Net exposure 100 thousand T3 hammer back to the factory Official anger denied widcomm

19 Nov

Net exposure 100 thousand hammer T3 all return to factory: the official denied the anger of major mobile phone manufacturers but turns the new release, Luo Yonghao’s hammer is unusually calm, the new flagship T3 could not come, in the end the new machine nuts 2 this year is unlikely. In fact, revelations about T3 have been previously basically YY, recently appeared in a real machine, circular Home key to replace the strip entity key, and is said to have mass production, release nature is not far away. However, there are Post Bar users broke Mengliao today, said hammer T3 major Bug in the test, 100 thousand machines all have to return to factory. In this regard, hammer science and technology to respond quickly, firmly denied: the message is no factual basis, purely subjective speculation, and very exaggerated exaggeration. Currently, the new release of the hammer is in an orderly manner, please wait patiently for the majority of the hammer, hoping not to look forward to." Hammer technology UX product director Zhu Xiaomu also in micro-blog clarified that the new machine T3 every day he, really did not find what major Bug, not to mention the 100 thousand units all returned to the factory, but he does hope before the conference early to prepare 100 thousand sets of goods. He also joked: "although the report was not true, but if you keep a good state of mind, can be seen from a strange blessing, thank the reporter brother." So when will T3 be released? There is no exact statement, but look at the signs now, everything goes well about a month or so out.相关的主题文章: