National day visitors spend 2485 yuan per capita 48 tons of garbage collection in Tiananmen (map)

19 Nov

National day visitors spend 2485 yuan per capita 48 tons of garbage collection in Tiananmen (map) the day before yesterday afternoon, the front door of Langfang two lane in the middle reaches of the crowds of people. Beijing morning news reporter Shi Chunyang photo original title: visitors per capita consumption of 2485 yuan, an increase of 3.2% 11 million 195 thousand tourists year-on-year decrease of 2.8% less than ideal air quality and rain has an obvious effect on National Day visitors this year. Yesterday, the Municipal Tourism Commission announced tourism statistics, the city’s golden week data show that the seven day holiday, the city received a total of 11 million 195 thousand tourists trips, 2.8% less than the same period last year, but the total tourism revenue year-on-year growth reached 8 billion 400 million yuan, an increase of 1.1%. One of the concerns of the illegal day trips decreased significantly, down 54 complaints received tourism, down by 42%. Beijing tourism consumption of 6 billion 860 million an increase of 2.1% City Tourism Commission said that due to haze and rainy weather, the "eleven" holiday, the reception of domestic tourists to Beijing 2 million 760 thousand passengers, 1.1% less than the same period last year; domestic tourism consumption of 6 billion 860 million yuan, an increase of 2.1%. The average residence time of tourists was basically flat, down from 3.7 last year to the first 3.5 days of the year. The average consumption ability is improved, the domestic tourists to Beijing per capita consumption of 2485 yuan, up 3.2%. During the eleven, a total of 8 million 430 thousand people in Beijing to receive tourists tourists, a decrease of $3.3%; public tourism consumption of $1 billion 550 million, a decrease of 2.9%. "Eleven" period, the city’s monitoring of the main tourist attractions in a class a scenic area of 14 million 756 thousand passengers, a decrease of 14% compared to the same period in. Scenic daily visitors to reduce the amount of congestion compared to last year eased. The natural landscape scenic tourists decreased most overall, "eleven" during most of the scenic spots in the city tourist receipts are down, which is the largest decline in natural landscape scenic spots, followed by the city park scenic area, traffic by historical and cultural attractions class of city parks and scenic area followed. Municipal Tourism Commission, the Imperial Palace (micro-blog) after the implementation of the pre-sale restriction measures, the tourism environment has improved greatly, the amount of daily reception is limited to 80 thousand passengers, tourists in the past 7 days is more smooth and orderly. The Summer Palace, Tiantan, Badaling tourists volume decreased. Park seven days 3 million 300 thousand tourists in Beijing City Park Management Center statistics released: the National Day holiday this year, municipal parks and Chinese Garden Museum ushered in the peak travel, seven days a total of 3 million 300 thousand tourists. Among them, the Summer Palace 555 thousand, Tiantan Park, Beijing zoo, 450 thousand people ranked first in the top three passengers, 540 thousand. In Section 3 to 5 days for the garden peak, the Summer Palace, Tiantan park for one-day reception exceeded 100 thousand people. From all kinds of tourist landscape, magnificent magnificent classical architecture and rich cultural activities by foreign tourists, Beijing residents and students groups, foreign guests and tourists outside the obvious increase of nearly 40%. Highway vehicles in Beijing 23.8% growth in Tourism Commission said that the highway free policy has been performed for 5 years, Beijing and overseas car ownership continues to grow, self driving tour service improvement. Expressway to beijing.相关的主题文章: