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10 Apr

Outbound tourists ask for tips encountered expert advice in advance to do "homework" – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Beijing on September 29th news (reporter Wang Kai) according to the Chinese sound "center wide news" report, eleven holiday approaching, many people already planning a trip. This year it seems that outbound travel heat unabated, Japan and South Korea, Thailand and other countries are popular, there are signs of warmer European tour. Some experts said that the outbound tourism is still hot because of the usual holiday less, and may encounter a situation in the country to ask for tips, it is recommended that visitors do a good job in advance, to understand the local customs. This year’s holiday in eleven outbound destination selection, monitoring data provided by the passenger institutions show that the current short-term travel abroad users accounted for 70% of the total number of outbound travel, the Japanese Redubujian, followed by South Korea, Thailand; outbound long-term travel in the top three were the United States, and France Italy. In addition, this year’s eleven holiday outbound travel, the United Kingdom to become a dark horse". Data show that during the National Day travel to the UK demand is strong, forecast tourists grew by 60%, which is attributed to the United Kingdom after Europe, tourism shopping and other consumer costs decreased significantly. Why outbound travel more and more hot? Tourism experts said that many tourists travel Chinese is from near to far, in recent years, domestic tourism sustained rapid growth, the birth of a number of high-end tourists, the tourists have accumulated some experience in domestic tourism, outbound tourism is inevitable for the future of this group will expand. And domestic travel, outbound tourists have to pay attention to a number of situations, such as passports and other important items to carry, keep communication smooth, pay attention to foreign consumption records, to prevent bank card was fraudulent, etc.. In addition, many tourists feel confused about how to leave the tour tip. Experts said that tipping practices vary from place to place, it is recommended to do the homework ahead of the outbound tourists to understand the local customs.相关的主题文章: