Next year to 2023 Xi’an plans to build 10 subway which is close to you (video)

17 Apr

Next year to 2023 Xi’an plans to build 10 subway which are near Washington (reporter Zhang Yangang) reporter learned that in October 23rd, the Xi’an subway company recently announced on its official website of the planning and construction of city rail transit (2017 ~ 2023) of public participation in environmental impact assessment publicity. From this publicity can be seen in the future will be the construction of the 10 subway lines roughly clear, perhaps in the future, these lines from your home before, after the opening of your travel more convenient. According to the publicity content, Xi’an city urban rail transit construction plan (2017 ~ 2023) by a line three and line two, two, three line two, line seven phase, line eight and line ten (line a and line), line eleven, line thirteen (the airport east extension line), line fifteen, line sixteen, a total of 10 lines, a total length of 283.8 km, including 236.8 km underground line, 47 km elevated line. A total of 156 stations, including 16 elevated station, transfer station, 62. These lines, drawn from the end of the first line of the three phase of Qin to Forest Park (excluding) length of 10.5 km, the station of the 7. No. two line two, Changning Wei and Qunan to north railway station to caotan north 7 kilometers in length, 4 stations. The bonded area and the flow path length two No. three line of 2 kilometers, 1 stations; Kunming pool to fish of the village 8.3 kilometers and 5 stations. No. seven line of a meridian road to Chaoyang Road 42 kilometers, 27 stations. Line eight, line 50.1 km, station 35. Line ten line a kangfulu to Gaoling 40 kilometers, 17 stations; ten line extension rope high Jing Zhong Liu Village 18.9 kilometers, 6 stations. Eleven line Han Ling Road, 53.7 km to the East Road, the station of the 27. Line thirteen (airport line) east north railway station to greet Shaocun 13.8 kilometers and 7 stations. Line fifteen a fine willow to the South Korean Bay 19 kilometers, the station is 11. Three road sixteen line of a Feng Dong Agricultural Expo Park to energy 18.5 kilometers and 9 stations. Note: video only for extended reading. Xi’an subway PK other city subway fares in the end is not expensive相关的主题文章: