enterprises near, if there is no water, the production line can not be normal production, one minute later water, will have no small loss, the enterprise is very anxious. In desperation, Zhang Shunli jumped into the water without taking off his clothes. After that, Zhang Fugan pained his eldest brother and took off his clothes and got out of the water. After a period of time, the hand was groped to the fracture surface, and the plugging head was on the upper fracture surface"

扬州“赤膊哥”大冷天泡水里抢修水管 仅穿一条内裤 扬州“赤膊哥”大冷天泡水里抢修水管 仅穿一条内裤   24日下午,一位男性工人赤膊在寒冷水沟中抢修自来水管的照片,在扬州朋友圈热传。有网友留言:这么冷的天,只穿了一条内裤,看着都冷!25日,扬子晚报记者采访了解到,“赤膊哥”来自扬州市自来水公司一家安装公司,当时情况紧急,为了缩短施工时间,尽快恢复供水,减少重点企业生产损失,他在冰冷的水中泡了40多分钟,直到完成作业。记者了解到,大冬天的脱衣下水作业,对于“赤膊哥”来说并不是头一回。而在2016年春节前夕,“赤膊哥”的一位同事曾在大雪天的冰水中泡了2个多小时!   扬子晚报全媒体记者 陈咏   照片里的故事   24日的扬州,最低气温接近冰点。在一处抢修现场,一位工作人员赤裸着上身,只穿了一条内裤,俯身在一条宽约1米的水沟中作业,时而用双手在水中摸索,时而操起工具在水中挖掘。就这样在大冷天的水中泡了40多分钟,完成了作业。网上发帖的是“赤膊哥”的工友王友刚,他告诉记者,“赤膊哥”名叫张福干,今年40多岁。他们来自宿迁,都在扬州市自来水公司一家安装公司工作。   经常这样,没想到发帖“闹”出这么大动静   “冬天下水干活,我们经常这样,没想到这次发帖‘闹’出这么大的动静!”25日,记者联系上发帖的王友刚师傅,对于“赤膊哥”大冷天泡水中40分钟这样在常人看来“勇气惊人”的行为,他显得很淡定。   “其实昨天下水的还有个老大哥,名叫张顺利,50多岁了,事发突然,张顺利没有脱衣服就下水了,后来我们觉得他年纪大了,怕他吃不消,喊他上来后,张福干又赤膊下水了。”王友刚说。   王友刚告诉记者,24日下午,他们在鸿扬路作业,扬子江南路以西约500米处的一处涵洞施工,需要拆除路下的一条老管道,再在管道两端装上堵头,从而保证两端的管道供水正常。按照正常程序,应该先关闭阀门,阻断上游来水,然后再拆除老管道、装堵头。可由于阀门使用年限长,关不死,管道中一直有水,并且不知道断口在什么地方。就此拖延下去,将影响附近企业居民供水。而附近有两家重点企业,没有水的话,生产线无法正常生产,迟一分钟供水,就会产生不小的损失,企业非常焦急。   情急之下,张顺利衣服没脱就跳入水中。此后,张福干心疼老大哥,脱掉衣服下了水。一段时间后,用手摸索到断口,将堵头对上断口,再用机械将堵头顶死,完成了断口的封堵,前后花费40多分钟。   大家放心,两个“下水哥”没被冻坏照常上班   记者注意到,对于“赤膊哥”大冷天泡水中40分钟的举动,网友纷纷点赞。“好样的”、“身上真好”、“超级棒”等等的夸赞不断。也有网友关切地留言,这样做不简单,但也要考虑个人身体,有可能的话,还是抽水后再作业好。两个师傅这么冷的天下水作业,冻坏了没有?带着不少网友的牵挂,记者采访了解到,张顺利和张福干一点问题没有,25日上午,又出现在了扬州古运小区的自来水安装现场。王友刚告诉记者,两个人上来后,公司安排他们去浴室好好“焐”了一把,洗完澡后又喝了点酒暖暖身子。   “两个人的身体都是杠杠的!”王友刚说,因为不是第一次,两个人之前都有过这样的经历,身体是能适应的。对于他们来说,遇到紧急情况,再冷的天,该下水还是要下水。就在2016年春节前夕,扬州普降大雪,他们公司在市区扬子江路一处管道施工中,自己就在冰冷的泥水中泡了2个多小时,上来的时候,身体已经完全没有知觉了。“能把问题解决掉,把水通起来,就是我们最大的成就感。”王友刚说。   记者了解到,“赤膊哥”张福干在扬州工作10年了,平时工作忙,一年只有过年回去一次。对于自己的举动,性格内向、平时不怎么说话的老张谦虚地说:“这是分内工作,应该做的,我身体好,没有事。”相关的主题文章:

Somali airliner crashes 4000 meters high in the air in the side of the air – Sohu news-oembios.bin

04 Jun

One side of the air blown out of Somalia jet hole 4000 meters altitude landing – Sohu news miracle 4000 meters altitude landing most passengers unharmed passenger was sucked out outside the cabin air fall dead, another two people were slightly injured; for the bomb explosion or by comprehensive Xinhua news agency, Somali airliner local time 2 days in flight explosion, the fuselage was blown out of a hole, fortunately the pilot emergency return and successful landing, the accident caused a passenger flow is sucked out outside the cabin fell dead, another two people were injured. The pilot said the explosion is caused by a bomb. A loud noise of aircraft with big holes in smoke according to media reports, said that the Somali aviation sector, the darlot Airlines flight day plan from the Somali capital of Muqdisho to Djibouti, models for the Airbus A321, there are 74 people including the crew on board. Shortly after takeoff, machine explosion and cause body damage, when the aircraft is at an altitude of about 4000 meters, has not yet reached cruising altitude. Witnesses said the explosion when a body burns the old man fell on the ground is 30 kilometers from the airport. The passengers on the plane taken shortly after the explosion of the screen display, the cabin oxygen masks have been released, the passengers transferred to the rear of the cabin, was blown out of the hole near the oxygen mask by air blowing sloshing. When the United Nations on the plane of Somalia’s deputy representative awar on Facebook? ‘"said he heard a loud noise, then a few seconds only to see smoke, what can not see". When the recovery after the passengers realize that the plane visibility "quite a few" gone, he wrote. Another passenger told the The Associated Press, they heard a loud noise, then the plane on the side in a big hole. "I don’t know a bomb or shock, but we heard a loud noise in the side of the plane." Then the plane was forced to return and an emergency landing at Mogadishu International Airport. The civil aviation bureau director Omar told the Somali Abudiwaxide? Somali National Radio website, the number of successful aircraft landing, the authorities were counted after found a missing person, their bodies have been found. Omar did not mention the aircraft landing, he said that the current investigation is still underway. Mogadishu International Airport is an unnamed police said the passengers killed by air suction tank at the time of the explosion, he is 55 years old this year, the body has been shipped back to Muqdisho. In addition, the machine has 2 people suffered minor injuries, the remaining personnel safety evacuation. Multi said should be bomb caused the explosion of the flight from Serbia pilot Vladimir? Woduobi vechey said, "I think it was a bomb (explosion). Fortunately, the aircraft control system is not damaged, I can return to land. In my occupation career never happened. The cabin pressure is lost, thank goodness all over." A former member of the National Transportation Safety Board John? Grija said, only a bomb or caused by metal fatigue crack pressure will cause this hole in the side of the plane. However, the display is black smoke bomb. He said, before the accident reached cruising altitude in the plane, reducing the possibility of burst pressure. And said, "we don’t know much, but this is determined.

索马里一客机侧面空中炸出大洞 4000米高空迫降-搜狐新闻 奇迹 4000米高空迫降大部分乘客无恙   一乘客被气流吸出舱外坠亡,另有两人轻伤;爆炸或为炸弹引发   综合新华社电 索马里一架民航客机当地时间2日在飞行中发生爆炸,机身被炸出一个洞,幸运的是飞行员紧急返航并成功迫降,事故造成一名乘客被气流吸出舱外坠亡,另有两人受伤。飞行员表示,爆炸应该是由炸弹引发。   一声巨响飞机开大洞冒浓烟   据媒体报道,索马里航空部门表示,这架达洛航空公司的航班当天计划从索马里首都摩加迪沙飞往吉布提,机型为空客A321,机上有包括机组人员在内的74人。   起飞之后不久,机上发生爆炸并造成机身破损,当时飞机正处于约4000米的高空,还未达到巡航高度。目击者称,爆炸时一位身体严重烧伤的老人落在距离机场30公里的地面上。乘客在飞机爆炸后不久拍摄的画面显示,客舱氧气面罩已经释放,乘客转移到客舱后部,被炸出的洞口附近氧气面罩被气流吹得晃动。   当时在飞机上的联合国索马里副代表阿瓦尔?库兰在脸书上称,他“听到一声巨响,随后几秒钟内只看到浓烟,什么都看不到”。当恢复能见度后乘客们意识到飞机“相当一部分”没了,他写道。另一位乘客告诉美联社,他们听到一声巨响,然后飞机上侧面开了个大洞。“我不知道是炸弹还是电击,但我们在飞机一侧听到巨响。”   飞机随后被迫返航并在摩加迪沙国际机场紧急降落。   索马里民航局局长阿布迪瓦希德?奥马尔告诉索马里国家电台网站,飞机成功迫降,当局对人数进行清点后发现有一人失踪,其尸体已经找到。奥马尔并没有提及飞机迫降的原因,他表示目前调查还在进行中。摩加迪沙国际机场一名不愿透露姓名的警察说,遇难的乘客是在爆炸时被气流吸出舱外,他今年55岁,其遗体已经被运回摩加迪沙。   另外,机上有2人受轻伤,其余人员安全撤离。   多方表示应是炸弹引发爆炸   此次航班的塞尔维亚籍飞行员弗拉基米尔?沃多比维奇说,“我认为是炸弹(爆炸)。幸运的是,飞机控制系统没有损坏,我可以返航降落。在我的职业生涯中从来没发生过这样的事。客舱失压,谢天谢地一切结束了。”   前美国国家运输安全委员会成员约翰?格里亚称,只有炸弹或因金属疲劳引起的增压爆裂会在飞机侧面造成这样的洞。然而,洞口的黑烟显示是炸弹。他说,事故发生在飞机到达巡航高度之前,降低了增压爆裂的可能性。并称,“我们所知不多,但确定这看起来像一个爆炸装置”。   一名消息人士对CNN称,通过最初调查,爆炸残留物显示这可能是恐怖袭击。该航班下午延迟起飞,这意味着疑似炸弹如果是一个定时炸弹,它会在一个较低的高度爆炸,这使得乘客有更大的生存机会。   据悉,达洛航空是一家索马里的航空公司,基地在阿联酋迪拜。该公司在非洲之角和中东之间运行定期航班。机队共有3架飞机在运行。   对这一事件的调查工作目前仍在进行。暂无组织宣称制造爆炸。   索马里境内活跃着“青年党”这一与“基地”组织有关联的极端组织,它试图建立一个包括肯尼亚、埃塞俄比亚等国部分领土的“东非伊斯兰酋长国”。近期,“青年党”频繁制造恐怖袭击事件。相关的主题文章:

Civil service wages should be adjusted Guess whether it’s up or down – Sohu news-x3210

04 Jun

To adjust the salaries of civil servants? What is up or down – the Sohu news Li Biao in accordance with the relevant provisions of the basic wage of civil servants in principle annually or biennially. The first adjustment in early 2015 after the 2016 civil service wage will once again entered a period of adjustment. 1 the salaries of civil servants entered a period of adjustment the income of civil servants, has been the focus of social disputes, is a society of suspicion of civil servants is a high income, low pay and complain for civil servants. From June 2014 to September, the twelve session of the Standing Committee of National People’s Congress had rushed to the 9 provinces of Beijing, Heilongjiang, Shandong, Chongqing, Guangxi and Xinjiang (autonomous regions and municipalities) and the Ministry of public security, the General Administration of customs and the Xinjiang production and Construction Corps investigation. One of the conclusions of this research is that: the wages of civil servants is not synchronized with the economic development and the growth of the price level, since 2006, the basic wage of civil servants has been adjusted, the civil service wage and social average wage ratio decreased. From the survey results, many people may find a little comfort, as their income is not high but the contradictions still exist, disputes have not been eliminated, we are not against the wage of civil servants, but the income of civil servants in a transparent, rational rose. Released in January 2015 "on the staff to adjust the basic wage of the authorities plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan"), from October 1, 2014, to adjust the basic wage of civil servants, and will be part of the specification included in the basic wage subsidies and allowances. At the same time, the "program" to establish the personnel basic wage system: basic salary periodically adjusted standards adjusted once every year or two. This also means that the basic wage of staff and agencies in 2016 entered a period of adjustment. This year in Sichuan, Inner Mongolia, Jilin and other places held human resources and social security work conference, also clearly will adjust the standard of basic wage institutions this year. 2 civil servants high voice in the summer of 2014, get admission to the University at the same time, Kim also determines their future occupation planning — the civil service exam. An idea is not a small gold in recent years, the work of civil servants, stable treatment the advantages of better lit the enthusiasm of the civil service exam of College students. Although civil servants "a secure job" is being broken, but the salary is still worth looking forward to. According to the "plan" requirements, the 2015 adjusted civil service wage from the current 340 yuan to 4000 yuan increased to 510 yuan to 5250 yuan; the level of wages at all levels of the starting point of the standard from the current 290 yuan to 3020 yuan increased to 810 yuan to 6135 yuan. Work in the local community sector Zhang Xing (a pseudonym) told the "daily economic news" reporter, 2015 local authorities unit personnel wages have a rise, some monthly salary rose 1000 yuan. In 2016, the civil service for the basic wage adjustment is also worth looking forward to, especially some local governments behave more actively. In.

公务员工资又要调整了?猜猜是涨还是降-搜狐新闻  李彪   按照相关规定,公务员基本工资标准原则上每年或者每两年调整一次。在2015年年初首次调整后,2016年公务员工资将再次进入调整期。   1 公务员工资进入调整期   公务员的收入问题,一直是社会争议的焦点,一方面是社会对公务员高收入的猜疑,一方面是基层公务员为薪酬低而叫苦。   2014年6月至9月,十二届全国人大常委会就曾奔赴北京、黑龙江、山东、重庆、广西、新疆等9个省(区、市)和公安部、海关总署、新疆生产建设兵团调研。   此次调研得出的结论之一是:公务员工资水平尚未与经济发展和物价水平同步增长,2006年以来,全国公务员基本工资标准一直未作调整,公务员工资与社会平均工资的比例呈下降趋势。   从调研结果来看,很多人或许能为自己不高的收入找到一点慰藉,但是,矛盾仍然存在,争议仍未消除,大家并不是反对公务员涨工资,而是要求公务员收入公开透明、涨得合理。   2015年1月发布的《关于调整机关工作人员基本工资标准的实施方案》(以下简称《方案》)提出,从2014年10月1日起,要调整公务员基本工资标准,同时将部分规范津贴补贴纳入基本工资。   同时,《方案》确立定期调整机关工作人员基本工资标准的制度:基本工资标准原则上每年或者每两年调整一次。   这也意味着,2016年机关工作人员基本工资进入调整期。在今年四川、内蒙古、吉林等多地召开的人力资源和社会保障工作会议上,也明确提出今年将调整机关事业单位基本工资标准。   2 公务员加薪呼声高   2014年暑假,在拿到大学录取通知书的同时,小金也确定了自己未来的职业规划――考公务员。   小金的想法并非个例,近年来,公务员工作稳定、待遇较好等优势点燃了大学生考公务员的热情。虽然公务员“铁饭碗”正在被打破,但是,涨工资还是很值得期待的。   根据《方案》要求,2015年调整后,公务员职务工资标准由现行的340元至4000元分别提高到510元至5250元;级别工资各级别起点标准由现行的290元至3020元分别提高到810元至6135元。   在地方人社部门工作的张兴(化名)告诉《每日经济新闻》记者,2015年地方机关单位人员的工资已经有了一次上涨,有些月薪涨了1000多元。   2016年,公务员对于基本工资调整同样值得期待,尤其是一些地方政府表现得较为积极。   中国劳动学会副会长苏海南介绍,按照国家现行有关制度政策规定,公务员基本工资标准调整的权限在中央,各地只能按照中央制定的政策执行。   上述地方机关工作的知情人士称,随着中央八项规定要求趋严,财政资金花费谨慎,但是,只要中央有文件要求,地方政府给公务员涨工资的积极性就会被调动起来。   3 养老保险自己缴,薪水到底是涨还是降?   之所以说公务员的“铁饭碗”被打破,重要原因之一是免费享受养老保险的时代将结束。   2015年1月14日,国务院印发《关于机关事业单位工作人员养老保险制度改革的决定》,并从2015年10月1日起实施。   决定提出,中国将实行社会统筹与个人账户相结合的基本养老保险制度,单位缴纳基本养老保险费的比例为本单位工资总额的20%,个人缴纳基本养老保险费的比例为本人缴费工资的8%,由单位代扣。   从出台时间上看,上述文件与《方案》前后脚的关系,在业内人士看来,公务员涨薪是在为缴纳养老保险做准备。   一位基层公务员告诉《每日经济新闻》记者:“各地情况可能不一样,目前我们的工资中还没有显示缴纳养老保险部分,内部讨论看,养老保险肯定会缴纳,之所以迟迟未能真正落实,主要是工资还没有涨到位。”   一边是涨薪增加收入,一边是缴纳养老保险增加支出,一收一支之后,公务员工资到底是涨还是降呢?   张兴透露,从目前来看,公务员工资调整后,即使缴纳养老保险,最终工资收入较此前也只会增加不会减少,比如说,工资上涨1000元,缴纳养老保险的部分可能也就700多,最终实际收入仍会上涨。相关的主题文章:

Jinhua express company for double eleven SF prepared 34 aircraft-invictus gaming

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Jinhua express company for "double eleven" SF prepared 34 aircraft from the shopping Carnival "double eleven" and twenty days, Jinhua courier companies have been in a state of readiness. According to the State Post Bureau expects, this year, the national express industry will have 2 million 680 thousand front-line personnel into the "double 11" express service, which increased by more than 50% over last year, of which, the trunk vehicle growth of 59%, air transport capacity growth of about 40%. It’s almost a game of people, cars, airplanes. SF Jinhua branch responsible person, at present, SF airlines have an ample supply of 34 freighters, is currently the largest number of operations all cargo freight airline, especially in September this year, SF opened Hangzhou to Lanzhou, Urumqi and other routes, the comprehensive transportation system in the air and greatly optimize the combination. In addition, SF efforts to build intelligent cold chain logistics, for everyone to buy seafood, fruits and other fresh food to provide professional services. And EMS expresses, this year "double eleven" not only more than before people, 10000 people, routes will also increase accordingly. Already in the golden city new district layout rookie network, plans to pass through the rookie station, self cabinet and other ways to divert pressure, and even its crowdsourcing service will debut this year. Express APP application, big data analysis, intelligent distribution, at present, many express enterprise according to its accumulated customer resources and big data operation, has been able to do in advance to stock. As a simple example, for example, the prediction of computer network system in Jinhua area, a paper towel sold every year, is expected this year is no exception, even the amount will increase, so in advance according to the product warehouse in Jinhua ample supply in the future so that once you double eleven day orders, the goods can be sent to you soon that not only increases the friendly customer experience, but also reduce the cost of enterprises.

金华快递企业备战“双十一” 顺丰备好34架飞机 距离购物狂欢节“双十一”还有二十来天,金华快递企业已经纷纷处于备战状态。据国家邮政局预计,今年全国快递行业将有268万名一线人员投入到“双11”的快递服务当中,较去年增长超过50%,其中,干线车辆增长59%,航空运力增长40%左右。加载中… 几乎可以说,这就是一场人、车、飞机的比拼。顺丰金华分公司负责人介绍,目前,顺丰航空已经备足34架全货机,是目前国内运营全货机数量最多的货运航空公司,尤其今年9月,顺丰开通了杭州通往兰州、乌鲁木齐等地的航线,大大优化空中与地面相结合的综合运输体系。除此之外,顺丰着力构建智能化的冷链物流,为大家买海鲜、水果等生鲜食品提供专业服务。而EMS方面表示,今年“双十一”不仅人比以前多近万把人,航线也会相应增加。已经在金义都市新区布局的菜鸟网络,则计划通过菜鸟驿站、自提柜等方式分流压力,甚至其众包服务也将于今年首次亮相。快递员APP的应用、大数据分析、智能分配,目前,很多快递企业根据其积累的客户资源和大数据运算,已经可以做到提前备货。举个简单的例子,比方计算机网络系统预测,金华地区某款纸巾每年都会大卖,预计今年也不例外,甚至量还会增加,所以据此提前在金华的仓库备足该款产品,这样一旦你在未来的双十一当天下单,该商品就能很快送到你手上,不仅增加了客户的友好体验,还能降低企业的成本。相关的主题文章:

16 day strong push to buy 6 shares to shake Qian Shu-三色网

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16 bodies strong push to buy 6 shares to shake Qian Shu         Sina tips: This is a stock review section, only personal views and analysis of the securities consultation on related stocks or sectors, not official news, Sina does not guarantee its authenticity and objectivity, investors operate at your own risk. For all the accurate information about the stock, please take the announcement of the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange as the standard. Sina Level2:A shares of sina finance client speed Kanpan: the most profitable investors in China Xuan Tech: combination, plastic industry categories: research institutions: Haitong Securities Limited by Share Ltd researcher: Zhou Xuhui, Xu Baiqiao, Yang Shuai date: 2016-02-14 investment highlights: events. China Xuan tech announcement, with China ENERGINE INTERNATIONAL (Group) and Tangshan City Lubei District People’s government building power battery project signed a "strategic cooperation framework agreement in Tangshan City, set up a joint venture company, we comment as follows: building power battery industry, sharing the feast. The joint venture company is mainly engaged in batteries, graphene materials and energy storage products in the field of military and civilian production and sales; overall battery capacity planning for 1 billion Ah, a total investment of 3 billion yuan. Among them, the first phase of production capacity of 300 million Ah, is expected to invest 1 billion yuan; Guo Xuan holds 51% shares, China Aerospace Wanyuan holds 49% shares. State owned giants, business collaboration obvious. The main shareholder of China Aerospace Wanyuan Aerospace Science and Technology (52.88 shares buy) group, the registered capital of 10 billion, with top science and technology research and development capabilities and business resources, including wind power, photovoltaic, graphene storage, engine management system, auto sealing system and electric vehicle power system, the potential synergistic effects. Strong combination, accelerate the development of new energy passenger car customers. To maintain a good cooperative relationship with aerospace Wanyuan FAW, SAIC and other national mainstream car prices, through cooperation will enhance the passenger car battery market share, and focus on promoting the brilliance and advance cooperation with Changan in the pure electric car logistics, taxi and special vehicle product development, market development, and supporting the battery the combination of capital cooperation etc.. Strategic layout of energy storage business, open up military supply channels. Wanyuan energy storage system is widely used in scenery storage, bank, national security system, power supply system and aircraft carriers and other warships; GuoXuan in batteries, BMS and battery echelon use experience, through the cooperation, GuoXuan will mass involved in the field of energy storage, also can realize the application of power battery in military vehicles and ships the. Joint research and development of graphene technology, long-term optimistic. Wanyuan on graphene battery technology accumulation deep, Nissan 1Kg, has achieved the lithium iron phosphate cathode material graphene, energy density increased to 165Ah Kg, while the use of wide temperature electrolyte graphene research suitable temperature range of -20 to 60 degrees, to the successful use of rockets and other military products, through cooperation in China Xuan can promote cell technology, realize the advance of industrialization graphene. Earnings forecast and investment theory 16日机构强推买入 6股成摇钱树     新浪提示:本文属于个股点评栏目,仅为证券咨询人士对相关个股或板块的个人观点和分析,并非正式的新闻报道,新浪不保证其真实性和客观性,投资者据此操作,风险自担。一切有关该股的准确信息,请以沪深交易所的公告为准。 新浪财经Level2:A股极速看盘 新浪财经客户端:最赚钱的投资者都在用   国轩高科:强强联合,共塑产业龙头   类别:公司研究机构:海通证券股份有限公司研究员:周旭辉,徐柏乔,杨帅 日期:2016-02-14   投资要点:   事件。国轩高科发布公告,同中国航天万源国际(集团)及唐山市路北区人民政府在唐山市合建动力电池项目签署《战略合作框架协议》,成立合资公司,对此我们点评如下:   合建动力电池,共享行业盛宴。合资公司主要从事动力电池、石墨烯材料以及储能产品在军事和民用领域的生产与销售;动力电池总体产能规划为10亿Ah,总投资30亿元。其中一期产能3亿Ah,预计投资10亿元;国轩持有51%股份, 中国航天万源持有49%股份。   国资巨头,业务协同明显。航天万源主要股东为中国航天科技(52.88 停牌,买入)集团,注册资本100亿,拥有顶尖科技研发能力及资源,业务包括风电、光伏、石墨烯储能、发动机管理系统、汽车密封系统以及电动汽车动力系统,潜在协同效应明显。   强强联合,加速开发新能源乘用车客户。航天万源与一汽、二汽、上汽等全国主流车企保持着良好的合作关系,通过合作将提升乘用车动力电池的市占率,先期重点推进与华晨及长安的合作,在纯电动物流车、出租车及专用车的产品开发、电池配套、市场开拓、资本合作等方面强强联合。   战略布局储能业务,打通军工供应渠道。航天万源储能系统广泛应用于风光储能、银行、国家安全系统、军舰航母等电源系统;而国轩在电池、BMS 及动力电池梯次利用经验丰富,通过该合作,国轩将大规模涉足储能领域,同时可实现动力电池在军工车辆和舰艇上的应用。   共同研发石墨烯技术,长期看好。航天万源在石墨烯电池技术积累深厚,可日产1Kg 以上,已实现磷酸铁锂正极材料石墨烯化,能量密度提升至165Ah Kg,同时利用石墨烯研发的宽温电解液可适合-20到60度的温度范围,成功运用至火箭等军工产品,通过合作国轩可加速提升电池技术工艺,超前实现石墨烯产业化。   盈利预测与投资评级。我们预计公司2015-2017年归属上市公司净利润分别为5.95亿元、9.04亿元、12.81亿元,复合增长率46.7%,对应EPS 分别为0.68元、1.03元、1.46元;参考同行业可比公司,按照2016年40倍的估值,对应目标价41.2元,维持买入评级。   风险提示。新能源汽车政策、产量不达预期;产品竞争加剧导致利润下滑。   联化科技:三大主业协同发展,盈利能力不断提升   类别:公司研究 机构:华融证券股份有限公司 研究员:丁思德 日期:2016-02-14   2015年收入微升,利润增长明显   公司年报显示,2015年公司实现营业收入40.08亿元,同比小幅增长0.44%;实现归属于上市公司股东的净利润6.38亿元,同比增长15.79%; 实现每股收益0.77元。分红预案为每10股派现金红利1.2元(含税)。   三主业协同发展,综合毛利率提升   公司是国内精细化工行业龙头企业,目前已经形成了农药中间体、医药中间体和功能化学品三大主业。采用定制生产模式,公司下游客户几乎涵盖了全球前10大农药生产企业,同时与多家医药前20大公司建立了广泛长期的合作关系,近年来公司毛利率保持相对稳定。2015年年报显示,占公司营业收入68.77%的农药中间体业务收入同比提升7.25%,同时毛利率同比提升1.93个百分点;占公司收入11.82%的医药中间体业务收入同比提升10.42%,同时毛利率同比提升0.72个百分点。由于主营产品毛利率提升,公司2015年综合毛利率为37.24%,同比提升3.6个百分点。良好的客户关系、先进的制造技术,使得公司盈利能力在稳定的同时有小幅提升。   多个产能在建,产品结构有望进一步优化   目前公司有多个产能在建,包括:台州中间体项目;年产400吨LT822、10吨TMEDA、20吨MACC、15吨AMTB 医药中间体项目;年产1,000吨LH-1技改项目;年产9,000吨氨氧化系列产品技改项目等多个项目, 这些项目均为盈利能力较强的精细化工产品。随着新产能的建设,一方面公司为公司业绩增长打下基础,另一方面,公司产品结构也在不断优化,未来有望形成三大主业营收规模相当的局面。   盈利预测及估值   我们预计2015-2018年每股收益分别为1.01元、1.19元和1.4元,以昨日收盘价计算,对应的动态市盈率分别为15倍、13倍和11倍。我们认为公司历年来盈利能力较强,且相对稳定,近期在大盘系统性调整下公司估值向下调整幅度较大,目前具有一定的估值安全边际,首次给予公司“推荐”评级。   风险提示   安全生产风险;汇率风险;新建产能进度不达预期风险;大盘系统性风险。   广州友谊:业绩符合预期,“百货+金融”双业态的发展值得关注   类别:公司研究 机构:中银国际证券有限责任公司 研究员:唐佳睿,林琳 日期:2016-02-06   2015年上半年公司实现营业收入14.02亿元,同比下降17.80%;归属母公司净利润1.11亿元,同比下降13.78%,全面摊薄每股收益为0.31元,公司扣非后净利润为1.16亿元,同比下降6.54%,基本符合我们中报预测0.30元每股收益的预期。假设2015年越秀金控合并报表,按照增发后14.23亿股计算,我们下调2015-17年零售行业全面摊薄每股收益预测至0.17、0.18和0.19元,零售业务以15倍2015年市盈率,对应目标价位2.55元,由于公司未公布越秀金控2014年财务情况,我们根据之前公司公布的越秀金控前三季度的财务状况,给予公司金融业务净资产4.7倍市净率,对应目标价28元,下调目标价位至30.50元,维持买入评级。   支撑评级的要点   2015年上半年收入同比下降主要有两方面原因:一方面由于宏观经济不振,限制“三公消费”,高端消费市场需求继续承压;另一方面,由于正佳商店迁至新址后,经营面积减半,以及佛山店14年12月内部调整,停止经营,导致报告期内销售和利润存在不可比因素,其他门店销售均实现销售同比基本持平或正增长。   毛利率同比增加1.54个百分点,期间费用率同比增长0.45个百分点:毛利率方面,报告期内公司综合毛利率为25.52%,同比增加1.54个百分点。期间费用率方面,报告期内公司期间费用率同比增加0.45个百分点至13.21%,其中销售、管理、财务费用率同比分别变化-0.31、0.20、0.56百分点至12.74%、1.42%和-0.95%。   公司未来看点在于全资控制越秀金控后,将全面进入金融领域,包括证券、融资租赁、私募投资基金、担保以及小额贷款等业务。未来公司将零售及金融相结合的经营,发挥零售及金融的协同效应。   评级面临的主要风险   公司对金融业务的治理风险。   估值   假设2015年越秀金控合并报表,按照增发后14.23亿股计算,我们下调2015-17年零售行业全面摊薄每股收益预测至0.17、0.18和0.19元,零售业务以15倍2015年市盈率,对应目标价位2.55元,由于公司未公布越秀金控2014年财务情况,我们根据之前公司公布的越秀金控前三季度的财务状况,给予公司金融业务净资产4.7倍市净率,对应目标价28元,将目标价由42.00元下调至30.50元,维持买入评级。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论     新浪提示:本文属于个股点评栏目,仅为证券咨询人士对相关个股或板块的个人观点和分析,并非正式的新闻报道,新浪不保证其真实性和客观性,投资者据此操作,风险自担。一切有关该股的准确信息,请以沪深交易所的公告为准。 新浪财经Level2:A股极速看盘 新浪财经客户端:最赚钱的投资者都在用   首航节能:中国资本嫁接海外技术,进军钍核领域   类别:公司研究 机构:海通证券股份有限公司 研究员:周旭辉,徐柏乔,杨帅 日期:2016-02-14   事件。2月5日,首航节能发布公告,为推进现有主营业务的转型以及未来在新业务领域的布局,公司同以色列Ben-Dak GalperinTeam签署了在钍基核电堆方面合作的《备忘录》,对此我们点评如下:   中国资本嫁接海外技术,战略布局钍核领域。首航节能与Ben-Dak Galperin团队,共同合作进入钍核联合研发,最终根据研发的经济和运行参数完成完整的电厂设计和运营基础;首航节能占投资比例的50%,新地平线集团50%。根据项目进展,后期另行确定设立合资公司,共同开发钍核电站。   与铀相比,钍核技术优势明显。核能发电目前以铀235为主,但含量快速减少;钍地壳储量是铀的三倍,单位质量所含能量是铀的40倍;钍233在反应堆中吸收中子会生成钍232,后者通常会衰变为钚233,进而生成铀233(中子产额更高,可替代铀235作为核裂变材料),从而形成闭式的燃料循环。   钍基核电符合中国核电(601985,股吧)发展方向。相对于铀,钍有资源丰富、能量密度高、发电成本低、无法做核武器等多种优点,未来有望成为全球能源的重要组成。国家能源局在《能源发展战略行动计划》中将“钍基熔盐核能系统技术研究及工程实验专项”列入拟重点推进的重大应用技术创新及工程示范专项之一。以色列Ben-Dak GalperinTeam在钍基核电研究方面全球领先,本次同首航商谈的技术路线具备在短期内落地的基础。   “能源+金融”业务战略的落地。公司未来将通过产业和金融的结合推动公司未来业绩的快速增长。产业方面立足能源,在现有光热发电、压气站余热发电、电站空冷的基础上,继续通过内生培育、外延并购、技术合作等多种方式推进新的能源业务的落地。这次和以色列Ben-Dak GalperinTeam新培育的业务,未来发展前景好、市场空间大,能对公司未来业务布局和利润释放形成有效的梯度支撑。   政策催化光热产业发展。国家能源局近日针对15年两会期间通过全国工商联提交全国政协的《关于扶持光热发电商业化示范项目开发的提案》正式予以答复,国家能源局将综合评价示范项目的经济指标,配合国家发展改革委价格司研究确定示范项目上网电价,明确太阳能热发电的电价政策。“十三五”期间,国家能源局将聚焦太阳能热发电关键技术,整合各种资源,组织力量进行核心技术攻关,迅速占领太阳能热发电技术的国际创新制高点。   首航为光热龙头企业,蓄势待发。首航节能拥有设计院+材料+核心装备制造,可提供EPC整包业务,国产化率90%多。未来定位来看,预计16-17年公司仍以EPC总包为主,18年之后或延伸到运营业务。公司中报公告在建光热项目100Mw,建设周期2年,按进度确认收入,可大幅提升未来两年的业绩。   盈利预测与评级。公司未来将紧密围绕光热发电布局,构筑新能源、水处理、节能环保以及金融四大板块,随着光热EPC项目、后期空冷项目的按进度确认收入、西二线输气量的提升以及新疆西拓的建成投产,未来业绩将快速发展。预计公司2015年-2017年EPS为0.21元、0.71元、1.04元。维持目标价40元,对应2016年55倍PE,买入评级。   风险提示:光热项目发展低于预期;空冷业务坏账问题;市场风险。   赣锋锂业:增发兼顾上中下游,尽享新能源汽车景气   类别:公司研究 机构:海通证券股份有限公司 研究员:施毅,刘博,田源日期:2016-02-14   投资要点:   事件:公司拟以不低于38.29元 股,增发募资不超过14.69亿元,发行数量不超过3835.53万股,投向以下项目:(1)澳大利亚RIM股权增资项目;(2)年产1.25亿支18650型高容量锂离子动力电池项目;(3)年产1.5万吨电池级碳酸锂建设项目;(4)补充流动资金及偿还银行贷款。董事长李良彬和副董事长王晓申承诺将分别以现金1.47亿元和7343.14万元认购本次增发股份。   增资RIM项目,切入锂产品上游市场。公司拟募资投入1.79亿元对澳大利亚RIM股权进行增资。RIM拥有MtMarion锂辉石矿,计划于2016年6月投产,对其增资有利于公司加强资源掌控,减弱对供应商的依赖。收购前,公司持有RIM25%的股权,本次收购18.1%股权,合计持有43.1%股权。   扩大电池级碳酸锂产能,尽享涨价红利。目前公司碳酸锂年产量为7000万吨,供不应求。本次增发拟投入3.9亿元,在老生产线技改扩产后,将形成1.5万吨电池级碳酸锂产能,尽享碳酸锂价格增长红利。正常年销售收入18.30亿元,正常年利润总额1.92亿元,正常年税收总额1.48亿元,正常年投资利润率为49.18%,投资利税率为87.14%,税后投资回收期3年,盈亏平衡点为37.26%。   向动力电池延伸。公司拟增发投入5亿元建设1.25亿支18650型高容量锂离子动力电池项目。公司积极进入新能源汽车领域,有助于提高公司的盈利水平和可持续发展能力。经测算,项目正常年销售收入10.15亿元,利润总额1.70亿元,投资利润率33.97%,投资回报周期约3.96年,经济效益良好。   补充流动资金,降低财务费用。截至2015年9月30日,公司流动负债6.94亿元,非流动负债8747.72万元,对外借款规模较大,财务费用较高。公司拟募资投入4亿元补充流动资金、偿还贷款,降低资产负债率,提高抗风险能力。   维持公司“买入”的投资评级。公司持续打造锂产业链上下游一体化,本次增发兼顾上中下游产业,尽享新能源汽车高速发展红利,我们预计2015-2017年的EPS分别为0.31元、1.02元和1.41元。新能源汽车产业高速增长,公司发展前景开阔,16年业绩增长,对应估值水平下降,目标价提高,我们给予目标价60.98元,对应2016年PE为60倍,维持“买入”的投资评级。   不确定性。政策风险;地缘政治风险;汇率风险;经济疲软导致的系统性风险。   胜利股份:变更募集资金用途,发展天然气管网业务   类别:公司研究 机构:海通证券股份有限公司 研究员:王晓林,邓勇 日期:2016-02-14   投资要点:   变更募集资金用途,发展天然气管网业务。胜利股份发布公告,为了适应市场环境的变化加快天然气业务发展,公司决定将募集资金用途变更为补充青岛润昊及东泰压缩发展天然气业务所需的流动资金,大力推进和发展盈利空间更大、盈利稳定性更高、发展前景更好的天然气管网领域,提高资金的使用效率。青岛润昊和东泰压缩新建加气站项目投资金额合计6087 万元,公司决定将该部分投资金额全部用于永久补充青岛润昊及东泰压缩发展天然气业务所需流动资金。   地方管道企业将受益于管网改革。按照目前天然气管网改革方式来看,主干网将率先剥离,未来地方管输企业将能够作为第三方准入到主干网,以支付管输费的方式运输天然气。随着管网改革的进一步深化,地方管输企业的购气成本将得以降低、天然气销售量将得以增加。公司大力发展天然气管道业务有望受益于天然气管网改革。   进入霸州天然气市场。公司与霸州市顺达天然气有限公司签署正式合作协议, 拟共同开发经营霸州市天然气业务。目前双方新设立的天然气专业公司霸州市胜利顺达燃气有限公司(胜利顺达燃气)工商登记及银行开户手续已办理完毕,并进入试营业状态。胜利股份以现金16830 万元受让胜利顺达燃气51% 股权实现控股。   拓展东北地区天然气市场。为加快培育天然气业务,拓展东北地区天然气市场,公司与大连益民、普兰店益民等签署协议,拟共同开发经营大连市普兰店市、普湾新区及大连庄河市天然气业务。协议约定交易对方将优质天然气资产分别注入大连胜益和庄河胜益,公司分别以不高于4845 万元和2550 万元的对价收购大连胜益和庄河胜益51%的股权,成为其控股股东。   加快发展天然气业务。公司自2012 年开始进行战略转型,将清洁能源天然气产业定位为公司未来的主导产业,进入2015 年公司天然气业务加快发展。2015 年4 月,公司收购濮阳市博源天然气有限公司51%股权。2015 年8 月, 公司拟收购霸州胜利顺达燃气有限公司51%股权,合作开发霸州天然气市场。2015 年上半年公司天然气业务实现营业收入2.89 亿元,第三季度实现营业收入4.99 亿元,取得了较快增长。   盈利预测与投资评级。我们预计胜利股份2015~2017 年EPS 分别为0.12、0.40、0.32 元,按照2016 年EPS 以及18 倍市盈率,我们给予公司7.20 元的目标价,维持“增持”投资评级。   风险提示:转型风险;天然气业务开拓进度不及预期等。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

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These 9 signs tell you why you can’t save money! Tencent financial news according to Business Insider article, now most people can not save money, without leaving a person, your money evaporated without a trace. More pay per month doesn’t necessarily mean you’re rich. If you want to accumulate your wealth, whenever you think, you should consider taking part of the money to save or that part of the money to do the investment. How much money do you save now? You think it’s enough, isn’t it? To help you figure out if your current deposit is enough for you to use later, we combed 9 signs that you don’t have enough savings to see how many of you have! 1, the monthly repayment of money will only bills each month you pay is not just enough to spend? If it is, it shows that you are living a hard life depending on your salary. In this case, it’s almost impossible to save a lot of money. Change the status quo: you have 2 choices: 1) make more money; 2) spend less money. If you choose the first one, now you should change your lifestyle, take steps to get your boss to pay you, or do a part-time job while you’re doing your full-time job. If you choose the second, you also need to change the current lifestyle and save the cost of living. Save expenses from all aspects of basic necessities of life. Spend less money every day as the highest goal and the highest standard. 2, often hinted that their wages rose more time to save money, Real Money Answers for Every Woman author Patrice C. Washington said, this is the majority of people often tell their lies. She said: "because of the same person, his money concept, daily behavior habits basically will not change much, not because he managed 100 dollars or manage 100000 dollars and change.". So it doesn’t matter much how much money you save and how much money you make. The most important thing is a person’s ability to manage and restrain money." In addition, she also said, "when I make more money," it’s just a hypothesis, and "when a person can earn more money," this is not sure. Don’t lie to yourself. Don’t give yourself too many assumptions. The most important and useful thing is to save money from now on. How to improve: don’t wait until the end of the new year, after graduation, after the birthday, or after the completion of the tax refund, began to save money. When you are eating out in the scene of debauchery must remind yourself, spend less and save more. You can set the date for your savings, as you pay the rent every month, and make the phone charge so punctual. Another way is to set the automatic transfer, every month when you pay, your salary card will automatically put part of the money into another savings account, so you see this part of the money, you will adapt to the life without this part of the money. Finally, you’ll be surprised to find that your savings have gone up a lot. 3, quick retirement, but there is no deposit to rely on to save money, visit can not wait, the sooner the better! You’re not the only one to save this thing for old later, according to GOBankingR)

这9种迹象告诉你 你为啥存不住钱!腾讯财经讯 据Business Insider文章,现在大多数人都存不住钱,稍不留人你的钱就蒸发的无影无踪。每个月的工资再多也不一定意味着你就是富翁。如果你想积累自己的财富,无论什么时候,你都应该考虑拿出一部分钱存起来或者那一部分钱去做投资。现在你存了多少钱?你觉得够多了是吗?为了帮助你认清自己现在的存款是否已经够自己以后使用,我们梳理了9个反应出你的存款还不够的迹象,来看看你身上有几个!1、每个月的钱仅够偿还各种账单每个月你的工资是不是刚刚够花?如果是,说明你正在过着依靠薪水艰难度日的生活。在这种情况下,想要存大量的钱是几乎不可能的。改变现状的方法:你有2中选择:1)挣更多的钱;2)花更少的钱。如果你选择第一种,现在你应该改变自己的生活方式,采取措施让老板给你加工资,或者在做全职工作的同时找个兼职做。如果你选择第二种,你同样需要改变当前的生活方式,节约生活成本。从衣食住行各个方面节约开支。每天以少花钱为最高目标和最高准则。2、经常暗示自己工资涨更高的时候再存钱Real Money Answers for Every Woman的作者Patrice C. Washington称,这是大多数人经常给自己讲的谎言。她称:“由于同样一个人,他的金钱观念、日常行为习惯基本上不会发生太大变化,更不会因为他是管理100美元还是管理100000美元而发生改变。所以说,存钱和挣多少钱没有太大关系,最重要的是一个人在金钱方面的自我管理和约束能力。”另外,她还称,“当我挣更多钱”这也只是个假设,而“什么时候一个人能够挣更多的钱”这一点也没法确定。不要对自己撒谎,不要给自己太多假设,最重要也最有用的是从现在开始,马上存钱。如何改进:不要等到什么新年结束、毕业以后、过完这个生日或者说完成退税之后才开始存钱。当你在外面大吃大喝灯红酒绿的时候,一定要提醒自己减少花费,多存钱。你可以把存钱的日期规定起来,就如每个月交房租,将电话费那么准时。还一个办法就是设定自动转存,每个月发工资的时候,你的工资卡会自动把一部分钱放到另外一个储蓄账户里,这样你看到这一部分钱,你就会适应没有这部分钱的生活。最后你会惊讶地发现,你的存款已经涨了很多。3、快退休了,但是没有什么存款依靠存钱来访老是不能等的,开始的越早越好!不只你自己老把存钱防老这件事往后推迟,根据GOBankingRates在2016年的调查数据,接近三分之一的美国人用于养老的存款为0。另外,调查还发现,56%的美国人存款低于10000美元,40岁以上的美国人中,接近75%的人存款数量不够自己养老使用。改进办法:换一种方式进行存款,比如购买养老保险。不管你存多少钱,有一点是确定的:越早开始存钱,越好!许多专家推荐,把10%的工资存起来。这只是专家的建议,如果你做不到,你觉得自己只能把1%的工资存起来,那也比一分钱不存好的多。4、你没有存钱购买大件商品的计划存一部分钱用来养老非常重要,但是也不能忽视其它方面较大的开支。如果你打算要一个孩子或者买一套新房子,你就需要提前准备,存一部分钱。之前有人算过一般情况下,在中国养一个小孩至少要75万;买一套房子要付首付,首付再怎么着也需要10万吧。除此之外,买车、旅游都需要提前存钱。改进办法:对于那些开支巨大的项目,你要提前安排,进行排期,分步实施,分阶段进行。这样存起钱来也比较容易。另外,你需要清楚地知道,自己需要存多少钱,需要存多久,回报率多少你才能够尽快实现自己的目标。设立多个存款账户或许比较有用。5、到现在为止你还没开始投资投资被认为是建立财富最有效的途径,而且考虑到复利的因素,投资进行的越早越好。如果你觉得自己没有钱进行投资,那说明你现在存的钱还不够。如何改进:为了养老存钱也是投资的一种方式,但是如果你想得到更多回报,你就需要思考投资其他的品种,比如低成本的股指基金,巴菲特就比较喜欢购买指数基金。还有一些人喜欢购买定投基金。当然了,投资也需要一定的理财知识和理财技巧,这些都需要时间学习和积累。所以投资开始的时间越早越好。6、你没有应急资金如果你经常使用信用卡,如果你不想因为一些突发的事件而出现违约,你就需要预留一部分应急资金。如果你现在没有应急资金,这只能说明你存的钱还不够多。如何改进:尽快预留一部分应急资金。许多专家都认为,应急资金至少应该是一个人6个月的工资。当然,每个人的情况不同,所需要的应急资金量也不相同,但是一定要有相应的已经资金。7、住房支出占你总收入的40%如果你把40%的收入都用来支付房租或者用来还房贷了,你就失去了一个一大笔资金用来存储。美国联邦房地产协会(FHA)认为,大多数人可以把29%的收入用于住房支出,但是不能超过41%。改进方法:换一个小的房间居住吧。如果你打算购买新房,不要仅仅关注房子本身的价格,还要考虑房子各方面的支出,包括各种税费等。8、你从来不问自己的钱都花哪了?大多数人都知道自己每个月有多少资金流入资金的银行账户,但是很少有人知道自己每个月减少的钱都花哪了?你知道这个你出去吃饭花了多少钱吗?大多数人都不去回想自己的钱是怎么花没的。如何改进:跟踪自己资金的流向,搞懂自己的钱到底都花在哪了。你可以找个本子记下来,并对自己的支出归类整理,以便于以后减少开支。一旦你搞懂了自己的钱都花哪了,你就有办法少花钱。减少不必要的支出。把更多的钱省下来,存在银行里。9、信用卡最低还款额你都支付不起如果你现在连信用卡的最低还款额都支付不起,就说明你的花费有点过度了,想存钱对你来说绝对是不可能的。你应该尽力全额还上信用卡的欠账,以免出现不良信用记录,否则你的信用就会遭到破坏,以后你就无法从银行里借到钱。改进办法:每个月把一部分钱存起来,同时减少支出,把之前欠信用卡的钱尽快还上。信用卡的钱欠的越久,你付的利息就越多,你的还款压力也就越大。如果你身上也有上述9点中的一些的话,现在尽快改正吧,都还来得及。(翻译 Yilia)相关的主题文章:

Knife [exchange] soccer SMG recommended Las Palmas unbeaten home court-cosmax

04 Jun

Knife [exchange] soccer SMG recommended: Lars Palmas home court Lars Palmas as last season’s unbeaten start to the season championship, amazing, once ranked the Spanish League, attack comparable to Real Madrid, but recently the team fell significantly, signs seem to have been back. Lars Palmas is currently ranked seventh in La Liga, for a season just upgraded to avoid relegation as the goal of the team, the results should be quite good, but the amazing performance compared to the opening stages, the team’s performance from a single record, has been a marked decline. The last three games without a victory, although there are still Real Madrid home court draw excellent play, but also have poor performance away than 1 4 defeat of the Royal Society, the last match guest 2 2 draw with newly promoted Osasuna in stoppage time to tie the game. As the Spanish Liga authentic middle team, the new season lineup has changed greatly, in no shape, performance is difficult to pick up, home court the bad record, 2 draws and 2 losses without a win, but a better road performance trend, a recent Road 2 1 victory over Osasuna l class horse, the team also achieved at present only one victory, a 0 game home court 0 boring flat Villarreal, both sides did not create too much threat of attack. Nearly six games, two teams win their three times in their home court, performed equally well. William first compensate: 2.20 3.30 3.30    real time odds: 2.15 compared to 3.40 of 3.60 teams general strength, Lars Palmas is a low spanish dish, first lost his odds in a position, the odds structure of flat compensate low, negative compensate elevation, variable pay after the win lose continue to lower and raise the odds of Pingfu. The left leaning structure presents the trend, in general, Lars Palmas is expected to campaign unbeaten home court. More competition information and recommendations please pay attention to "knife sinks" App view. Recommendation: unbeaten home team (knife sinks) [小刀汇]竞彩足球推荐:拉斯帕尔马斯主场不败   拉斯帕尔马斯作为上赛季的升班马,本赛季开局惊艳,一度排名西甲榜首,攻击力媲美皇马,可是最近球队战绩明显下滑,似乎有被打回原形的迹象。   拉斯帕尔马斯目前排名西甲第7,对于一支上赛季刚刚升级,以保级为目标的球队来说,这个成绩应该说相当不错,可是对比开局阶段的惊人表现,目前球队的表现单从战绩来看,已经明显下滑。最近三场比赛未尝胜绩,虽然依旧有主场逼平皇马的出色发挥,却也有客场1比4惨败皇家社会的糟糕表现,最近一场比赛做客2比2战平升班马奥萨苏纳,补时阶段才扳平比分。   西班牙人作为西甲正宗的中游球队,新赛季阵容变化较大,至今磨合未见成型,表现也难有起色,主场战绩糟糕,2平2负未尝一胜,反倒是客场表现有渐入佳境的趋势,最近一个客场2比1险胜升班马奥萨苏纳,也是球队目前取得的唯一一场胜利,上一场比赛主场0比0闷平比利亚雷亚尔,双方都没有创造出太多有威胁的进攻。   近六次交锋,两队各自在自己的主场取胜三次,表现旗鼓相当。   威廉初赔:2.20 3.30 3.30   即时赔率:2.15 3.40 3.60   两队广义实力相比,拉斯帕尔马斯低西班牙人一档,现盘初赔主胜赔率开在实盘位置,赔率结构方面平赔拉低,负赔抬高,变赔之后胜赔继续拉低,平负同时抬高,整个赔率结构呈现左倾的态势,综合来看,此役拉斯帕尔马斯有望主场不败。更多竞彩资讯与推荐请关注“小刀汇”App查看。   推荐:主队不败   (小刀汇)相关的主题文章:

The national day of Zhangzhou gold 1 billion 700 million yuan 370 thousand people around the world

04 Jun

The national day of Zhangzhou "gold" 1 billion 700 million yuan 370 thousand people around the world heritage Nanjing Tulou Tourism: during the National Day? "Gold" 1 billion 700 million yuan this year coincides with the national day after the typhoon, the weather improved, tourist travel will not reduce. In addition to the Changtai County Tourism Scenic Area by Typhoon "Meranti" during the National Day suspended opening, Zhangzhou city’s other scenic spot without before the typhoon, the National Day holiday normal open. During the national day, Zhangzhou 2 million 716 thousand passengers were tourists, an increase of 15.2%; the total tourism revenue of nearly 1 billion 700 million yuan, an increase of 22%. ? during the national day, Zhangzhou 2 million 716 thousand passengers were tourists, an increase of 15.2%; the total tourism revenue of nearly 1 billion 700 million yuan, an increase of 22%. Among them, Nanjing, Zhangpu, Dongshan, Longwen district tourist volume exceeded 300 thousand passengers, Dongshan County tourists per capita consumption has exceeded 1000 yuan. Nanjing Tulou, Dongshan Bay, Zhangpu, Zhangpu jade stone Volcano Island, Zhaoan nine, Hou Shan, Dongshan Maluan Bay Tianfu stone garden scenic total tourists were over 60 thousand passengers. Among them, the Nanjing earth building tourists receiving nearly 370 thousand people, the highest daily reception of 62 thousand passengers. ? during the national day of the tourist market, tourists in the province surrounding the short-term, long-term foreign tourists mainly to Nanjing Tulou, Dongshan Island volcano stone wind, Zhangpu as the destination, with family and friends together to travel by car as the main way, through the network booking, reservation, scattered off the market and self driving tour characteristics significantly. Zhangzhou city tourism market is safe and orderly, there is no major tourism complaints and major tourism emergencies. Combining with the county and attractions around Zhangzhou? Features, launched a highly popular tourist activities, such as by Pinghe pomelo picking activities, rural ecological tour continued hot; Zhangzhou Development Zone for the first time held "island general mobilization" national large-scale tourism activities, tourists can enjoy the view of the sea side, side balloon watch the dolphin show…… ? traffic: road passenger transport 887 thousand and 600 passengers? It is understood that this year’s National Day golden week, Zhangzhou city road transport invested a total of 1009 passenger vehicles (including tourist bus 275) 30741 seat, passenger transport 887 thousand and 600 passengers, fell slightly; a total investment of passenger transport capacity 943, transporting 1 million 404 thousand and 800 passengers. "From September 30th to October 1st, mainly for tourism and home visiting passenger flow, passenger traffic volume gradually increased and there was a peak passenger transport; in from October 2nd to 5th, it was mainly around tourism and rural passenger flow; in October 6th and 7, passengers from all over the country were returning, and passenger transport peak appeared again." Zhangzhou City Transportation Bureau relevant responsible person, during the national day, Zhangzhou city road transport safety, the overall smooth and orderly, no transport traffic safety accident, not a large area long time traffic congestion, passengers stranded phenomenon. (reporter Zhang Hanfenglin, Xiao Qi correspondent Peng Yi, Chen Ruizhang, Wang Caixia, Wen TU)

漳州国庆“吸金”17亿元 37万人逛世遗南靖土楼 ?  旅游:国庆期间“吸金”17亿元   今年国庆恰逢台风过后,天气基本好转,游客出行意愿不减。除了长泰县旅游景区受台风“莫兰蒂”影响国庆期间暂停对外开放外,漳州全市其它景区未受节前台风影响,国庆假日正常开放。国庆期间,漳州共接待游客271.6万人次,比增15.2%;旅游总收入近17亿元,比增22%。   ?  国庆期间,漳州共接待游客271.6万人次,比增15.2%;旅游总收入近17亿元,比增22%。其中,南靖、漳浦、东山、龙文区游客接待量均超30万人次,东山县游客人均消费已超千元。南靖土楼、东山风动石、漳浦翡翠湾、漳浦火山岛、诏安九侯山、东山马銮湾、天福石雕园景区累计接待游客量均超6万人次。其中,南靖土楼游客接待量近37万人次,单日最高接待量达6.2万人次。   ?  国庆期间的旅游客源市场,以省内周边短线游客为主,省外长线游客主要以南靖土楼、东山风动石、漳浦火山岛为目的地,以亲朋好友结伴自驾出游为主要方式,通过网络订票、订房,散客市场和自驾游特点明显。漳州全市旅游市场安全有序,没有发生重大旅游投诉和重大旅游突发事件。   ?  漳州各地结合县域和景点特色,推出不少备受游客青睐的活动,比如平和县借助蜜柚采摘活动,乡村生态游持续火爆;漳州开发区首次举办“海岛总动员”国庆大型旅游活动,游客可边赏海景,边乘坐热气球观看海豚表演……   ?  交通:道路运送旅客88.76万人次   ?  据了解,今年国庆黄金周期间,漳州全市道路运输共投入客运车辆1009辆(其中旅游客车275辆)30741座位,运送旅客88.76万人次,同比略有下降;公交客运共投入运力943辆,运送乘客140.48万人次。   ?  “9月30日至10月1日主要为旅游和探亲客流,客运量逐渐上升并出现客运高峰;10月2日至5日,以周边旅游和农村客流为主;10月6日、7日,各地旅客陆续返程,再次出现客运高峰。”漳州市运管局有关负责人介绍,国庆期间,漳州全市道路运输总体安全、平稳、有序,未发生运输行车安全责任事故,未发生大面积长时间车辆拥堵、旅客滞留等现象。(记者 张韩丰 林晓琪 通讯员 彭毅 陈瑞章 王彩霞 文 图)相关的主题文章:

Heavy notice! Jinding live Aiming at six types of gold potential stock-ca4111

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Heavy notice! Jinding live: targeting six types of potential gold shares of sina Level2:A shares of sina finance financial speed Kanpan: the most profitable client investors are on the line in the broadcast function by Sina Finance APP! At present, Siu Ming Tsui shares Jinding battlefield, empty void so close to a hundred well-known bloggers have been settled, the hunters quilt? Sell stocks on the whirlwind? Haven’t you ever caught a monster stock? This is not a matter, with a master of one to one guidance, what are you afraid of? We will invite bloggers every day after answering questions for everyone next, well-known blogger Jinding every day will prompt the investment opportunities, so we should buy what stocks? Want to know, come to sina finance APP and ask him face to face. Sina app download mengchuo [introduction]: the main broadcast international fund managers, in 1994, has been 20 years of game experience sea stock, has held important positions in several well-known institutions.     [live broadcast Characteristics] adhering to the "look at the general trend, seize the hot spot, choose the leader" nine word truth investment philosophy. Proficient in Gann theory, wave theory, delta theory, and found that the morphological genetic volatility, calculated at the inflection point of the continuous time, marketing and capital operation experience, independent view clear, original Jinding nirvana, record the stock market miracle, cases in vain! The fans’ questions, do answer. Time: February 18, 2016 15 – 16 in Sina Finance: Download app, click the view, select Jinding shares studio live battlefield interface sina finance APP capital market to winter? No problem!!! We have Sina Finance app holding together to warm up!!! Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion 重磅预告!金鼎直播:瞄准六类黄金潜力股 新浪财经Level2:A股极速看盘 新浪财经客户端:最赚钱的投资者都在用   新浪财经APP直播功能上线了!目前金鼎股战场、徐小明、空空道人等近百位知名博主已经入驻,抄底被套?卖股就飙?没抓到过妖股?这都不是事,有了博主一对一的指导你还怕什么?   我们接下来会邀请博主每天盘后为大家答疑解惑,知名博主金鼎每天都会提示投资机会,那么我们该买哪些股呢?想知道就来新浪财经APP与他面对面的提问吧。新浪财经app下载猛戳   【播主介绍】金鼎:基金管理人,1994年入市,至今已有20年股海博弈经历,先后在多家知名机构担任重要职务。     【直播特色】秉承“看大势,抓热点,选龙头”九字真言投资理念。精通江恩理论、波浪理论、delta理论,发现形态遗传和时间波动率,擅长连续时间拐点的计算,市场及大资金运作经验丰富、观点独立明确,独创金鼎必杀技,屡创股市奇迹,例无虚发!对粉丝的提问,做到有问必答。   时间:2016年2月18日15点——16点   参与方式:下载新浪财经app,点击观点,选择金鼎股战场直播室 直播界面 新浪财经APP   资本市场寒冬到了?没关系!!!我们有新浪财经app抱团取暖!!! 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

From the well-known women to Tongji nursery program members gathered 71 middle school for 111 years-ca1816

04 Jun

From the well-known women to Tongji nursery program members gathered 71 middle school 111 years there are a lot of Shanghai named in digital school, the first secondary school, second middle school, third middle school girls…… Today, the "campus events" are introduced which is located in Jingan District of a full secondary school. Surrounded by sycamore trees, the 71 middle school brought up Jingan District, everybody knows, the smallest area, the highest house price, why? Because the site is good! Located in the center of Shanghai, Shanghai is also the most humane and historical area. Where is the center of Jingan District 71 middle school is located in the land of North Shaanxi Road, near Xinzha road. In this special geographical position, students are always faced with various temptations". A student shared and a small series: "the school was a bit hungry, a gate can smell various fragrant flavor, this intersection there is to do egg roll aunt, opposite the bread, remember to let aunt Gary ridge meat taste more beautiful; there is little Yang Shengjian intersection, go! There are no seats left late! These are all small things. Walk five minutes, you can reach the Wujiang road snack food street, a variety of delicious waiting for you. As long as five minutes, you can find Jingan villa, a small alley hidden you don’t know the delicious food. Silk stockings are bought, the smoothness taste visible, taste a word of praise! There are around the town of Meilong, Isetan, Golden Eagle International plaza……" Shanghai Exhibition Center is located in the 71 Middle School of Jingan District, surrounded by profound historical and cultural background. In North Shaanxi Road Beijing Road intersection, Shanghai is the famous Christian grace church. There are also Jingan gymnasium, Meggie Grand Theater, Shanghai Exhibition Center and so on. The Song Qingling Library in Nanjing West Road, where school activities are organized. Ruan Lingyu school itself has a long history, predecessor was founded in 1905 Zonta private school, the famous movie star Ruan Lingyu is the school alumni. The school has always followed the "laugh with Ru, with no Baizheng" cultural atmosphere, Guo Moruo, Xu Guangping and other celebrities have been taught this. Private school Zonta (now 71 secondary) school in 1953 from the merger of girls, girls Jingde, Yan Chong Shanghai seventh Mohs girls school, in 1958 changed its name to the 71 middle school, coeducational. 1978 as a key middle school in Jingan District. Merged with Yucai Middle School in 1994. In 1996, the first public transformation middle school in Jingan District was established in the 71 middle school. In July 1, 1999, the new middle school was restored to the original name of Shanghai 71 middle school, and the nature of the public system transformation remained unchanged. In July 2000, the original Jingan District Jiangning middle school merged into 71 middle school. In 2006, 71 middle schools in Shanghai resumed the public key middle school. In April 2007, the school became the 71 Affiliated Middle School of Tongji University. Although the school does not occupy a large area, but there are many historic buildings in the campus. Small building unique style chic decoration, the administrative office, some community activities are here, passing from the melodious music mood is beautiful. The door with a large stone, engraved with Zonta two words. Another small building for teaching, the classroom also air conditioning, alumni said, high slightly

从知名女中到同济苗圃计划成员 围观七一中学的111年  上海有很多以数字命名的学校,第一中学、第二中学、第三女子中学……今天的“校园风云录”要介绍的就是其中位于静安区的一所完全中学。被梧桐树环抱的七一中学校门提起静安区,大家都懂的,面积最小房价最高,为啥?因为地段好啊!位于上海市正中心,也是上海最具有人文历史气息的地区。七一中学就坐落在这块寸土寸金的地方——静安区的正中心,陕西北路近新闸路。在这特殊的地理位置,同学们总会面临各种“诱惑”。一位学生与小编分享道:“放学的时候有点饿了,一出校门就能闻到各种香气四溢的味道,这边路口有正在做蛋卷的阿姨,对面还有面饼,记得让阿姨加里脊肉味道更美;那边路口就有小杨生煎,快去!晚了就没座位啦!这些还都是小意思。步行五分钟,就能到达吴江路小吃美食一条街,各种各样的好吃的等着你来。只要五分钟,还能找到静安别墅,一条条小巷子里藏着你不知道的美食。丝袜奶茶现买现做,那丝滑的口感看得见,味道一个字,赞!周边还有梅陇镇伊势丹、金鹰国际、恒隆广场……”上海展览中心位于静安区的七一中学,被深厚的历史文化底蕴所包围。在陕西北路北京西路路口,就是上海知名的基督教怀恩堂。附近还有静安体育馆,美琪大戏院,上海展览中心等等。南京西路上的宋庆龄图书馆,学校的团员活动时常在那里展开。阮玲玉学校本身也是历史悠久,前身是创建于1905年的私立崇德女中,著名影星阮玲玉就是该校校友。学校一直沿袭着“谈笑有鸿儒,往来无白丁”的文化氛围,郭沫若、许广平等名人都曾在此授课。私立崇德女中(现七一中学)校舍1953年由崇德女中、敬德女中、晏摩氏女中合并为上海市第七女中,1958年改名为七一中学,招收男女学生。1978年列为静安区重点中学。1994年与育才中学合并。1996年在七一中学原址建立静安区第一所公立转制完全中学——新才中学。1999年7月1日,新才中学恢复原名上海市七一中学,公立转制性质不变。2000年7月,原静安区江宁中学并入七一中学。2006年上海市七一中学恢复公办区重点完全中学。2007年4月,学校挂牌成为同济大学附属七一中学。学校虽然占地不算很大,但校园中也有不少历史保护建筑。小洋楼风格独特装修别致,行政办公、部分社团活动都在这里进行,路过时飘来悠扬的音乐声意境相当美。门口还竖着一块大石碑,上面刻着崇德二字。另外一栋小楼作教学用,教室里还有空调,校友表示,高一年级在这里上课,太舒服了,暑假里有军训也不用愁。在七八十年代和九十年代初期,七一中学作为静安区重点中学,以其优秀的教育质量和颇具特色的办学方式享誉教育界,教师中有物理特级教师吴孟明,英语特级教师吴沄和20多名高级教师,历年来,高考入学率基本上都达到了市重点水平,多次名列全市第一。学生自治自理动手能力强,课余生活十分活跃,校园文化颇有特色,“不带书包的星期六”活动开展得生气勃勃,并形成系列,至今人们还记忆犹新。在2007年,七一中学正式更名为“同济大学附属七一中学”,同时加入同济大学苗圃计划。在不影响中学正常教学的前提下,利用同济的学科优势与中学的素质教育和研究型课程相结合,把招生工作融入到人才培养的过程中。目前在全校范围内开设德语选修课,“同济实验班”将德语作为必修课,且有来自同济大学的教授作定期专题讲座。另外,同济大学还将选派辅导员来中学各班担任校外辅导员。从2000年起,学校还与加拿大多伦多大学国际部合作,每年高中招收两个班,开设英语ESL课程必修课。每年还有国际交换生的项目,有机会前往德国学习,也会有德国同学来访,一起上课一起回家。入学贴士(2016年)初中部:一师附小、万航渡路小学,两校对口派位。艺体特长生武术4人,民乐6人,书法4人。高中部:招收高一新生120人,其中12人通过“区推荐招生”提前录取(综合素质评价各项指标达到优良,九年级第二学期区质量检测中成绩优良(总分500分及以上)的同学。初中阶段获市区优秀少先队员、队干部、共青团员、团干部或市区学科竞赛、科技创新大赛区级二等奖及以上学生优先预录取。)。体育特招武术项目2人。来源:校友分享、学校官网 升学、留学、育儿、职场……更多教育资讯>>>大申教育 外地户口孩子在上海上学、中高考条件一览 2016最新版 上海学区房及户籍的所有问题,答案都在这! 上海各区县重点高中(市级实验性示范性高中)名单 2016年上海只招收第一志愿生的民办中小学 上海各区县公办小学及初中招生对口范围公布 转播到腾讯微博 在魔都上学扫 我就对啦~ 回复“幼升小”、“小升初”:获取入学攻略 回复“中考”、“高考”:了解最新资讯 扫描左侧二维码,关注大申教育微信:上海升学攻略相关的主题文章:

31 army Wu straight, 10 fog formation dispatched with enemy aircraft dog (Figure) – Sohu Military Ch-66814

04 Jun

31 military straight 10 fog formation and dispatched "enemy" dog fighting (Figure) – Sohu military channel map straight 10 straight and 19 night running training. The picture shows three formations of Wu Zhi 10. According to CCTV reported that recently, thirty-first army Army aviation regiment at night in the rain and fog conditions, to carry out a – night flight training. Drizzle, mist shrouded, the land fleet helicopter formation in visibility less than 1 kilometers, still launched the normal training after the festival. According to the thirty-first army Army Aviation Regiment pilot Zhang Zhiyuan, in low visibility conditions, in addition to the pilot through the speed table, compass and the flight time to determine the location, time and distance of the helicopter, but also by the influence of wind speed and air flow, to maintain and revise the flight state. The plane took off shortly, danger ensued, fleet encountered the "enemy" with the tail. The pilot decided to reduce altitude, use the valley hidden, get rid of "enemy" aircraft reconnaissance. In order to adapt to the changeable battlefield environment, the formations also fly over the high mountains and thick forests and complex sea surface at low altitude, and accomplish the training of air penetration, vertical landing, hovering and turning. At the end of the day, the night flight begins immediately, and the effect of low visibility on the pilots is more obvious. Not only depends on various instruments to determine the direction, flight state, but also to observe the flight path and landing position by using night vision instrument. Although the visibility is only two kilometers, has been close to the flying weather conditions limit, but still driving fighter pilots cloudbroken fog, night landing, reconnaissance and hedgehopping as coherent expansion. Du Dianfeng, a squadron leader of a group of thirty-first Army Air Corps, said that pilots should not only fly, but also fight, defend, and hide, so as to further enhance and consolidate the all-weather combat capability under various harsh conditions.

31军武直10雾天编队出动 与“敌机”狗斗(图)-搜狐军事频道 图为直10直19雨雾夜暗战训。 图为三架武直10编队。   据央视报道,近日,第31集团军某陆航团在雨雾夜暗条件下,开展了跨昼夜飞行训练。细雨绵绵,薄雾笼罩,该陆航团直升机编队在能见度不足1公里的情况下,依然展开了节后的正常训练。   据第31集团军某陆航团飞行员张志远介绍,在低能见度条件下,飞行员除了通过速度表、罗盘和飞行时间来确定直升机的方位、时间和距离,还要通过风速和气流的影响,来保持和修正飞行状态。   飞机升空不久,险情接踵而至,编队突遇“敌”机尾随。飞行员果断降低飞行高度,利用山谷隐蔽,摆脱“敌”机侦察。为适应多变的战场环境,编队还低空飞越高山密林和复杂多变的海面,完成了空中突防、垂直起落、悬停回转等课目的训练。   白天飞行结束,夜间飞行随即展开,低能见度对飞行员的影响更加明显,不仅要依赖各类仪表判断方向、飞行状态,还要利用夜视仪观察飞行路径和降落位置。虽然当晚能见度仅两公里,已接近可飞气象条件极限,但飞行员照样驾驶战机穿云破雾,夜间机降、侦察和超低空飞行等课目连贯展开。   第31集团军某陆航团中队长杜殿峰表示,飞行员不仅要能飞,更要能打、能防、能藏,要进一步提升和打牢应对各种恶劣条件下的全天候作战能力。相关的主题文章:

Chelsea forced a leader million people scoff wreck Bianzhen in!

04 Jun

Chelsea forced a leader / million people scoff wreck Bianzhen in! Ivanovic lore instant sina sports news lore! At the end of the game against Southampton, Chelsea Chelsea, wearing the captain’s armband Ivanovic stood out, he will take three points with a powerful header to help Chelsea, the beginning of the season was dubbed the "wing corridor" of the Serbia defender, is with his performance again proved himself. Both ends of Ivanovic header have played a role in Terry and Zuma were injured, Chelsea appeared after the defense personnel shortages, Hiddink Ivanovic from right back to the mobile guard, although the latter is one of the wings, but the guard is not played him for a long time the position (in the Chelsea years at right back, only in the national team call centre). In fact, Hiddink’s conversion has received good results, Ivanovic in the middle and give full play to the positive defensive ability and excellent header characteristics, speed of the gate back in position to influence a lot of small. Ivanovic dominated the game ball, Ivanovic 11 Pinqiang header, 9 times won the victory, this figure is the most. In addition, Ivan also contributed 2 tackles and 2 steals, 8 clearances more amazing, after Cahill’s 10. The opponents did not succeed in the whole game of Ivan’s record, his defensive side of the play is called robust. In the "Daily Mail" after the score, he also got satisfactory 6.5 points. Ivanovic’s goal at the last moment William corner, Ivanovic beat the other tall defender Van Dyk completed the scoring, tied for 6 consecutive seasons at least scored 2 Premier League defenders goal scoring record, this is the first time he wore the armband Chelsea scored, he also scored thirty-third goals on behalf of Chelsea. In addition, he had 33 assists, that is, Ivan had created 66 goals for Chelsea, and it was a great achievement for a defender. The goal is also reminiscent of Ivan’s victory over Liverpool and Vera in the Carling Cup and the League at the beginning of the year, laying a solid foundation for Chelsea’s double win, as well as reminiscent of his winning goal against Benfica in the Europa League final in 2013. The rescue was also crucial. After the match, Ivanovic said, "it was the hardest game we had this season. (last) I didn’t even see how the ball came into the door. We were playing like a team." At the beginning of the season, due to Cech’s departure, Ivanovic Mourinho was awarded the vice captain of the burden, but with age, the speed of Ivanovic declined in the right back position frequently become a breakthrough in the winger, even by the fans of Chelsea said with a smile in every game, Ivan can let the fans know a new left feng. But Chelsea is still full of confidence for him, sent him a contract extension of one year, Ivanovic’s state is indeed rebounded, in Mourinho after class, Ivanovic has contributed 2 goals and 2 assists. Hiddink had expressed it before

切尔西逼出大招 万人笑骂的废人变阵中领袖! 伊万诺维奇绝杀瞬间   新浪体育讯  绝杀!在切尔西与南安普顿比赛的最后时刻,佩戴切尔西队长袖标的伊万诺维奇站了出来,他用一记有力的头球助切尔西将三分抢走,这位赛季初被戏谑为“边锋走廊”的塞尔维亚后卫,正在用自己的表现再次证明自己。 攻防两端伊万诺维奇头球都发挥了作用   在特里和祖玛相继受伤后,切尔西的后防线出现了人员不足的窘境,希丁克将伊万诺维奇从右后卫移动到了中后卫,虽然后者是中后场的万金油,但中后卫确实是他很久没有担当过的位置(在切尔西长年打右后卫、仅在国家队打中卫)。事实证明,希丁克的这次换位收到了不错的效果,伊万诺维奇在中路充分发挥了正面防守能力强和头球出色的特点,速度上的命门在中后卫位置上影响小了许多。 伊万诺维奇统治高空球   本场比赛,伊万诺维奇11次拼抢头球,9次获得胜利,这个数字也是全场最多的。此外,伊万还贡献2次铲断和2次断球,更有惊人的8次解围,仅次于卡希尔的10次。整场比赛对手都没有成功过掉伊万的记录,他在防守端的发挥称得上稳健。在《每日邮报》的赛后评分中,他也得到了中规中矩的6.5分。 伊万诺维奇进球回放   最后时刻威廉开出角球,伊万诺维奇力压对方高大的后卫范迪克完成进球,追平了连续6个赛季至少打入2球的英超后卫进球纪录,这个进球也是他第一次戴着切尔西队长袖标打入进球,同时也是他代表切尔西打进的第33个进球。此外,他还有33次助攻,也就是说,伊万已经为切尔西制造了66个进球,对于一名后卫来说,这是一个非常了不起的成就。这个进球也让人想起去年初,伊万在联赛杯和联赛中分别绝杀利物浦和维拉,为切尔西夺得双冠王奠定坚实的基础,更让人想起他在2013年欧联杯决赛上面对本菲卡的绝杀进球。 解围也很关键   赛后伊万诺维奇说道:“这是本赛季我们最艰难的比赛,(最后)我甚至没看清球怎么进门的,我们现在就像团队一样踢球。”    赛季初,由于切赫的离队,伊万诺维奇被穆里尼奥授予了副队长的担子,然而随着年龄的增长,伊万诺维奇的速度出现下滑,在右后卫的位置上频频成为对方边锋的突破口,甚至被球迷笑言切尔西每踢一场比赛,伊万就能让球迷认识一位新的左边锋。但切尔西依然对他充满信心,为他送上了一份续约一年的合同,伊万诺维奇的状态也确确实实在回升,在穆里尼奥下课后,伊万诺维奇已经贡献2个进球和2次助攻。希丁克在之前就表达过对伊万诺维奇状态恢复的信心,塞尔维亚人也用自己的表现回报着这种信任。   虽然仍然有一定的变数,但切尔西很有可能会在下赛季失去自己的队长特里,而目前担任副队长的伊万诺维奇将有可能成为切尔西的新队长,在33岁的年龄成为统领更衣室的领袖。   (斗神)相关的主题文章:

Introducing sponsor trust company to integrate resources and serve small and medium enterprises-twoo是什么网站

04 Jun

The introduction of guarantee trust company resource integration services for small and medium-sized enterprises Sina Taiwan Fund exposure: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click on [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The day before, Beijing trust initiated the establishment of the sixty-fifth phase of the Beijing small and medium-sized and growing star collective fund trust plan, the trust plans to grant loans to small and medium-sized enterprises to trust funds to help small and medium enterprises of science and technology development. In recent years, trust companies have gradually turned their attention to small and medium-sized enterprises, providing financial impetus for their development. Among them, the trust company has worked in the service of small and medium-sized enterprises for many years, there are trust companies ready to open up business in this area. CITIC Trust launched "project fund series" development of small and medium-sized enterprises in Beijing CITIC Trust, as early as 2012, the trust loans for high-end manufacturing, medical, cultural and creative fields of small and medium-sized enterprises to provide credit support. Not long ago, Xiamen International Trust and cooperation with the Xiamen Municipal Science and technology Company limited by guarantee introduced the trust loans, to provide 30 million yuan of liquidity support for 2 high-quality small and medium-sized science and technology enterprises. The design of the trust transaction structure is flexible, so long as the real risk is controllable, whether the collateral is not important or not." CITIC Trust Manager Zhao Na said that from the beginning of debt financing, with the gradual deepening of cooperation and understanding, trust companies can provide equity financing, mezzanine financing, accounts receivable financing and other financial services for small and medium sized enterprises. It is understood that small and medium enterprises credit rating is low, business stability is poor, can be used for mortgage guarantees of insufficient assets, making it difficult to obtain financing support. In practice, the trust company by introducing the guarantor role, with the structural design, such as the subscription by the government after the poor, build a more stable credit structure, so that part of the credit of small and medium enterprises to expand. Zhao Na said, can also take advantage of the trust platform advantages, linkage policy of commercial banks, Guarantee Corporation, PE (private equity), VC (venture capital) and other institutions, the introduction of multiple risk funds, to meet the comprehensive needs of small and medium sized enterprises financing. However, based on the demand for funds at the end of the fund, the higher the cost of trust financing, and small and medium-sized enterprises need low-cost funds, which seems to be somewhat contradictory. To this end, the state has also promulgated a number of policies and measures to reduce the financing costs of entities. Beijing trust and investment bank three department general manager Huang Lili said that the Beijing municipal government to support the transformation of financial capital, the financing of small and medium-sized enterprises to provide trust by not more than 2 years, 2% annual interest subsidies, and actively carry out innovative financing services, and charges less than the industry standards for financial institutions to give appropriate financial incentives, this is to mobilize the enthusiasm of financial institutions, but also to reduce the cost of financing for smes. Insiders said that in the future the trust company still needs further attention to the development of small and medium-sized enterprises play trust funds raised advantage, innovative products and services, increase support. (Economic Daily reporter Chang Yanjun) into [Sina Finance shares] discussion

引入担保人 信托公司整合资源服务中小企业 新浪基金曝光台:信披滞后虚假宣传,业绩长期低于同类产品,买基金被坑怎么办?点击【我要投诉】,新浪帮你曝光他们!   日前,北京信托发起设立第65期“北京中小・成长之星”集合资金信托计划,该信托计划以信托资金向中小科技企业发放贷款,助力中小科技企业发展。   近年来,信托公司逐渐把目光转向中小企业,为其发展提供金融动力。其中,有信托公司已在服务中小企业方面耕耘多年,也有信托公司准备开拓这方面的业务。   中信信托早在2012年就发起了“中信・北京中小企业发展信托基金”系列项目,采用信托贷款的方式为高端制造业、医疗、文化创意等领域的中小企业提供信贷支持。前不久,厦门国际信托与厦门市担保有限公司合作推出科技信托贷款,为2家优质中小科技企业提供3000万元流动资金支持。   “信托交易结构设计灵活,只要实质风险可控,是否有抵押物并不重要。”中信信托副总经理赵娜说,从债权融资开始,随着合作与了解的逐步深入,信托公司可为中小企业提供股权融资、夹层融资、应收账款融资等多种金融服务。   据了解,中小企业信用等级低、经营稳定性差、可用于抵押担保的资产不足等使其较难获得融资支持。在实践中,信托公司通过引入担保人等角色,配以结构化设计,如由政府认购劣后部分,搭建较为稳定的信用架构,使部分中小企业的信用得以扩充。   赵娜说,还可利用信托的平台优势,联动政策性担保公司、商业银行、PE(私募股权投资)、VC(风险投资)等机构,引入多重风险偏好资金,满足中小企业融资的综合需求。   不过,基于资金端的收益需求,信托融资成本较高,而中小企业需要的是低成本的资金,这似乎有些矛盾。   为此,国家也相继出台了多项政策措施降低实体企业的融资成本。北京信托投资银行三部总经理黄莉莉说,北京市政府转变财政资金支持方式,对通过信托融资的中小企业提供不超过2年、每年2%的贴息补助,同时对积极开展创新融资服务,且收费标准低于行业通行标准的金融机构给予适当资金奖励,这既调动了金融机构的积极性,也切实减轻了中小企业的融资成本。   业内人士表示,今后信托公司仍需进一步关注中小企业发展,发挥信托公司资金募集优势,创新产品和服务,加大扶持力度。(经济日报记者 常艳军) 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

Oil producing country for steady production of oil price uncertainty on financial

04 Jun

Oil producing country for steady production of oil price uncertainty on financial Sohu – the world’s major oil producing Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Venezuela’s 4 energy officials 16 in the Qatari capital Doha held a closed door meeting, negotiate price, finally agreed to the crude oil output in 2016 January level, in order to delay the decline in oil prices trend. Qatar Minister of energy and industry, the organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) President Saddam, Saudi oil minister Naimi, Russian energy minister Novak, Venezuela’s oil and mining minister Pino held a joint press conference after the meeting. Posada said that relevant countries should be between oil in OPEC and non OPEC intensive consultations, and also Iran, Iraq’s two oil producing countries to communicate, to stabilize the global oil prices, which will not only make the producers benefit, but also beneficial to global economic development. Pino said, he will be 17 with Iran and Iraq’s oil minister held talks, communicate the stability of oil production, to persuade Iran accept the stable production of advice. He also agreed to stabilize oil production levels in January, but also said: "the price should be left to the market, determined by the market supply and demand." Naimi also denied that the decline in oil prices dragged down the Saudi economy and stressed that the Saudi economy was strong because of the diversification of the sources of Saudi Arabia’s economy. However, according to the Saudi government announced the 2015 financial report of last year, Saudi fiscal expenditure 975 billion Riyals ($1 about 3.75 rials), income of 608 billion Riyals, annual deficit of up to 367 billion pieces, a record high. Saudi Arabia’s military spending is also huge because of its involvement in Yemen’s military conflicts. As the rich Qatar, the economic situation is not optimistic, only last year in oil production cut about 5000 employees, the original budget for infrastructure projects more than half because of capital construction or installation problems. Venezuela and Russia are heavily dependent on oil exports, suffering from a drop in oil prices and a negative growth in the economy. Some analysts believe that the 4 major oil producing countries decided to gather in Doha, in fact, forced by the economic situation. Although the 4 countries have agreed to negotiate a stable oil output, they are still facing many uncertainties when global oil prices can stabilize. First of all, the competition among countries in oil market share still exists. The rapid increase in global crude oil production is mainly due to the Saudi led Gulf countries in order to seize market share to expand production. Abdullah, a professor of economics at Qatar University, said that Saudi Arabia is an active promoter of crude oil production, and its main purpose is to compete for oil market share. After the closing contest, Saudi Arabia and Qatar gave up the original "increase production" position, and Russia and Venezuela changed the original "limited production and value insured" position, and the two sides stepped back and finally reached a "freeze" production agreement. But the competition for market share can not be terminated. Secondly, whether the agreement can be recognized by other major oil producers is variable. Iran and Iran, which depend heavily on oil exports

主产油国欲稳产量 油价不确定性犹存-搜狐财经   世界主要石油生产国卡塔尔、沙特阿拉伯、俄罗斯、委内瑞拉4国能源高官16日在卡塔尔首都多哈举行闭门会议,就油价问题进行磋商,最终同意将原油产量稳定在2016年1月份水平,以期延缓油价下跌趋势。  卡塔尔能源和工业大臣、现任石油输出国组织(欧佩克)主席萨达、沙特石油大臣纳伊米、俄罗斯能源部长诺瓦克、委内瑞拉石油和矿业部长皮诺会后举行了联合记者招待会。  萨达说,相关国家应就油价问题在欧佩克内部及非欧佩克产油国之间进行密集磋商,同时也和伊朗、伊拉克两个产油大国进行沟通,以稳定全球油价,这不仅将使产油国获益,也有益于全球经济发展。  皮诺说,他将于17日与伊朗和伊拉克的石油部长举行会谈,就稳定石油产量问题进行沟通,以说服两伊接受稳定产量的建议。  纳伊米也同意将石油产量稳定在1月份的水平,但同时表示:“价格问题应交给市场,由市场的供求关系决定。”纳伊米还否认油价下滑拖累了沙特经济,强调“沙特经济是强有力的”,因为沙特经济来源多样化。  然而,根据据沙特政府公布的2015年财政报告,去年沙特财政支出9750亿里亚尔(1美元约为3.75里亚尔),收入6080亿里亚尔,年度财政赤字高达3670亿里亚尔,创历史新高。由于介入也门军事冲突,沙特军费开支也非常巨大。  作为富国的卡塔尔,其经济形势也不乐观,仅去年便在石油生产领域裁减员工约5000人,原本预算内进行的基建项目超过半数因资金问题停建或缓建。  委内瑞拉和俄罗斯经济严重依赖石油出口,深受油价下跌之苦,经济陷入负增长。一些分析人士认为,4个主要产油国决定聚首多哈,实为经济形势所迫。  尽管4国经讨价还价得以妥协,就稳定石油产量达成一致,但全球油价是否能就此稳定下来仍面临诸多不确定因素。  首先,各国在石油市场份额上的较量依然存在。全球原油产量急剧增加,主要原因是以沙特为首的海湾国家为抢占市场份额扩大生产。卡塔尔大学经济学教授阿卜杜拉?萨利赫说,沙特是原油增产的积极推动者,其主要目的是争夺石油市场份额。经过本次闭门会议的“较量”,沙特和卡塔尔放弃原来的“增产”立场,俄罗斯和委内瑞拉也改变了原来的“限产保价”立场,双方各退一步方才最终得以达成“冻结”产量协议。但各方对市场份额的争夺却不可能就此终止。  其次,协议能否获得其他主要产油国的认同也存变数。经济高度依赖石油出口的伊朗和伊拉克此前曾表示,要提高原油产量以发展本国经济,两伊能否接受稳定产量的协议尚未可知。另外,美国和尼日利亚等主要石油生产国也未必愿意按照这4个国家的音律起舞。阿卜杜拉认为,油价仍面临很大的不确定性,大幅回升的可能性不大。  另外,政治关系对经济决策的影响不容小觑。俄罗斯和沙特在叙利亚问题上存在深刻矛盾,短期内难以调和,双方在多哈就油价问题达成的一致能够持续多久,令人怀疑。而与沙特有矛盾的伊朗、伊拉克是否愿意按照沙特的意愿调整石油政策,也难预料。 (来源:新华社)相关的主题文章:

Haikou ” vegetable basket ” cheap supermarket people’s home door to buy cheap assur-superrecovery

04 Jun

Haikou " "   basket; supermarket; public house to buy cheap vegetables — Hainan window — basket evaluation of supermarket bursting with popularity Hainan windows on 9 October, out of the house 5 minutes will be able to buy vegetables, cheap food "October 8th Joan yuan supermarket held the opening ceremony, officially offer quality assured food, cheap food service to the public. 6 pm, see in the basket there are a lot of cheap supermarket reporter Joan garden, people buy food in the supermarket. The environment is clean and tidy, fruits and vegetables, rice, oil and other daily necessities, daily necessities in the market and some supermarkets it can buy, the most attractive people in this is nothing more than to buy cheap vegetables. To buy food in the supermarket basket Joan garden Xu aunt delighted: "come here to buy food not only from where I live near, and the price is cheap, usually in the market to sell 3 pieces of 5 vegetables here more than two dollars, to buy everything, like at home in front of the supermarket." The basket is sixth Joan garden cheap supermarket supermarket basket group direct. White dragon road bus station behind Joan Garden Hotel, shop area of about 84 square, covering the surrounding residents up to 2000 households, from the nearest farmers market is about 600 meters. The supply of cheap food stores up to 61, the fruit supply varieties up to 36, the store in addition to providing food, non-staple food, daily necessities and other seven categories of 1200 for single product sales, also has regional sales of pork products, ensure the consumer demand diversification. (Fu Wuping) the public to buy vegetables cheap food people buy vegetables and fresh fruit for the public to choose (commissioning editor Wang Ning and Jiang Chengliu) 海口"菜篮子"平价超市 市民家门口买便宜放心菜–人民网海南视窗–人民网 菜篮子评价超市人气爆棚 人民网海南视窗10月9日电 “走出家门5分钟就能买到放心菜、便宜菜”10月8日琼苑平价超市举行了揭牌仪式,正式为市民提供优质的放心菜、平价菜服务。 下午6点,在菜篮子琼苑平价超市记者看到,有不少市民在超市里买菜。环境整洁干净,水果蔬菜、米粮油面、生活用品等,平日里市场超市里有的生活必需品在这都能买得到,最吸引市民的无非就是在这能买到便宜的青菜。 在菜篮子琼苑平价超市买菜的许阿姨乐开了花:“到这里买菜不仅离我住的地方近,而且价格便宜,平时在市场里卖3块5的青菜在这里两块多,要买的东西应有尽有,就像开在家门口的超市。” 菜篮子琼苑平价超市是菜篮子集团直营的第6家平价超市。位于白龙南路琼苑宾馆公交车站正后方,店内面积约84平方,覆盖周边居民多达2000户,距离周边最近农贸市场约600多米。门店供应平价菜品多达61种,水果供应品种达至36种,店内除了提供了米粮、副食、日化等七大类生活必需品共1200种单品的销售,还增设了猪肉产品的销售区域,全面确保市民多样化消费需求。(符武平) 市民购买放心菜平价菜 市民选购蔬菜 新鲜的水果供市民挑选 (责编:王宁、蒋成柳)相关的主题文章: