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19 Nov

November three opportunities PK a big risk in the current market rose by 3.31% in October, closed for the past 3 weeks! This month a lot of opportunities, too many demon stocks! There’s only one trading day next week in October, and we’re not counting it! Advance into November! So how to operate in November? In November, A shares three opportunities 1, Shenzhen Hong Kong through late November or mid – opened in Hongkong said the layout of the brokerage sector HKEx President Charles Li in October, Shenzhen and Hong Kong through the system at the end of October will be put to the test in early November after the completion of the test date announced officially launched. Is expected to start in November near 18. Prior to this, the relevant stocks will usher in a wave of speculation. Regardless of the size of the market, the current securities sector in the low volatility hovering, and now the layout is very suitable. The next step in the precise direction of the market! Brokerage stocks: Shen Hong Hong Yuan (000166), the Pacific (601099), Sealand securities (000750), etc.! Not because of anything else, it is a concept of two Tianquan’s more opportunities. Medium to short term trend! Shenzhen Tong stocks more information can contact us! 2, the third session of the world Internet Conference – the concept of voice input method! The third world Internet Conference will be held from November 16th to 18 in Zhejiang, Wuzhen. The annual World Internet Conference, no foreign big coffee to! Where is the opportunity? In fact, without regard to major international coffee, this year is different this year!   an unexpected opportunity to voice input method stocks! Subversion of the product is the most powerful investment opportunities. Voice input method will subvert the past most of the input method, after the work record, and so on the edge will not be any stenographer, because it can no longer use. More terrible thing, the voice input method is very suitable for the mobile phone mobile Internet era! At present, Baidu, Sohu and other voice input method all collective offensive local dialect. In other words, you can not be the same as the standard mandarin. No longer need you to type. Such an era of opportunity, you will miss? Stock is convenient to say a. IFLYTEK local 002230 is currently being upgraded sound system! For more information, please contact us. 3, " double eleven " global electricity supplier Shopping Festival – may reach 200 billion! Double eleven is no longer China, but all over the world. 2009 first double eleven, Taobao mall turnover reached $52 million last year, double the number of eleven, the figure jumped to $91 billion 200 million. This year is likely to reach 200 billion!…… The figures are improving, and we as investors whether or not to buy something worthwhile, we operate is an opportunity! Stocks: concerned about cross-border electricity supplier express shares such as: AOKANG International (603001), business treasure (002095), cross-border pass (002640). And express shares Yuantong express 600233, Edisi 002468 and so on. In November two, a high risk of Shenzhen and Hong Kong through the official opening of the Shenzhen Tong is the opportunity and risk, for the A shares in November, it is a strong cyclical weakening cycle turning point. Therefore, we should pay more attention to operational risk control. Shenzhen Hong Kong through cash, to understand a problem, why is the Shenzhen Hong Kong through more than a year before the launch!相关的主题文章: