Options do not leave only hate vidalia

17 Nov

Do not leave the only option for CTO hate DXY options, resulting in a dispute with the company, and turnover have recently attracted a lot of attention. It is an exotic option, in Chinese has been widely used in practice is in recent years. The development of innovative Internet companies is to push the system to another height. Although there are a lot of practice, we are in the process of service enterprises, but also found a lot of companies on the understanding of the error. How to understand the real option is a kind of expectant right, generally refers to the agreement by the employer and the employee, in certain circumstances, employees can buy shares of the company at a certain price right. Since the option is a right of employees, employees in the conditions are ripe, both the right to decide to buy shares, but also the right to decide to give up the purchase of shares. In the options, employees also have a certain initiative. The option can be understood as an indirect investment staff, on the surface of the staff did not take the money to support the development of the company, but the company did not pay the initial competitive market wage, employees to accept a lower salary to join the company, equivalent to a loss of wages, indirect support for the company’s development. In this way, the employees who get the option are not born without any price. The original intention of the establishment of the company’s option system is to encourage the team, especially the core staff. Startups can not pay a competitive salary, option is implemented properly, not only can ease the start-up company’s cash flow, to attract the best employees with low salary, but also can achieve the stability of our team, enhance the company’s combat effectiveness. Options need to be qualified qualified staff in order to achieve the best incentive effect, companies need to limit the scope of options, it is best to avoid the implementation of the GSP (also known as full ownership). There are founders of the options are misunderstood, the option for all employees. In the process of serving the enterprise, we often find that the employing unit is an option to attract the employees when they are recruiting. GSP can not mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff, but will give employees a company, options can easily get the feeling, this attitude of employees will lower their expectations for the company’s stock option, the enthusiasm has been hit even older employees work options. In general, we recommend the company according to the work of the staff, and the staff of the company’s contribution, and the wage level of current employees, to determine which employees can get the option, and obtain many options. The implementation process of formal agreements with employees the option agreement of the company needs to set the option, first need to have a predictive value to the company, we according to the company’s existing assets (including fixed assets and intangible assets, brand and intellectual property) comprehensive valuation, each share of the cash value to determine the company. For example, we assume that a company valuation of ten million, corresponding to one million shares, then the value of each share of $10. After determining the value of each share and the total value of the shares, the company can come up with a certain number of shares as an option pool, the general company will reserve 10%-30%6相关的主题文章: