National People’s Congress response has been sworn in two members will be deprived of public office-lightscape

16 Apr

The National People’s Congress responded "has two sworn members would be deprived of office in October 31st opening of the twelve session of the twenty-fourth meeting of the NPC Standing Committee is reviewing the draft, network security law of private education promotion law, the draft amendment to the film industry to promote the marine environmental protection law of the draft law, the draft amendment to the basic law of the Hongkong Special Administrative Region, the 104th article of the draft interpretation. General Office of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress (NPC) held a press conference at the Great Hall of the people in Taiwan today (November 7th) 10, He Shaoren, director general of the NPC Standing Committee, presided over the press conference. He Shaoren: we are very pleased to invite 9 guests to answer questions of common concern. The 9 guests are: Deputy Secretary General of the National People’s Congress, Li Fei, director of the Hongkong Basic Law Committee, Lee is responsible for answering questions related to the interpretation of law. Mr. Xu Anbiao, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Education Committee of the NPC Standing Committee Deputy Director Mr. Zhu Zhiwen, policy and regulation department director Mr. Sun Xiaobing, the three of them together with the answer on the revision of the law of promoting private education decision related issues. Yan Xiaohong, deputy director of the State Press and Publication Administration of radio and television, the Legislative Affairs Office of the NPC Standing Committee, director of the Legislative Affairs Office, Mr. Wang Rui, the two of them to answer questions related to the promotion of the film industry. Mr. Yang Heqing, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the NPC Law Committee of the law department Mr. Zhao Zeliang, director of the national Internet Information Office Network Security Coordination Bureau, issues related to the two of them together to answer and network security law. Mr. Tong Weidong, deputy director of the administrative law office of the Standing Committee of the NPC Standing Committee, is responsible for answering questions relating to the decision on Amending the law on the protection of the marine environment. Hongkong radio reporter: want to ask Li Fei director a question. Want to know more about the people’s Congress started releasing program will become a practice, after the action in Hongkong or Hongkong will be in accordance with this event to "intervene" or active interpretation, the Hong Kong Independence problem will never release law? We know that in addition to the two members, there are a few before the oath of the second, the number will not be affected by the interpretation of the law, they will not be deprived of public office? Thank you。 Hongkong TV reporter: Director Li Fei, Hongkong radio second just want to add, before the three members is also second times the oath, we would like to confirm this interpretation have retroactive or retroactive period, the qualification of three members will be deprived of members? In addition, when the chief executive before the oath, how to deal with this situation? Is it possible for the Commissioner to decide whether or not the honourable member ‘s oath is genuine or not? Will the power of the supervisor be too great? Thank you。 China News Agency reporter: this question would like to ask Li Fei director. As far as I know, before the National People’s Congress released a total of four times, this is the fifth time. Before the Hongkong basic law was put forward by the challenge, I would like to ask the Fifth National People’s Congress whether the law can be interpreted as the current Hongkong Hong Kong Independence has risen to a certain height? Thank you。 Li Fei: today, the table can not sit down this conference, I would also like to ask my deputy director Zhang Rongshun with 7相关的主题文章: