North Korean media exposure collective defection behind the South Korean agents to promote

19 Nov

North Korean media exposure "collective defection" behind the South Korean agents to promote the original title: South Korean agents "kidnap" harm the stability of the peninsula by Li Dunqiu since the beginning of this year, the South Korean government announced several high-profile Korean foreign workers defected to South Korea’s event. South Korean authorities in these unusual things on the big article, this is questionable. Recently, South Korean media reported that part of the truth, let people surprise, the original behind these events contain deep conspiracy. In April 8th this year, the South Korean Unification Ministry announced a high-profile, working in a Chinese restaurant in North Korea, 1 managers and 12 waitresses collective off the north, arrived in South Korea by a third country in Southeast asia. After several times, North Korea issued a statement, said the waiter was "abducted" to South Korea, asked South Korea to immediately back to the relevant personnel. The new according to this event, according to South Korea, "Korean national news" recently reported: a collective understanding of the Korean waiter "defection" event sources, from 13 North Koreans defected in Ningbo is a China broker introduced to South Korea in the "friend" the South Korean "friends" under the guidance of the final escape. 13 North Korean people to buy tickets from Shanghai to Malaysia, 60 thousand yuan is also a Korean friend to help solve. And this is the true identity of South Korea, a friend of the South Korean intelligence staff, he often visited the Korean National Hospital Affiliated to the Korean independence from the residents of the center". The 13 North Koreans very smoothly in Malaysia exit, sources said the South Korean embassy immediately rushed to the airport after they arrived in Malaysia. After obtaining the South Korean passport, the 13 did not go through immigration checks on the plane to South korea. The South Korean government also uncharacteristically, in this news April 8th congressional election a few days ago announced emergency. The so-called "defection" the truth of the incident has been revealed to the world, this is the original South Korean agents "masterpiece". The "defection" after the incident, North Korean officials reacted quickly, and that this was orchestrated by South Korean agents "kidnap" incident, now the fact that North Korea on the nature of the incident that is correct, the poor female employees more than 10 North Korean restaurant became a victim of South Korean agents, credit for personal gain. Announced the "defection" event in South Korea, the Korean Central News Agency immediately reported that the Central Committee of the DPRK Red Cross spokesman issued a statement, asked South Korea to make its employees "kidnap" Korean restaurant and their families to meet, if necessary, the DPRK will send to these families of Panmunjom or Seoul. However, North Korea’s reasonable demands were rejected by the South korea. In April 18th, South Korea (North Korea said South Korea) 12 women abducted parents collective authorities to the United Nations High Commissioner for human rights, the UN Human Rights Council Chairman sent a letter (hereinafter referred to as the "open letter"), called "the UN Human Rights Council and the United Nations High Commissioner for human rights mission is to protect human rights and humanitarian, we urge you to take measures to help our daughters can return to the embrace of the parents as soon as possible, family reunion". But the appeal has been fruitless. Han Jun相关的主题文章: